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      À 196 millions de km de la Terre, la sonde BepiColombo a un problème

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Thursday, 16 May - 08:59

    esa bepicolombo mercure

    La mission BepiColombo, fruit d'une coopération entre le Japon et l'Europe, a un souci. Alors qu'elle se trouve non loin de l'orbite de la planète Mercure, à 196 millions de km de la Terre, elle un problème de propulsion.

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      Gaming Companies Want Cloudflare to Unmask Pirate Site Operator

      news.movim.eu / TorrentFreak · Thursday, 9 May - 18:11 · 2 minutes

    esa logo The Entertainment Software Association ( ESA ) protects the rights of several of the largest game companies in the world.

    With promiment members, including EA, Disney Interactive, Epic Games, Nintendo, Take-Two, Ubisoft, and others, it is a force to be reckoned with.

    In addition to sending millions of takedown requests on behalf of its members, ESA also attempts to target pirate sites directly. In some cases, that requires outside support.

    Last fall, the association reported an overview of several key threats to the US Trade Representative. Among others, ESA flagged nsw2u.com, Game3rb.com, 1fichier.com, megaup.net, 1337x.to, and solidtorrents.to as “notorious” websites that host or link to pirated games.


    This overview is not exhaustive; there are plenty of other problematic piracy sites and services. In a subpoena request filed at federal court in the District of Columbia, ESA recently targeted tpd-games.org.



    Tpd-games.org is predominantly targeted at a Brazilian audience and the site receives roughly 90% of its traffic from this region.

    The site is a problem, ESA notes, as it offers pirated copies of popular games. This includes titles such as Assassin’s Creed III, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, God of War, Grand Theft Auto V, Hogwarts Legacy, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption II, and Resident Evil 4.

    ESA Subpoenaes Cloudflare

    Thus far, ESA hasn’t managed to track down the people behind tpd-games.org, which uses the services of Internet infrastructure company Cloudflare. Hoping to get more information, the game companies asked the federal court to issue a DMCA subpoena requiring Cloudflare to share information on its customer.

    “ESA is requesting enforcement of the attached proposed subpoena that would order Cloudflare, Inc. to disclose the identities, including names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account updates and account histories,” ESA writes.

    Subpoena request

    tpd games

    ESA mentions that the information it receives will only be used to protect the rights of its members under Title II of the DMCA. This could include a lawsuit against the operator, for example, if it comes to that.

    Subpoena Issued

    From the information provided, it is not clear whether ESA sent a takedown notice to Cloudflare in advance, as is required. However, shortly after the application was filed a court clerk signed off on it.

    Cloudflare typically complies with proper DMCA subpoenas, which is good news for ESA and its members. Whether the information will be sufficient to identify and locate the operator(s) of the pirate site remains a question.

    At the time of writing, tpd-games.org remains online and there is no mention of any looming trouble. The site also continues to use Cloudflare’s services.

    A copy of the ESA’s declaration in support of the DMCA subpoena is available here (pdf) and a copy of the issued subpoena can be found here (pdf)

    From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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      Can an online library of classic video games ever be legal?

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 25 April - 19:31

    The Q*Bert's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

    Enlarge / The Q*Bert's so bright, I gotta wear shades. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images | Gottlieb)

    For years now, video game preservationists, librarians, and historians have been arguing for a DMCA exemption that would allow them to legally share emulated versions of their physical game collections with researchers remotely over the Internet. But those preservationists continue to face pushback from industry trade groups, who worry that an exemption would open a legal loophole for "online arcades" that could give members of the public free, legal, and widespread access to copyrighted classic games.

    This long-running argument was joined once again earlier this month during livestreamed testimony in front of the Copyright Office, which is considering new DMCA rules as part of its regular triennial process . During that testimony, representatives for the Software Preservation Network and the Library Copyright Alliance defended their proposal for a system of "individualized human review" to help ensure that temporary remote game access would be granted "primarily for the purposes of private study, scholarship, teaching, or research."

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      ExoMars : le gotha de l’aérospatiale reçoit 552 millions pour relancer la mission

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · Thursday, 11 April - 04:30

    Rover Rosalind Franklin Exomars

    Ce programme européen extrêmement ambitieux avait été temporairement sacrifié sur l'autel de la guerre en Ukraine; il va désormais se remettre en ordre de marche grâce à l'intervention d'une équipe de choc constituée de cadors de l'aérospatiale européenne.
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      Après l’ESA, la NASA s’attaque aussi au problème du temps sur la Lune

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · Wednesday, 3 April - 13:59

    Moon Time

    Les deux agences veulent établir un standard de temps universel pour notre satellite, et vont donc devoir se concerter pour éviter de se marcher sur les pieds.
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      IA : l’ESA développe un assistant façon ChatGPT pour mieux observer la Terre

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · Wednesday, 27 March - 14:03

    IA Observation Terre Esa

    Cet outil permettra aux spécialistes d'extraire rapidement des informations pertinentes de gros ensembles de données souvent indigestes, et au public de mieux comprendre ces travaux.
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      ESA : l’assemblage d’Ariane 6 avance bien, tous les voyants sont au vert

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · Monday, 11 March - 15:21

    Ariane 6 Bal

    Après des années de péripéties dont toute l'Europe se serait volontiers passée, la fusée est enfin sur la bonne voie, et ArianeGroup affiche son optimiste par rapport au vol inaugural prévu cet été.
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      Analyzing images from a close flyby of DART’s asteroid impact

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 28 February - 19:36 · 1 minute

    Greyscale image of two light colored spheres against a black background, with one surrounded by a halo of loose material.

    Enlarge (credit: ASI/NASA )

    In 2022, NASA's Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) smashed into the asteroid Dimorphos in a successful test of planetary defense technology. That success was measured by a significant shift in Dimorphos' orbit around the larger asteroid Didymos. Since then, a variety of observatories have been analyzing the data to try to piece together what the debris from the impact tells us about the structure of the asteroid.

    All of those observations have taken place at great distances from the impact. But DART carried a small cubesat called LICIACube along for the ride and dropped it onto a trailing trajectory a few weeks before impact. It took a while to get all of LICIACube's images back to Earth and analyzed, but the results are now coming in, and they provide hints about Dimorphos' composition and history, along with why the impact had such a large effect on its orbit.

    Tracing debris

    LICIACube had both narrow and widefield imagers on board (named LEIA and LUKE via some carefully chosen backronyms). It trailed DART through the impact area by about three minutes and captured images starting about a minute before the impact and continuing for over five minutes afterward.

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      Pas besoin de se calfeutrer : le satellite qui se crashera sur Terre n’a aucune chance de vous toucher

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Tuesday, 20 February - 09:50

    Le risque zéro n'existe pas, mais les chances de se faire toucher par un débris du satellite ERS-2, précipité dans l'atmosphère le 21 février 2024, sont infinitésimales.