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    6 reasons the decentralised Fediverse is better than regular centralised social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · 7 days ago - 11:20

Social media sucks. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are designed to turn your precious free time into money. What we see as a nice way to stay in touch with our friends, in reality are just many hits of dopamine stimulating precise spots in your brain, leading to you spending more time on the platform consuming ads.

But what if I told you that there is a huge ad-free social network out there, not governed by a central authority, full of great people and completely free to use? This place is called the Fediverse. Well, it's not really a place, it's many places.

See the 6 reasons and a good short overview of what the Fediverse is about at

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    Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit,, or Hacker News but it's open source, it's federated with the Fediverse, and zero lock in

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Wednesday, 20 January - 19:56

You subscribe to communities you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote and comment on them. Lemmy isn't just a reddit alternative; its a network of interconnected communities ran by different people and organizations, all combining to create a single, personalized front page of your favorite news, articles, and memes.

Each server can set its own moderation policy, to help foster a healthy environment where all can feel comfortable contributing.

With Lemmy, you can easily host your own server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connected to the same universe, called the Fediverse. For a link aggregator, this means that someone registered on one server can subscribe to communities elsewhere, and can have discussions with people on a completely different server.

Lemmy is free, open-source software, meaning no advertising, monetizing, or venture capital, ever.


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    Fedilab back on the Fediverse

    Matt · Saturday, 16 January - 21:16

The maker of the #Fediverse related apps, including #Fedilab, #Tubelab and UntrackMe has an account again at Now supported by additional people.

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  • 17 January LPS

    This is really great news!

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    A WhatsApp Poll I Ran Showed Way Higher Engagement On Mastodon (Twitter Alternative) Despite Fewer Followers And I Have A Theory

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Thursday, 14 January - 08:51

On Twitter I have 774 followers after 12 years of use, and on Mastodon I have 538 followers after only 3 or so years. I post the identical posts to both networks at the same time, and respond on both. Yet I see noticeably more engagement, queries, comments, etc on my posts at Mastodon. This poll had 136 votes on Mastodon but only 25 votes on Twitter. It got 12 reshares on Mastodon and 1 on Twitter. Both polls had the same hashtags and #DeleteWhatsApp was very busy on both networks.

My theory is that on Twitter an individual's posts get largely drowned out by adverts and promoted posts, and of course the algorithm that shows "top posts", whereas on Mastodon users only see who they are following giving more visibility to a user posting...

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  • 14 January ericbuijs

    I've never been on Twitter but from what I've seen the difference can also partly be explained by the way people interact with it. Twitter seems to be largely populated with people that use it to only promote themselves and read some news and therefore are not the least interested in any conversation. On the Fosstodon instance where I hang out the number of self-promoters (he look at my awesome video or blog post) is very low and can be considered spam by the moderators. I noticed that people on Fosstodon love interaction.

  • 14 January Danie van der Merwe

    Yes you may have put your finger on it there... just lots of pushing on Twitter.

  • Yesterday - 13:53 Melvin C. McDowell

    I also find this to be true. I also find more substantive interaction on Mastodon/Pleroma than on walled gardens Gab and Parler.

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    Decentralized Social Networks Report: How Flexibility Deals With Trolls And Scalability In the Fediverse

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Sunday, 3 January - 11:08

A very interesting report back from some research conducted in 2020 around how Fediverse social networks deal with scalability as well as moderation (or not) of trolling. This is also a must-watch if you don't know much about the Fediverse.

It's very true users migrate either toward instances where you have more rules or fewer rules, and the Fediverse does allow this type of flexibility to accommodate everyone. The video explains how moderation is managed differently on decentralised networks versus large centralised networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

It underlines again you must select your social network instance based on its terms of use as you need to abide by those rules, and can expect moderators to enforce the same rules. If an instance has few rules, then don't expect much moderation on that instance.

Watch at

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    Into the Fediverse: An Ethical Social Media Pt 2: How do I join the Fediverse? Here are some good options to consider

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Saturday, 19 December - 14:50

Big Corporations are the core problem with social media platforms. We can do better and many are working together to fix that, though we are nowhere near ready yet.

This video will show you how to navigate a federated site and explain the logic process behind it. It's a difficult concept for those who are only exposed to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc which have one central site. Federated nodes (and different networks) can seamlessly work together and offer a lot more flexibility for a diversity of groups and interests.

Instead of shutting Facebook down, it should just be forced to federate then no-one need leave their friends behind if they migrate away to a different network. During this video you'll also hear how Facebook once did have some federation, which it cut off.


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    We'll Meet Again, in real life!

    debacle · / berlin-xmpp-meetup · Monday, 10 August - 21:25

We'll Meet Again, in real life!

This time, we will enjoy socialising and talking about this and that and XMPP. We meet in Biergarten Golgatha. We will keep as much of physical distance as possible and use cloth face masks when entering.

When? Wednesday, 2020-08-12 18:00 CEST (always 2ⁿᵈ Wednesday of every month)

Where?Biergarten Golgatha, only some hundred metres from the place, where the computer has been invented.

See you then!

Or join our non-physical room (!

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    We'll Meet Again, in real life!

    debacle · / berlin-xmpp-meetup · Monday, 6 July, 2020 - 18:12 edit

We'll Meet Again, in real life!

This time, we will enjoy socialising and talking about this and that and XMPP. We meet outside of xHain using their chairs on the pavement. We will keep 2 meters of physical distance and use cloth face masks when entering xHain.

When? Wednesday, 2020-07-08 18:00 CEST (always 2ⁿᵈ Wednesday of every month)

Where? Pavement in front of xHain hack+makespace, Grünberger Str. 16, 10243 Berlin (as formerly)

Please respect the xHain "house rules"!

See you then!

Or join our non-physical room (!

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