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      Les Républicains leader says he wants alliance with France’s far-right National Rally

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 5 days ago - 13:13

    Éric Ciotti’s announcement welcomed by Marine Le Pen as ‘brave choice’ but seen as betrayal by members of mainstream right

    The leader of France’s mainstream right has said he would back an alliance with the far right in the snap legislative elections later this month, shocking opponents and party members and throwing French politics into further disarray.

    Éric Ciotti’s announcement, welcomed by Marine Le Pen as a “brave choice”, is a historic departure for the opposition right and sparked accusations of betrayal from high-profile members of Les Republicains (LR).

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      Emmanuel Macron says he is out to win French snap election

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 5 days ago - 12:31

    President says vote is in country’s interest and dismisses claims it could hand power to the far right

    Emmanuel Macron has said he is “out to win” the snap legislative election he called in the wake of his allies’ crushing defeat to Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) in the European elections.

    In his first interview since Sunday’s vote, he denied accusations that his decision to dissolve parliament was madness that could hand major political power to the far right and in effect neuter his ability to make domestic policy with three years of his term in office still to run.

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      Revealed: drug cartels force migrant children to work as foot soldiers in Europe’s booming cocaine trade

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 5 days ago - 11:00

    Exclusive: Guardian investigation shows white powder trail linking hundreds of vulnerable African minors with ruthless gangs

    Hundreds of unaccompanied child migrants across Europe are being forced to work as soldiers for increasingly powerful drug cartels to meet the continent’s soaring appetite for cocaine, a Guardian investigation has found.

    EU police forces have warned of industrial-scale exploitation of African children by cocaine networks operating in western Europe in cities including Paris and Brussels as they seek to expand Europe’s £10bn cocaine market.

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      Emmanuel Macron président une 3e fois de suite : pourquoi l’hypothèse n’est pas crédible

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · 5 days ago - 06:32

    macron emmanuel

    Si Emmanuel Macron démissionne, peut-il se présenter une 3e fois lors de la présidentielle de 2027 ? C'est une hypothèse qui a surgi sur les réseaux sociaux, mais qui ne tient pas à l'analyse des règles de la Constitution française.

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      ‘Sport has infiltrated all of fashion’: Anna Wintour on Vogue World, sport and UK arts

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 5 days ago - 04:00

    Vogue’s editor-in-chief says she hopes UK’s next prime minister recognises importance of arts and fashion

    As Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, finalised plans for her third instalment of Vogue World, an entertainment extravaganza that will take place in Paris this month, she expressed hope that some of the French attitude towards fashion might rub off on the UK.

    “I have not read what I assume will be the next prime minister’s stand on the arts but hopefully he can be convinced to support not only the arts organisations but also fashion in this country, which is such an important part of the economy,” she told the Guardian on Monday at Condé Nast’s offices in London.

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      How a far-right push in Europe triggered a shock election in France – podcast

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 5 days ago - 02:00

    The far right has made significant gains in the European parliament elections. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has responded with a high-stakes gamble

    As the results of the EU elections came in, the shocks kept coming. In France, Germany and Italy the far right made serious gains. Just under a quarter of MEPs in the European parliament will be drawn from these parties. But outside the biggest countries the picture was more complicated – in some places, the centre parties held their ground, in others, the left did well.

    The biggest fallout has been in France. Macron saw the surge in the far-right votes as a direct challenge to his rule and his response was to call snap elections for the French parliament. Why has he taken such a huge gamble and what could all this mean for France – and the direction of Europe?

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      Police officer questioned over fatal shooting in western France

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 20:08

    Man, 19, shot in chest by female officer while attempting to flee police who had forced speeding vehicle to stop

    French police are questioning an officer after the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man as he fled an attempted control of a vehicle for speeding, prosecutors said.

    It was the latest incidence of alleged police violence against suspects that has prompted protests in recent years by critics citing heavy-handed tactics, in particular against people from ethnic minorities.

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      The Guardian view on Macron’s gamble: playing with political fire | Editorial

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 17:47

    The French president’s decision to call a snap parliamentary election, after Marine Le Pen’s triumph in European polls, is a fateful moment

    Ahead of Sunday’s European election results, attention was understandably focused on the impact of a potential far-right surge on the balance of power in Brussels institutions. In the event, the pan-European centre held , just about, with more moderate conservative parties generally enjoying a good night. But that was not even close to being the main headline of the evening.

    Emmanuel Macron’s shock decision to call snap legislative elections, after a humiliating defeat at the hands of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party (RN), is a gamble of the highest order, taken from a position of weakness. Even by the standards of a president who created his own movement to demolish the traditional centre-left and centre-right, it is a surprisingly risky move. In a Sunday evening address, Mr Macron told the nation that it was a necessary one in order to “clarify” a result that saw the extreme right win a combined 40% of the vote. That clarification, when it comes on 7 July, may or may not be welcome.

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      Three possible outcomes of Macron’s shocking snap election

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 17:28

    President may slow the seemingly unstoppable far-right party, but find himself trapped in a splintered parliament

    European elections live – latest updates

    Two years into his second term and with three more still to run, Emmanuel Macron’s ratings are not what anyone would call great: 65% disapproval, 34% approval. Since losing his absolute majority in the assemblée nationale in 2022, he has struggled.

    Parliament has been increasingly paralysed, with the government relying on ad hoc deals with increasingly reluctant opposition parties or despised constitutional tools to pass unpopular new legislation.

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