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      « Qui veut voir dormir ma sœur » : l’horreur d’un Discord français à peine caché

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Friday, 16 February - 07:15

    Un millier d'utilisateurs francophones se sont échangés sur Discord, pendant plusieurs mois, des photos de leur sœur, de leur copine, ou de la pédopornographie en appelant les autres membres à se masturber. Alerté, Discord a laissé faire pendant plus d'un mois.

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      Zuckerberg says sorry for Meta harming kids—but rejects payments to families

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 31 January - 18:50

    Mark Zuckerberg discussed Meta's approaches to child safety at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing January 31, 2024.

    Enlarge / Mark Zuckerberg discussed Meta's approaches to child safety at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing January 31, 2024.

    During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing weighing child safety solutions on social media, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stopped to apologize to families of children who committed suicide or experienced mental health issues after using Facebook and Instagram.

    "I’m sorry for everything you have all been through," Zuckerberg told families. "No one should go through the things that your families have suffered, and this is why we invest so much, and we are going to continue doing industry-wide efforts to make sure no one has to go through the things your families have had to suffer."

    This was seemingly the first time that Zuckerberg had personally apologized to families. It happened after Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) asked Zuckerberg if he had ever apologized and suggested that the Meta CEO personally set up a compensation fund to help the families get counseling.

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      Comment créer des images directement sur le site de Midjourney

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Thursday, 25 January - 09:20


    La version alpha du site web de Midjourney devient de plus en plus accessible, avec des exigences en baisse. Le site facilite aussi la recherche parmi les images précédemment générées avec l'intelligence artificielle.

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      Les gamers sont ciblés par une grosse campagne de piratage, révèle un rapport

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Monday, 13 November - 08:23

    Une campagne d'attaque vise les amateurs de jeux vidéo présents sur X (ex-Twitter) et Discord. Les liens piégés auraient déjà fait de nombreuses victimes, dont des influenceurs et l'entreprise Shadow, spécialisée dans le cloud. [Lire la suite]

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      Popular “AI Hub” Discord Taken Down Following Copyright Complaints

      news.movim.eu / TorrentFreak · Friday, 6 October - 06:44 · 3 minutes

    doscord Artificial intelligence is booming. Dozens of companies are enthusiastic about its potential and many regular people are tinkering with it too.

    The ‘AI Hub’ Discord server was the place to be for true AI enthusiasts. In just a matter of months, it grew from zero to a thriving community of more than 500,000 members.

    Through the server, people shared the latest tips and tricks, new developments, but also complete models. They included voice models of popular musicians including Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, Rihanna, and Stevie Wonder.

    Whether the models themselves are infringing is a question yet to be answered in court. However, the models are trained using commercial music, and openly sharing a library of copyrighted tracks is a clear no-go.

    RIAA Targeted “AI Hub” Users

    AI Hub was well aware of these sensitivities and didn’t allow members to post copyrighted content. The message apparently didn’t reach all members, which prompted the RIAA to step in earlier this year.

    The RIAA represents the rights of American music companies and keeps a very close eye on the AI landscape. When it discovered copyright-infringing content being shared on the AI Hub server, the industry group took the matter to court.

    RIAA obtained a DMCA subpoena to obtain the identities of several members who allegedly shared infringing content. Whether this also included voice models wasn’t clear, but the shared datasets with copyrighted music were definitely problematic.

    RIAA’s Letter

    riaa discord

    As part of its legal efforts, the RIAA also asked Discord to shut down the AI Hub server, which at the time had just over 80k members. Discord didn’t take action against the server at the time, but the RIAA actively reminded the company to appropriately deal with repeat infringers.

    “AI Hub” Shut Down

    Following the RIAA’s enforcement effort the server continued to grow. While most members obeyed the rules, there were some outliers. This week, AI Hub was taken down completely, presumably in response to repeat copyright allegations.

    It’s not clear whether the RIAA had anything to do with the server’s downfall. A new server, which snatched the .gg/aihub invite link, now welcomes former members and provides more context.

    “AI Hub was banned because of copyright, apparently someone did the trick of editing posts and added several links with copyrighted content, which left Discord with no option but to DMCA the server,” the new server explains.


    discord down

    This backup server has nothing to do with the original AI Hub, and we obviously can’t verify any of its claims. TorrentFreak reached out to our contact at the original server but they didn’t immediately reply.

    Whack an AI-Mole

    Based on the information available, it does indeed seem likely that AI Hub was taken down in response to repeat copyright complaints. Despite its size, Discord only processes a few hundred DMCA takedowns per month, and a subset of these complained about content on AI Hub.

    While Discord has to comply with the DMCA – which includes taking action against repeat infringers – it would be rather broad to shut down a community over allegations against a minority. That said, we don’t know all the details so there might have been bigger issues. Discord didn’t immediately reply to our request for comment.

    This likely isn’t the end of it though. Given the success of AI Hub, there are several new servers lined up to take its place. Many of these might face similar problems in the future if they continue to grow. After all, it’s virtually impossible to control everything posted by 500k+ members.

    This means that we will continue to see an AI whack-a-mole. But perhaps AI can fix that problem eventually, if it’s allowed to.

    From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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      Anonymous fournit régulièrement des informations sensibles sur la Russie

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Tuesday, 3 October - 14:55

    Un serveur Discord affilié à Anonymous dévoile des informations stratégiques concernant la Russie, y compris des renseignements sur les infrastructures en Crimée. [Lire la suite]

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      La Xbox permet désormais de streamer vos parties sur Discord

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · Thursday, 3 August, 2023 - 08:30


    La firme de Redmond et l'expert en communication pour gamer s'associent afin d'offrir la fonctionnalité la plus attendue.

    La Xbox permet désormais de streamer vos parties sur Discord

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      RIAA Targets ‘AI Hub’ Discord Users Over Copyright Infringement

      news.movim.eu / TorrentFreak · Thursday, 22 June, 2023 - 07:03 · 5 minutes

    riaa ai With over 142k members, the ‘AI Hub’ Discord server is a thriving community that opens the door to lots of AI-related content.

    There’s a wide variety of information available, including voice models of major musicians such as Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, Rihanna, and Stevie Wonder.

    All of this information can be used to make homebrew AI tracks that mimic the sound of one’s favorite artists. This is a highly controversial topic in the music industry, with many insiders suggesting that commercial use of these models could breach copyright law.

    Exactly what is allowed and what isn’t is a topic of legislative debate. In the United States, for example, Congress is actively looking into the matter through a series of hearings.

    RIAA Targets ‘AI Hub’ Discord Server

    The RIAA , which represents the rights of American music companies, is keeping a very close eye on the AI landscape. In a letter sent earlier this month, the anti-piracy group effectively asked Discord to shut down the AI Hub server.

    Whether the voice models are the main issue here is unclear. It’s certainly possible that the music group views the complete datasets of music posted by some users as more problematic.

    The letter to Discord simply states that AI Hub is dedicated to copyright infringement of its members’ works.

    “We have learned that Discord is operating and/or hosting the below-referenced Discord server(s) on its network. This server(s) is/are dedicated to infringing our members’ copyrighted sound recordings by offering, selling, linking to, hosting, streaming, and/or distributing files containing our members’ sound recordings without authorization.”

    Shut Down Server, Ban Repeat Infringers

    The anti-piracy group wants the server taken offline and warnings issued to its operators. Specifically, the RIAA asks Discord to take the following steps:

    (i) remove and/or disable access to this Discord server
    (ii) remove the files or links from your system, including any mirrored or duplicate copies of those files or links, and/or that you disable all access to the infringing files and associated links
    (iii) inform the server operator/s and the uploader/ to that server(s), as applicable, of the illegality of their conduct.

    In addition, repeat-infringers should be permanently booted from the platform, the group notes, which would be in line with Discord’s copyright policy .

    This strongly worded letter is a follow-up to a similar request sent in late May. At the time, the AI Hub server had 82k users but in the space of just a few weeks, that number has grown to a massive 143k and counting.

    Infringing Voice models?

    Discord hasn’t taken the complete server offline, as the RIAA requested, but several messages have since disappeared. The letter came with a list of URLs that are going nowhere now.

    links reported

    The reported links don’t reveal the nature of the content. TorrentFreak asked the RIAA for more detail on their takedown notice and whether it sees voice models as copyright infringements, but the group couldn’t go into detail citing “pending litigation”. More on that later.

    We can’t independently confirm that voice models were targeted but some suggest that this could be the case. A few hours ago, Discord user StakenS reuploaded a Frank Sinatra model, which was originally posted by another user.

    “Reupload because I am not scared to go to jail,” they write, adding that the takedown request likely came from a Frank Sinatra rightsholder that doesn’t appreciate the AI model.


    It’s easy to jump to conclusions based on this post, but it’s likely that this voice model, and others, were removed because they included links to full datasets. This is what AI Hub admin “.tea” believes is what happened.

    Speaking with TorrentFreak, .tea notes that despite RIAA’s takedown letters, Discord didn’t reach out to the server’s operators directly.

    “The admins were informed about [RIAA’s takedown letter], not through Discord though, we heard from the people who actually got the letter. Discord has not contacted us as of yet,” .tea says.

    The admin hasn’t seen voice models being targeted in isolation either and believes that datasets with infringing tracks from RIAA members are the real problem. This content isn’t allowed on the AI Hub server, so the operators don’t mind seeing that removed.

    As for the users who posted the content, there’s nothing to suggest that prison sentences are on the horizon. That being said, the RIAA did go to court a few days ago hoping to learn more about the alleged infringers.

    DMCA Subpoena Targets AI Hub Users

    At the federal court for the District of Columbia, the anti-piracy group obtained a DMCA subpoena that requires Discord to identify the alleged infringers. The subpoena was sent to Discord on June 14th with an accompanying letter.

    “[Y]ou are required to disclose to the RIAA information sufficient to identify the infringers. This would include the individuals’ names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account updates and account history, as available,” the letter reads.

    Discord has until the end of the month to comply with the request, if it doesn’t formally oppose it.


    In response to our questions, RIAA didn’t go into detail on the potential repercussions of this action. However, it stresses that AI itself isn’t the problem. Their enforcement efforts are focused on those who exploit the work of artists without consent.

    “The creative community supports AI that is ethical, follows the law and respects creators’ rights. But when those who seek to profit from AI train their systems on unauthorized content, it undermines the entire music ecosystem – harming creators, fans, and responsible developers alike.”

    “This action seeks to help ensure that lawless systems that exploit the life’s work of artists without consent cannot and do not become the future of AI,” the RIAA spokesperson added.

    Meanwhile, the AI Hub server remains online. In a public announcement, the admins reiterated that uploading entire datasets containing copyrighted content directly to Discord is not allowed.

    “Please do not upload datasets to the server or any copyrighted material. We have 0 tolerance for this kind of stuff”,” the announcement reads.

    zero tolerance


    A copy of all the documentation referenced in this post, which was obtained by TorrentFreak, is available here (pdf)

    From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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      Les jeux en ligne sont-ils les premiers réseaux sociaux ?

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · Wednesday, 10 May, 2023 - 16:01

    jeux-reseaux-sociaux-warcraft-facebook-158x105.jpg Ecran d'ordinateur portable avec les fenêtre Battle.net et Facebook d'ouvertes

    Les jeux vidéo et les réseaux sociaux s'entremêlent sans cesse, une synergie qui change peu à peu notre façon d’échanger en ligne.

    Les jeux en ligne sont-ils les premiers réseaux sociaux ?