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      Newsletter: Cheogram Android Release, Matrix Alpha

      Stephen Paul Weber · Tuesday, 29 March, 2022 - 03:00 · 2 minutes

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the latest edition of your pseudo-monthly JMP update!

    In case it’s been a while since you checked out JMP, here’s a refresher: JMP lets you send and receive text and picture messages (and calls) through a real phone number right from your computer, tablet, phone, or anything else that has a Jabber client.  Among other things, JMP has these features: Your phone number on every device; Multiple phone numbers, one app; Free as in Freedom; Share one number with multiple people.

    This month marks the first release of the Cheogram Android app we have been sponsoring.  This app is a fork of the excellent Conversations, and will stay close to upstream going forward.  Some of the improvements relevant to JMP users include:

    • Add contacts without typing
    • Integrate with the native Android Phone app (optional)
    • Address book integration
    • Messages with both media and text, including animated media
    • Unobtrusive display of subject lines, where present (such as on voicemails)
    • Links to known contacts are shown with their name (improves group text UX)
    • Show timestamps for calls
    • Missed call notifications

    All of these features have been built in a standards-compliant way and do not rely on anything particular to Cheogram or JMP at all, so they could be reused with other gateways as well.  You can also get the app from F-Droid.

    In other news, we’ve heard for some time that some users want to try using JMP from Matrix.  Since we are so big on bidirectional gateways, we have decided to add support for signing up with JMP using a Matrix ID.  This should be considered an alpha test at this time, and most notably voice does not work with the gateway yet so you will need to use SIP (or forwarding) for voice if you use a Matrix ID.  SMS, MMS, and Voicemail will all be delivered to Matrix just as they are to Jabber.  For this we are using the excellent gateway instance at  To get started, just head to, choose a phone number, and select “I am a Matrix user” on the next page.

    To learn what’s happening with JMP between newsletters, here are some ways you can find out:

    Thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of your week!

    Art in screenshots is from Pepper & Carrot by David Revoy, CC-BY. Artwork has been modified to crop out sections for avatars and photos, and in some cases add transparency. Use of this artwork does not imply endorsement of this project by the artist.

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      صنّاع الملاحم 5 | ولاية غرب إفريقية | الدولة الإسلامية | ربيع اﻷول 1443 هـ

      Monday, 1 November, 2021 - 17:03 edit!/v/jundi1443-2/QmboxsVUhoQ68es2JB3qP3aoEk2xCfs76zVdJuCL78K97k

    غرف أنصار #الدولة_الإسلامية #Matrix #Element! موقع #فهرس #الأنصار + #tor http://fahras4fw3s5bi3enjrompr6kxpywkscqmmcvyiyey3xamrv5zjllgad.onion/news/1847 موقع #إعلام + #tor + #hns http://i3lam7sb2m367t3g7e57l3isedjnmmffy5ousw4peeml7hf2nsytbmad.onion/23425 #الدولة_الإسلامية - #ديوان #الإعلام المركزي #المكتب_الإعلامي لـ #ولاية #غرب_إفريقية - #مرئي : #صنّاع_الملاحم 5 #ربيع_الأول #1443 هـ The #IslamicState - #Diwan of #Media #WestAfrica #Wilayah - #Video : The #MakersOfEpicBattles 5 #RabiAlAwal 1443 H

    #الخلافة #خلافة #باقية #الإسلام #المسلمين #الجهاد #جهاد #حرب #معركة #إفريقية #إفريقيا #نيجيريا #Khilafah #Caliphate #Remaining #Islam #Muslims #Jihad #War #Battle #Africa #Nigeria

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      Beyond Chat – multimediale Räume mit Matrix

      debacle · / berlin-xmpp-meetup · Thursday, 1 April, 2021 - 09:45 edit

    Beyond Chat – multimediale Räume mit Matrix

    This time, we will have two talks!

    First, a short howto style about Client Certificate Authentication mit XMPP (XEP-0178) and a longer one Beyond Chat – multimediale Räume mit Matrix with time for discussion.

    Probably both talks will be held in de_DE.

    When? Wednesday, 2021-04-14 18:00 CEST (always 2ⁿᵈ Wednesday of every month)

    Where? Online, via our MUC ( A Jitsi video conference will be announced there.

    See you then!

    #jabber #xmpp #community #berlin #meetup #chat #federation #pki #certificate #ca #multimedia #matrix

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      Spring update / disroot_blog · Sunday, 25 June, 2017 - 22:00 · 6 minutes

    <img alt="" src="/images/8/8/6/5/a/8865a6c054f1611e75098e0b9b5676a395e77a81-timetravel.jpeg" /> <h2><strong>Dear disrooters,</strong> It’s been a while since you heard from us last time. At least some of you. Last months we’ve been very bad in informing you about the changes. We blame matrix for it 😛 We’ve been very active on our latest additional service — where quite a nice community has formed — and kept on postponing the usual updates forever. We will do our best that it doesn’t happen again, and to keep you up to date on all communication channels from now on. Last months have been truly busy at Disroot. The entire palette of emotions was accompanying us through that time. From uber awesomeness and fun, to sweat, tears, frustration and broken keyboards. Here are some things we’ve been working on:</h2> <h2>Matrix is live!</h2> <h2>Like we announced in previous posts, we’ve deployed Matrix as Disroot’s default chat. From the very beginning we were positively surprised by the new community that was forming around the young chat platform and the active involvement of Disrooters. A lot of you helped us by adding interesting chat–rooms from other servers, find and fix a lot of bugs and issues – not only on matrix itself but on all other services on the Disroot platform. Thanks a lot guys! That said, our experience with Matrix wasn’t all sweets and candy. Matrix has caused us a lot of stress and work as we were experiencing federation issue with the biggest server hosted by Messages from users on side would lag for hours or not ever reach our server, causing a lot of frustration for users and making the whole federation concept feel like a fail. However, together with developers we’ve managed to troubleshoot the issue and for last weeks matrix has been stable and the federation to was re-established. As this was a never-ending three-week-long nightmare, we keep an eye on it so if it ever occurs again we know what to do. For all of you who would like to join the Matrix, say hi, or just chat about anything, pop into our Disroot room (, any other public room or just create your own and invite your friends.</h2> <h2>Howtos and Tutorials</h2> <h2>We also spent few weeks in january/february writing lots of documentation: <a href=""></a>. Thanks to help from ‘maryjane’ and ‘dosch’ we’ve managed to cover most of the services offered by Disroot. There is still long way to go as we are still missing some needed tutorials and we would like to create instructional videos for all those that don‘t like reading that much. Its definitely a step in the right direction and something we were missing for a long time. Please have a look and if you feel inspired to write some Howtos, don’t hesitate and just do it. If you want to coordinate it with us, ask on our matrix room or use any other means to contact us <a href=""></a></h2> <h2>Nextcloud 12.</h2> <p>We’ve just updated Nextcloud to the glorious version 12. We’ve also updated to php7 and latest Nginx which enables us to use HTTP/2. Most importantly, there is a noticeable performance boost with the new update (we are still tweaking the settings). As always there are lots of new functionalities and User Interface. You can read in detail about it here: Changes worth noting:</p> <ul> <li><strong>App order</strong> – To order your apps, you now need to do it in your personal settings.</li> <li><strong>Calls</strong> – Apart from Screen notification about new call invites (soon on mobile too) you can also share screen with others. Makes things much better when having a meeting or when you troubleshoot your mother’s Linux desktop</li> <li><strong>Circles</strong> – Private cloud at your service. Create groups of friends you want to share files with, or public group anyone can join. The app is still in early stages so expect a lot of changes and new features soon.</li> <li><strong>Sharing directly to your social networks</strong> – Now you can share to your Diaspora*, g+, Facebook, Twitter and Email</li> <li> <h2><strong>Working together</strong> – possibility to lock the file you are working on so others won’t overwrite your changes if you work in a group.</h2> </li> </ul> <h2><a href=""></a></h2> <p>For a while now we were looking for possibility to inform you guys about the state of all the services and possible issues or updates. Also we wanted to have an easy way to inform about scheduled downtimes and upgrades. Thanks to Cachet project we can do just that. It gives a pretty overview of the state of all services we run, plus it shows all changes on a timeline. From now on, if you want to know about the upcoming downtimes (services unavailable), issues, updates etc in one place, check You can subscribe to RSS feed or email to get notified about everything (or only services you are interested in) directly without a need to enter the website. We’ve also created a Matrix room at where we re-post things from cachet and in the future we hope to be able to re-post to diaspora too.</p> <hr /> <h2>Becoming a legal entity</h2> <p>As most of you know, Disroot is currently run by few people personally responsible for the entire project. We would like to turn it into a non-profit organizations as it will make our life easier in terms of legal advice, taxes, possible future subpoenas, asking for funding, collecting donations and selling merchandise or extra storage. Seeing as Disroot’s user–base is growing faster and faster we need to secure our financial and legal status in order to handle the load and growth. Last months we did quite a progress on things and we hope, by this time next month Disroot will become a foundation. A special thanks for the party organizers that threw a very successful benefit rave for us! The cash will help us with the process of becoming a foundation and will cover some of our costs from last year \♥/</p> <p>As always, if you wish to donate money or hardware to the project visit: <a href=""></a> We’ve made a short financial overview for 2016 which doesn’t look so good. in order for 2017 to be better, we need you to grab your wallets and throw some money at us. Donating even 1euro a month (or whatever your currency is) makes huge change. If everyone does that we will never have to worry about the financial state of the project. If you can, please don’t use PayPal. We would like to promote an alternative awesome open source project called where you can support us and other projects with your contributions.</p> <h3>And in this summery mood, we wish you happy days and self gardened vegetables.</h3>
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      End of 2016 sprint summary / disroot_blog · Tuesday, 27 December, 2016 - 23:00 · 6 minutes

    <img alt="" src="/images/6/7/2/6/b/6726b66fd8f2ed0f3bd356185a173b79ded831d8-newyeardakota.jpeg" /> <h2>Hi Disrooters,</h2> <p><strong>First of we would like to wish you all a happy new year. It’s been a joy running Disroot for the past year. A lot has changed since we started. We had our fun and our stress moments, we learned a lot and we managed to stay afloat. We can only wish the next year to be as rich as this one was. We wish you the same in your personal and professional life.</strong></p> <p>This is the last sprint of the year. We’ve focus on Instant chat messaging which took an unexpected turn during the sprint, resulting in setting up a brand new service, we are super excited about. In addition to that, a new version of Nextcloud came around with a lot of improvements and so we took the opportunity to update it and share new features with you. Antilopa has been busy creating Disroot app dashboard and some of the disrooters decided to jump in and help us with writing tutorials.</p> <p>We can most definitely say that Disroot is getting more lively these days and we think we will see an even bigger boost of user base in the coming year. Considering that the “popularity” of Disroot is growing, we must start thinking more seriously about the financial stability of the project – so our infrastructure can grow as the community grows. In the upcoming sprints we will focus on finding ways to get regular flow of income to cover our current and future costs. We will look into regular group contribution, plea for individual donations, think of possible merchandise and look for subsidies that can co-exist with our values and intentions. Our second objective during the upcoming sprints will be to complete many needed tutorials and howtos.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Hell, why wait? Let us start with a little pleading right now;</strong></p> <p>We all heard that nothing is free. Well, there is no such thing as a free service on the internet. The costs of hardware, electricity and server space, are quite high. So when you use a “free” service, you most probably pay for it one way or another. Companies cover the costs of running their services by charging you actual money or by trading your private data with advertising agencies or governments. So far Disroot is running on few irregular donations and much of our personal investment, but that cannot sustain a growing platform. However, if every Disroot user would decide to donate just 1EURO (or whatever currency you’re comfortable with) a month, all our costs, investments and maybe even some of the time we spend on this project could be covered. All it takes is 12“euros“ a year from you to keep this project running and create space for others to make use of Disroot. This is the equivalent of a drink in a bar, few beers, or a pack of cigarettes. Please keep that in mind and consider a regular contribution. Or an irregular contribution – anything helps.</p> <hr /> <p>Back to our summary; Here are some more details on whats new:</p> <h3><a href="">DASHBOARD</a></h3> <p>You can now find quick access links to all Disroot services with new dashboard at <a href=""></a></p> <h3>NEXTCLOUD</h3> <p>Nextcloud has been updated to its latest version – Nextcloud 11 includes many new features:</p> <p>– Nextcloud 11 comes with an integrated audio and video chat app. So we are dropping the cumbersome in favor of the Spreed call, for built-in one-on-one conversations and conferences. Apart from notifying your cloud contacts when they are invited to join a call, Spreed also allows sending public link to people who don’t have an account yet. This app is still very experimental, but there are plenty of features queuing up so expect a lot more cool stuff soon. We would like to gather your feedback about the quality of calls, the interface etc, so don’t hesitate and contact us.</p> <p>– The new version got a general performance boost.</p> <p>– And an improved user interface:</p> <pre><code>- The blue bar at the top has gotten a function – menu items will now appear there instead of in the drop down menu, so all options are visible at all times. You can reorder the menu items by simply dragging and dropping them into desired place. - The new activity panel now includes changes to files, calendar, comments and Todo lists - Moving files just got easier with the ‘Move’ option added to the file’s menu - The Contacts and Calendar apps also have seen a number of improvements, most notably by introducing public sharing links in the Calendar and improved contacts import in the Contacts app. - Dashboard – easy access to all other Disroot services via dashboard app.</code></pre> <h2>DIASPORA *</h2> <p>The new version of Diaspora is supporting notifications without the need to refresh the page. Also check out the new dark theme in your personal settings.</p> <h2>MAIL SPAM PROGRAM</h2> <p>Disroot is getting more popular and so we’ve noticed some spam activity recently. We are “teaching“ our spam-bot to automatically detect messages that look like spam and mark them for other users. We do that by scanning Junk folders, which are considered spam, on regular basis. We do not do it on all user accounts, because we can’t be sure only spam emails reside in your Junk folder and we simply do not want to touch your mailbox, even if its done by a computer program (bot). However, if you would like to join our effort to fight spam hitting our Disroot server, please send us an email ( and we will include your account in weekly spam check.</p> <h2>MATRIX.ORG</h2> <p>As you might read in our <a href="">blogpost</a>, while working on improving current XMPP server, we’ve decided to take unexpected turn and launch new service called matrix. these last weeks has been quite a success as we were testing all the functionalities of the new software. We are still testing it out, but you can already join in, say hello and see for yourself what Matrix is all about. We hope to officially announce it in coming weeks.</p> <p>Last, A big thank to <strong>maryjane</strong> for jumping the wagon and helping us with writing tutorials. We got inspired and made a new years resolution to finally improve our collection of howtos and tutorials.</p> <p>We hope more people get encouraged – anyone is welcome to join this effort – for an incomplete list of long pending tutorials go to <a href="">our task board</a>.</p>