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      Like Lamine Yamal, I was thrust into spotlight at young age – and it is no bad thing | Karen Carney

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 15:00 · 1 minute

    Being thrust into the spotlight as a teen can be freeing and fun. Spain’s young star is proof of this

    A lot is being made of Lamine Yamal being a prodigious 16-year-old at the Euros but by the time the final against England kicks off on Sunday, he will be an old hand after celebrating his 17th birthday on Saturday. He has already come of age by mixing playground football with decision-making beyond his years. Like Lamine Yamal, I made my first-team debut while still at school – I was 14 when I was fast-tracked by Birmingham City. Some might see it as a daunting prospect to be brought into an adult environment while most people of the same age are worrying about exams but, and I know it sounds weird, I believe it is the best time to move up to elite football.

    I played in a European Championship when I was 17, scoring an injury-time winner against Finland in front of a huge crowd, and it was pure excitement to be part of the national team at such a young age. Becoming an international footballer as a teenager means you have been on an upward trajectory your whole life, so it is important to keep doing what has helped you succeed and not change because circumstances have.

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      Lineker and Shearer v Keane and Wright: does BBC or ITV have the stronger Euro 2024 final lineup?

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 14:00

    The two big channels prepare to slug it out for viewers for the climax of the tournament

    Forget La Roja versus Three Lions. Tonight’s battle between the big two terrestrial channels, which will simulcast the action, looks set to be an equally tasty clash.

    Last Wednesday, a peak of 21.6million viewers watched England’s nervy semi-final win over the Netherlands on ITV1. Ratings will rise even higher for the showpiece final, but this time fans must decide whose coverage to watch. ITV hoped to gain an early edge by scheduling its build-up to begin at 6.30pm, ahead of the 8pm kick-off. Initially BBC1 wasn’t slated to start until 7pm until the Beeb made a last-minute change to replicate its rival – the broadcasting equivalent of a late Jude Bellingham equaliser. Here’s how the TV teams will line up…

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      It’s Hampton v Earps: race to be England No 1 at Euro 2025 is on

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 13:23

    The two goalkeepers have been rotated before but Wiegman selecting the 23-year-old Chelsea player for the game against Republic of Ireland felt significant

    For a split second on Friday night, given the ferocity of the cheer coming from one corner of the stand behind the substitutes, you could have been forgiven for wondering if England had surreptitiously scored another goal in the Euro 2025 qualifier against the Republic of Ireland . Not quite. The din was merely in response to Mary Earps jogging down the touchline to warm up. The England fans’ love for the BBC sports personality of the year award winner is stratospheric.

    And much later on Friday night, a quiet, touching moment offered a prime example of why Earps has such popularity. Long after full-time, the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper was up in the stands, spending time making somebody’s week. She was speaking to a girl who was accompanied by a first-aider and who – according to friends and on-lookers – had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Earps had helped calm her down and put the biggest of smiles on her face with a simple act of kindness.

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      ‘I think we’re peaking’: England fans in high spirits before Euro 2024 final

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 13:00

    Supporters share bullish predictions, quiet optimism and sympathy for Southgate before showdown with Spain

    From delirium to despondency , the England fan experience has been a varied one at Euro 2024. The team is responsible for some of the competition’s most memorable moments, including several last-minute winners, as well as a few less enthralling bloopers .

    Complaints aside, there is a lot for fans to celebrate: this is England’s second consecutive Euros final, after their 2021 defeat against Italy at Wembley, and the team’s first major tournament final overseas.

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      Gareth Southgate’s authenticity helps England’s mental preparation

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 13:00

    Managing the psychological side of the game is natural for leader with flexibility, accountability and appropriateness

    Football is a game of opinions despite, or perhaps because of, there being so much that is unknown. Why does a manager pick a player or take them off? Why does a team spring forward in one half but retreat in another? Why does someone who misplaced a simple pass just moments before, find the top corner in the next?

    During England’s run to the final the debate over Gareth Southgate and his performance as manager has not stopped for a second. Most opinions, understandably, have been formed by what the eye can see. But what distant observers can never truly know or understand is what Southgate has done best, and that is managing the psychological side of the game.

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      The evolution of Gareth Southgate’s style – and what it says about how the players see him

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 11:00

    He insists he’s not a style icon, but the England manager’s sartorial choices are all part of his gameplan

    While nobody can predict the outcome of Sunday night’s Euro 2024 final, there is one thing that is almost certain. Gareth Southgate will oversee England’s battle against Spain wearing a cream quarter-zip knitted polo top from Marks & Spencer. The England men’s manager has worn it for each of the team’s six matches in this year’s tournament and, similar to his 2018 World Cup waistcoat and Euro 2020 polka dot tie , the neat knit has become something of a “lucky” national emblem.

    The £45 cotton polo is part of a collection created in partnership with the England team. M&S said that since England’s win over the Netherlands, the top has sold out both in stores and online. On TikTok the hashtag “polo shirt” has seen a 61.5% surge since England took on Serbia in June.

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      Argentina Blocks 50+ Pirate Football Streaming Sites, Operator Arrested

      news.movim.eu / TorrentFreak · 09:53 · 3 minutes

    mud ball football When Argentina won the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the entire country was watching. Many people tuned in to legal broadcasts and, at the same time, illegal streams were buzzing too.

    With an audience of many millions, piracy is unquestionably popular in Argentina. Rightsholders are happy with that, but they’ve also complained about a lack of enforcement against pirate streaming services.

    The tide appears to have turned recently, in part because site blocking tools are improving. Last year, local anti-piracy outfit Alianza obtained the country’s first dynamic site blocking order , requiring local ISPs to restrict access to thirty sports streaming sites.

    While the blocking order had an effect, plenty of piracy alternatives remained available. This prompted Alianza to refer more sites to the local authorities, including a person of interest, who is believed to play a pivotal role.

    50+ New Site Blocks, One Arrest

    The Argentine Justice Department followed up on this lead and this week ordered local Internet providers to block access to more than 50 pirate sites. The sites use the popular sports streaming brands “Futbol Libre” and “Megadeportes”.


    A full list of domain names hasn’t been published, but it would make sense that the most visited ones, including futbollibretv.fr, futbollibretv.pe, futbollibre.futbol and megadeportestv2.online are included.

    The Megadeportes domains are of particular interest. The alleged founder and operator of a ‘ring’ of these sites was arrested in the province of Mendoza by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Unit for the Investigation of Cybercrimes , then transported 1,200 kilometers to Buenos Aires for questioning.

    ‘The Consultant’

    The arrest is part of a criminal case and also involved a raid, during which computers and other evidence related to the crimes was seized. The unnamed suspect stands accused of violating copyright law for his part in the sports streaming operations.

    The allegations against the suspect go further than simply operating streaming sites. According to Alianza President Jorge Bacaloni, the man also consulted for others, providing them with the necessary information to run their own pirate sports streaming portals.

    “The defendant was engaged in supplying content and programming tools to other pirate operators, such as access codes to violate the security mechanisms implemented by the companies, used to feed their services.

    “He was a kind of consultant for the administration of illegal streaming services,” Bacaloni adds in his commentary on the case.

    “Kahsad’s Traces”

    According to a local report from Infobae , the authorities mentioned that the suspect used the alias “Kahsad”, under which he apparently founded the “Megadeportes” pirate sites.

    Somewhat unusual is the prominent mention of a free Google-hosted blog, kahsadtvonline.blogspot.com, where “illegal access” to sports streams including “Futbol Libre” was offered.

    From the local report (translated)


    At the time of writing, this outdated blog is still online , although it doesn’t look all that advanced . In fact, there’s no sign of any new updates in recent years. The only links we see are a few basic non-functioning embeds, which could have been wiped out by Google through a takedown notice.

    In our search for information we found some other “Kahsad” and “Megadeportes” traces, but these don’t provide additional clarity.

    Google searches indeed link the two names together. For example, they point to a GitHub profile with 5 followers and a GitHub-hosted sports streaming site with over a million monthly visits that’s currently offline . Whether these are indeed connected to the suspect is unknown.

    Perhaps more information will become available when the prosecution progresses. Local authorities are taking the piracy problem seriously and appear willing to act. Whether the effort will be sufficient to make a serious dent in pirate streaming numbers remains to be seen.

    From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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      Declan Rice on Euro 2024 final: ‘We will run through brick walls to win’

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 09:40 · 1 minute

    England midfielder is parking talk of celebratory haircuts or tattoos as he prepares to confront Spain in Berlin

    The question was put to Declan Rice: what memento would he choose for winning Euro 2024? Perhaps, like some of his teammates, he could get on board with the idea of a celebratory tattoo. Maybe a radical deployment of hair dye could bring something snazzier and less permanent. Instead Rice reached straight for the deadpan. “I don’t want to jinx anything because I feel like we’ve done that in the World Cup and the last Euros,” he said. “When things don’t go your way you end up thinking: ‘Why did we speak about things before they even happen?’ One more game, then we can talk about silly haircuts and tattoos.”

    Rice did not want to appear a killjoy or, as he put it, “be robotic”. England have been burned before. They are so close now and it owes plenty to the drive and relentless focus of a player who sets the tempo in Gareth Southgate’s engine room. “With me, what you see is what you get,” he said. There is certainly no danger of him hiding. He carries himself like a captain and speaks with the authority of someone who has watched, listened, studied and thought.

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      Southgate’s role in FA youth coaching revolution sowed seeds for success

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 09:00

    Manager’s arrival as FA’s head of elite development in 2011 ultimately led to the brighter outcomes of recent years

    There were a few eyebrows raised when Gareth Southgate was confirmed as the Football Association’s new head of elite development at the end of January 2011. He had only just turned 40 and was working as a pundit for ITV, having been sacked as Middlesbrough manager 15 months earlier.

    Yet even though Southgate insisted at the time that becoming England manager was not on his agenda, the significance of that moment in the history of English football is now undeniable. Initially appointed to work alongside Sir Trevor Brooking and tasked with “the key objective of bringing through better players and coaches to aid the national team” in response to the 4-1 thrashing by Germany at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the former Crystal Palace and Aston Villa defender has been the chief architect of England’s renaissance since then.

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