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    Discord : quelle stratégie pour conquérir le cœur des français ? / JournalDuGeek · Friday, 23 September - 06:30

discord-france-158x105.jpg Discord france

La plateforme de messagerie Discord entend bien étendre son territoire dans nos vertes contrées. Quelles mesures pouvons-nous attendre de la firme ?

Discord : quelle stratégie pour conquérir le cœur des français ?

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    Discord sur Xbox : comment le configurer et l’utiliser ? / JournalDuGeek · Monday, 19 September - 15:00

tuto-xbox-discord-158x105.jpg Tuto Xbox discord

Si vous avez une Xbox, vous pouvez désormais utiliser nativement le service de messagerie Discord. Comment vous y prendre ?

Discord sur Xbox : comment le configurer et l’utiliser ?

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    Discord’s new feature looks a bit like Internet forums—with a dash of Reddit / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 15 September - 17:20

Discord announced a new feature on Wednesday called "Forum Channels" to allow for more organized and asynchronous discussions within servers.

The intent with Forum Channels seems to be to make it easier for specific conversations to continue for extended periods without the worry that a topic change or another simultaneous conversation will bury a subject in the annals of chat log history.

The feature will most benefit large servers, where multiple, simultaneous, open-ended conversations can make it hard to keep up. Often, members of these servers might just mute channels because they become overwhelming, or they might lose the plot on conversations they care about when they step away for a few minutes.

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    Comment connecter son compte Discord à sa Xbox et sa PlayStation / Numerama · Sunday, 24 July - 15:19

Discord, l'application de messagerie instantanée pour les gamers et gameuses, permet de synchroniser son compte avec sa Xbox et sa PlayStation. La méthode est simple, on vous explique comment faire dans cet article. [Lire la suite]

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    Discord sur Xbox : voici comment installer la messagerie sur votre console / JournalDuGeek · Thursday, 21 July - 15:30

copie-de-ajouter-un-titre-8-1-158x105.jpg Logos Xbox et Discord

Microsoft vient de dévoiler un partenariat de taille avec Discord pour révolutionner le chat vocal sur Xbox.

Discord sur Xbox : voici comment installer la messagerie sur votre console

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    Xbox becomes first game console to formally support Discord voice chat / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 20 July - 19:45 · 1 minute

Discord and Xbox, seen here getting chummy by way of cute cartoon avatars attached to Discord iconography.

Enlarge / Discord and Xbox, seen here getting chummy by way of cute cartoon avatars attached to Discord iconography. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Discord)

After trying, and failing, to acquire the popular chat platform Discord for $10 billion , Microsoft has opted for the next-best thing: directly integrating Discord's voice-chat capabilities into Xbox consoles.

The news arrived on Wednesday on Xbox Blog , and it clarified that for the time being, Discord access would be exclusive to the optional "Xbox Insider" tier of early, beta, and preview console OS updates. That update is already going live in waves to Xbox Insiders today, and it adds a new tooltip to the system's "chat" sidebar: "Try Discord Voice on Xbox today!"

Simplifying your Discord life adds a few complications

Since its debut in 2015 , Discord has exploded in popularity as a gaming-friendly chat platform on computers and smartphones. One major differentiator over a service like Slack, which looks and operates similarly, is Discord's clever ties into existing gaming networks. The idea being, wherever you're playing a game, Discord can broadcast that status to friends via ties to other platforms' APIs ("playing Stray on PlayStation," "LFP in World of WarCraft ," "streaming a session of Peggle 2 on Twitch"). Users can switch between direct messages, game-specific text chat rooms, real-time voice channels, and even video-sharing services to coordinate their next online gaming sessions.

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    350 000 euros de NFT dérobés : les hackers utilisent toujours la même méthode / Numerama · Monday, 6 June - 09:11

Les propriétaires des célèbres Bored Ape Yacht Club ont encore été ciblés par un piratage. Cette fois, les attaquants ont usurpé le compte du community manager de la société pour tromper les victimes. [Lire la suite]

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    6,500 IPTV Pirates Identified After Accessing Police-Controlled Service / TorrentFreak · Sunday, 29 May - 18:09 · 4 minutes

bees For the past several years, authorities in Italy have regularly announced operations that aimed to disrupt the supply and use of pirate IPTV services.

After a series of similar actions, in 2021 it was claimed that ‘ Operation Black Out ‘ had shut down a network responsible for around 80% of the illegal supply in the country. This January, another operation led to the claimed dismantling of a network servicing 500,000 customers.

These reported successes may have disrupted supply but rightsholders are still unhappy. Last week, CEO of football league Serie A blamed IPTV pirates for a 300 million euro black hole in revenues, something that may have played a role in Italian authorities conducting a new crackdown with an unusual component.

New Guardia di Finanza Operation

The special technology fraud unit of the Guardia di Finanza (GdF), a law enforcement agency under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is reported to have carried out a new operation as football fans prepared for the end of the Serie A football championship.

In addition to either blocking or seizing sites and servers relating to the sale and distribution of pirate IPTV services, police also took the opportunity to give thousands of pirates an unwelcome surprise.

“In anticipation of the last day of the Serie A football championship and the Conference League final, the IT specialists of the Fiamme Gialle have registered hundreds of new services and resources dedicated to the sale of IPTV activities through illegal streaming,” a GdF statement reads.

The Gruppi Sportivi Fiamme Gialle is the sports division of the Italian police force, with team members competing in athletics, rowing, skiing and other sports including judo and karate. In this instance, however, they were lying in wait as IPTV pirates scooped up an enticing offer.

‘Applicazione Ufficiale’

The ‘Official Application’ subscription package offered every regular TV channel and subscription TV service at the “ridiculously low price” of six euros and promised access on devices including TVs, phones, tablets, and computers. Police say it was advertised on Telegram channels, some with as many as 20,000 users, with a free trial and guaranteed anonymity to put subscribers at ease.

Meanwhile, GdF officers were engaged in parallel IPTV disruption activities. They say more than 500 web resources relating to pirate IPTV were seized or blocked, including over 150 websites and 40 Telegram channels. In addition, 310+ pieces of IPTV infrastructure, including primary and balancing servers distributing illegal streams, were taken offline.

Italian police don’t go into specifics so the precise mechanism of what came next is unclear. However, the suggestion is that through seized IPTV infrastructure, police were able to track people who tried to access illegal streams via ‘Applicazione Ufficiale’ subscriptions.

“In fact, a real tracking system was implemented which made it possible to identify the users of the pirate streams. Anyone who tried to connect to the pirated service was immediately redirected to a special information panel that warned that the site, through which the program was being viewed, was seized and the connection data traced,” GdF says.

Police ‘Discover’ Stream Creed

Back in 2019, police in Italy announced a huge anti-piracy operation that targeted, among other things, the company operating popular IPTV service management system Xtream Codes . The software/system offered a comprehensive package that allowed people to manage their own IPTV reselling service and its customers but according to police, Xtream Codes acted illegally.

Almost three years later, there is no news of subsequent charges, if any, but there have been accusations that the team behind Xtream Codes remained in the business with a similar product called Xtream UI. That claim was subsequently denied by the Xtream Codes team and it appears police now have a new and related discovery on their hands.

“The consequent analyzes carried out by the investigators have, at present, made it possible to ascertain the existence of a new management system for IT flows, called ‘Stream Creed’, which appears to derive from the source code of the already known ‘Xtream Codes’, a worldwide pirate platform dismantled by the same Special Unit in 2019,” GdF says.

The suggestion that police IT specialists only just discovered the existence of this software seems unlikely. The Stream Creed platform has been discussed in IPTV communities for at least two years accompanied by videos on sites including YouTube.

But whether the Stream Creed discovery is new or old, DAZN – which secured rights to broadcast Serie A matches in a $3 billion deal in 2021 – is happy with the outcome of the operation.

“We renew our full support to the law enforcement agencies who are committed every day to countering the phenomenon of piracy which every year generates enormous damage to our country system, with a particular impact on the media and entertainment industry and on end customers,” says DAZN CEO Stefano Azzi.

“Piracy affects the whole world of OTT players, not just DAZN. With the diversification of platforms and channels, the methods of piracy also change. DAZN’s anti-piracy division and its partners are already working to stop thousands of instances through law enforcement, injunctions and continuous innovation to protect subscribers.”

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