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      AOC to headline major New York climate march ahead of UN summit / TheGuardian · 7 days ago - 10:00

    Rally on Sunday will cap a week of more than 650 global actions and is expected to be the largest US climate march in five years

    A climate protest and rally headlined by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday are expected to bring thousands of activists to the streets of New York.

    Under the banner March to End Fossil Fuels , protesters will push the Biden administration to take bold steps to phase out fossil fuels. The demonstration will fall days before the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit, which the UN secretary general, António Guterres, has described as a “no nonsense” conference meant to highlight new climate commitments.

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      One-year-old dies at New York City daycare and three children hospitalized / TheGuardian · Saturday, 16 September - 15:39

    Emergency workers responding to report of cardiac arrest find equipment used in production of illegal drugs

    A one-year-old boy died and three other children were hospitalized after emergency workers responded to a report of cardiac arrest at a daycare center in New York City on Friday, authorities said.

    Police said they found equipment often used in the production of illegal drugs in the home-based daycare in the Bronx. And police said they were investigating the possibility that both the dead child and the hospitalized children had been exposed to an opioid of some kind over an extended period of time, according to reports from WABC and the New York Times .

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      ‘Who can afford them?’: theatregoers react to £395 tickets for Neil Simon play / TheGuardian · Friday, 15 September - 16:43

    Next year’s opening of Plaza Suite in West End, with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, reignites affordability debate

    When Plaza Suite, Neil Simon’s witty commentary on love and marriage, opened on Broadway in 1968, the most expensive seats in the house would have cost less than $10. The equivalent today is about $88, or £71.

    Next year, the show, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick, opens in London’s West End with tickets for premium “package” seats costing £395.

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      Trump New York fraud case could be delayed after ex-president sues judge / TheGuardian · Friday, 15 September - 15:25

    Civil case brought by Letitia James alleges widespread fraud connected to Trump Organization and trial scheduled for October

    Donald Trump’s October trial in a civil case brought by the New York attorney general could be delayed, the Daily Beast first reported , because the former US president has quietly sued the judge.

    Letitia James, a Democrat, sued Trump and his adult sons last year, alleging widespread fraud connected to the Trump Organization and seeking $250m and professional sanctions. The trial is scheduled to start on 2 October.

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      Diana’s black sheep jumper fetches auction record $1.1m in New York / TheGuardian · Thursday, 14 September - 17:48

    The piece, which Diana, Princess of Wales wore in 1981, weeks before her wedding, is most valuable sweater sold at auction

    Although often photographed in fine gowns and jewellery, a red jumper decorated with a flock of sheep is one of the most enduringly recognisable of all of the old clothes of Diana, Princess of Wales. Worn to attend a polo match in June 1981, it sold for $1.1m (£885,000) in New York on Thursday, making it the most valuable sweater ever sold at auction and setting a record for any article of clothing worn by her, according to Sotheby’s.

    The auction house had estimated that the jumper would sell for between $50,000 and $80,000 as part of its Fashion Icons collection. Given the attention that Diana’s style has enjoyed in recent years, it might have been expected to smash expectations, but perhaps not by 14 times – it may even have helped that it showed signs of wear, with some damage at the cuff.

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      US launches $1bn tree-planting scheme to mitigate effects of climate crisis / TheGuardian · Thursday, 14 September - 15:13

    Federal effort will focus on marginalized areas in all parts of country and aims to reduce extreme heat and benefit health

    Hundreds of communities around the US will share more than $1bn in federal money to help them plant and maintain trees under a federal program that is intended to reduce extreme heat, benefit health and improve access to nature.

    The US agriculture secretary, Tom Vilsack, will announce the $1.13bn in funding for 385 projects at an event on Thursday morning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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      Calif. passes strongest right-to-repair bill yet, requiring 7 years of parts / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 13 September - 19:30 · 1 minute

    Battery being removed from an iPhone 14 Pro Max

    Enlarge (credit: iFixit )

    California, the home to many of tech's biggest companies and the nation's most populous state, is pushing ahead with a right-to-repair bill for consumer electronics and appliances. After unanimous votes in the state Assembly and Senate, the bill passed yesterday is expected to move through a concurrence vote and be signed by Governor Gavin Newsom.

    "Since Right to Repair can pass here, expect it to be on its way to a backyard near you," said iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens in a statement . iFixit, a seller of repair parts and tools and advocate for right-to-repair laws, based in San Luis Obispo, California, was joined in its support for the California repair law by another California company with a history of opposing repair laws: Apple. The consumer tech giant's letter urging passage of the bill was surprising, to say the least, though Apple said that the bill's stipulations for "individual users' safety" and "product manufacturers' intellectual property" were satisfactory.

    California's bill goes further than right-to-repair laws in other states. Rather than limiting its demand that companies provide parts, tools, repair manuals, and necessary software for devices that are still actively sold, California requires that vendors provide those items for products sold after July 1, 2021, starting in July 2024. Products costing $50 to $99.99 must be accompanied by those items for three years, and items $100 and more necessitate seven years. The bill also provides for stronger enforcement mechanisms, allowing for municipalities to bring superior court cases rather than contact the state attorney general.

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      Trash-bag fashionista and Peta protesters storm New York fashion week / TheGuardian · Wednesday, 13 September - 14:58

    A bag-clad interloper walked the runway before being ejected, and Peta made a splash in protest against leather at the Coach show

    When a prankster wearing a trash bag and shower cap strutted on a runway at an event held during New York fashion week, audience members barely seemed to notice he was an intruder.

    The unidentified man wore a torn trash bag and a printed shower cap while participating in the show without authorization, the Telegraph reported .

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      ‘No stopping New York’? Park performers condemn police crackdown on artists’ rights / TheGuardian · Tuesday, 12 September - 10:00

    Artists and dancers say officers have ramped up fines and ticketing in Manhattan’s celebrated Washington Square Park

    On what seemed to be an otherwise unremarkable July day, performer Kanami Kusajima was dancing in New York City’s famed Washington Square Park, just as she had since the city began its long journey into post-Covid lockdown recovery.

    Kusajima, who had become the face of the city’s resilience when mayoral officials used her photo in a widespread “NO STOPPING NEW YORK” ad campaign, was shocked when police issued a ticket for her use of a tiny speaker.

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