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      chunk · Friday, 10 November, 2023 - 10:48 · 5 visibility


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      group_work SkeletonClaw 11 May, 2023

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      Shanoon Shakeeb

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      chunk · Wednesday, 30 August, 2023 - 08:29 · 1 minute · 5 visibility

    I am going to hope that with my previous experience with Movim that some of the odd functions appearing not to work are just going to "magically" work one day or at an hour of some odd time, whenever.

    Last time I was like sigh shit just whyyyyyyyyy not it work, then a few hours later, poof! that one or two things that weren't quite working in this app did work then,, and after then on. Javascript being such a high level language this is sort of.. Pretty much untraceable and undebuggable. I'm sure maybe someone reading this would beg to differ, but would you really wanna try? I didn't think so.

    It's 100% nice as hell to see this again though. Timothee (aka edhelas) the dude that wrote this original code, that I've only I've changed some CSS and some whatever stuff in the git repo, made this one hell of a nicely polished web application using websockets.

    Also I'd like to add that I made this instance work VERY QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY. That was appreciated for sure, but apparently sometimes I know my shit and can hack it.. lool other times I am fail b0t. begin <segfault>

    Lastly I putted some stupid stuff up in the Explore part of this app. I had debated a while before today already on whether I would make this web app (as it's configurable in my admin settings for here) just use chats, and not the pubsub extra features. I think a good amount of the reason for this is because TooFast.vip is currently less than 24hrs old and running Prosody. Prosody has a bunch of access control limitations that eJabberd doesn't. Hence last time I ran an movim places I used ejabberd and this app was a much much much better experience.

    While u r here, watch out for those squirrelz. They're pretty big and gnarly lately, carrying knives and starting fires and sheiiz.....

    #toofast #movim #news #chunkzwarez #morefast #hardcore4life #noreasongiven

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      Hey the latest 0.21 release of MOVIM is HERE!

      chunk · Friday, 31 March, 2023 - 15:42 edit

    I will be rebuilding the entirety of TooFast.vip:443 (my own Movim instance, with kustom kolorz) using this release actually. It will take sometime in the next handful of months (2-6months maybe) as I am curious how I can retain the CSS I've done with the current (disabled, sorry folks) movim instance that is hosted on TooFast.vip.

    I really value edhelas' work on this project, the guy is a machine and he has such a great attitude also. BIG props and congrats on this latest release of such a great cool XMPP project !!!!

    #movim #toofast #future #news #congrats #edhelas #phpmachine #xmpp #opensource #projects #freesoftware #xmppcommunity #anothertag #yetanothertag #chunk

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      Movim 0.21 - Whipple

      Movim 0.21, codename Whipple, is finally out! Let's have a look of all the new and improved things that you can find in this big #release 🥳 Message replies You can now reply to messages thanks to the implementation of the XEP-0461: Message Replies. More and more clients in the XMPP ecosystem supports this feature, including Slidge, new XMPP gateways project that is allowing you to bridge Movim with Telegram, Discord and many others chat platforms. Push Notifications Movim now integrates WebPush. Never miss a message, even when Movim is closed. This feature is also working when you install Movim as a Progressive Web App on your Android or iOS device. Improved account configuration The configuration panel has been redesigned to be more accessible. You can now block contacts directly from your Movim instance and manage your block-list from the panel. Microphones and webcams can also be configured and tested from the Audio & Video configuration tab. New emojis This version brings the support of Unicode 14 and many new emojis that you can use in your messages, posts, replies and reactions. Redesign Movim is following the #Material Design guidelines since 2014. This release is bringing a fresh redesign of the components and animations based on Material 3. The main menu was reorganized to clarify the navigation and hide the second-level pages in a sub-menu that appears when hovering the account item. Following this redesign Movim accounts can now set a banner next to their avatars. Share and Send To The Send To feature, that allows you to send articles to contacts was completed by a Share feature allowing you to share the article in a new publication on your personnal blog on in a Community that you're in. Useful to share things around ! Audio messages Movim can now play and record #audio messages. Gallery Communities When creating or configuring your Communities you can now set a Community type. The Gallery Community forces the publications to contain at least one image and display them as a grid. This feature is the result of a long clarification and standardization work made on XMPP Pubsub with the pubsub#type attribute, the introduction of a new XEP based on that change called XEP-0472: Pubsub Social Feed and the support of pubsub#type in ejabberd (related ticket). Performances, memory consumption and stability A very important work was done to limit the Movim processes memory consumption. The daemon and subprocesses are now using PHP Opcache to load and share only once lots of files that were previously loaded multiple time during the Movim runtime. PHP modules are also loaded using a predefined whitelist to limit the usage of useless modules in memory. DotEnv configuration The old configuration system has been moved to the DotEnv standard. This change merges all the previous configuration (database, daemon and paths) into an unique .env file. They can also be set using environment variable directly in your Docker Compose, or Web Server (using SetEnv in Apache for example). The official Movim Docker image was also updated to fit those changes. Migration from Movim 0.20 If you are planning to upgrade your current Movim instance please follow those few steps: Copy and rename the .env.example file in .env and complete the few configuration variables in it. They should be the same as the one you set in the previous db.inc.php file and your daemon parameters. Remove the db.inc.php file Remove all the daemon.php parameters from your init.d, systemd services or other scripts. The daemon launch command should look this way: $ php daemon.php start. ...and as always, don't forget to run the migrations (php composer.phar movim:migrate) and restart your daemon. XMPP Pubsub node security and restrictions Movim 0.21 is not trusting anymore posts, likes and comments that are not containing the explicit identifier (Jabber ID) of the publisher and therefore now rely on this part of the XEP-0060: Pubblish-Subscribe - 12.16 Associating Events and Payloads with the Generating Entity. All the existing likes and comments might be not counted anymore or seen as "Non trusted" ones. All the new published ones will be configured properly. Migration from Movim 0.20 On ejabberd You can update all the existing stored node configuration to force the new default configuration using the following SQL request. You might do a backup of your database before doing such changes: update pubsub_node_option set val = `publisher` where name = `itemreply` and val = `none` ...and load those changes without restarting ejabberd: $ ejabberdctl clear-cache On Prosody Ensure that you have the expose_publisher = true set in your configuration, see the related documentation. What's next? Movim 0.22 should include two big projects. OMEMO rewrite ? The cleanup, rewrite and refactoring of the OMEMO support that is quite buggy and not opmized. We are not promising anything on this side, OMEMO is always a complex beast to handle. Multi-part audio and video-conference feature The audio and video conferencing features were already introduced a few years ago in Movim. Some preparation work has been done in this 0.21 release to be able merge back the pop-up video-conference window inside the main window for the upcoming release. The multi-part audio and video-conference feature is also one of the main feature that miss in Movim and is requested quite often by our users. Let's see if Movim 0.22 finally include this long awaited #feature. Regarding the amount of work that need to be done regarding those features it might be possible that specific funding will be requested for it to free up enough time to work properly on their integration. Enjoy! A big thanks to the #Movim community that is growing more than ever. You can find us on our main support chatroom movim@conference.movim.eu. If you find issues or if you want to contribute to the project you can find everything on our Github page. And if you want to support us, fund the development of new features and help us pay our servers, domains and communication we are actively looking for supporters and sponsors on our Patreon. That's all folks!

      group_work Movim 29 March, 2023

    Not much is new, playing a lot of Eve Online. I started a new corporation called Quik Co. It's for PvE and PvP type gameplay and so far so good. Check out our killboard: Quik Co. @ zKillBoard.com

    Maybe you'd want to play Eve Online? If so it's free to play and once you've tried it out I recommend a subscription for years of multiplayer roleplaying in space ^^ This is my CEO character for that corporation:

    Anderz Coourinher

    I also since yesterday am happy for a new desktop Linux install. I learned something about using nvidia drivers and secure boot. Nvidia drivers expect a microsoft key to sign the boot binary so when using Linux you must patch your own user key to the trust database, or something like that, in the UEFI firmware and sign it for Linux so nvidia will accept it. Now I have so far the perfect setup. It is complete >:D (far faaaar from complete lol)

    #eveonline #quikco #mmorpg #watsnew #nvidia #linux

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      Going to get something nice!

      chunk · Tuesday, 22 November, 2022 - 03:55

    I found a gaming laptop that's worth 900CAD everywhere, literally everywhere else, on sale for 200 bucks cheaper. I'm stoked because I'm going to get it :D I'm suprised also of all the places I would find such a good deal it was there. It has a nVidia 1060GTX and a i5 something or other. I tested it out and it's snappy. I've neglected my Eve Online gameplay the last year or more not having a suitable laptop to play it with so this could change the scope of much of what I do with my time.

    I am often bored outta my skull unless I have a mission I'm enduring to complete. I am happy that I'm getting another gaming laptop but this time even better because it'll be NEW! I'll include a couple of links related to it.

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      Specification GF63 Thin 11SC

      As a world leading gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted name in gaming and eSports. We stand by our principles of breakthroughs in design, and roll out the amazing gaming gear like motherboards, graphics cards, laptops and desktops.

    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (Laptop) GPU

      Specifications and benchmarks of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (Laptop) GPU.

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      TWTXT, Yarn, Movim, Microblogging

      chunk · Thursday, 17 November, 2022 - 06:50

    I dunno which would you pick? I like Movim. Great place to put A: my XMPP identify together with B: my microblog. I realize that compared to TWTXT or Yarn.social type of microblogging this is waaaay overkill but I was just thinking about it this moment while staring at page. I am currently really bored and I have nothing else to do I'm sure but write these things. 🐐

    #microblogging #twtxt #movim #uselesspost #bored

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      A couple of accomplishments

      chunk · Wednesday, 16 November, 2022 - 12:04 edit

    The last two weeks were forging onwards quite well in this domain space. I've gotten to practice some stuff I actually really enjoy. Namely defensive security, stats monitoring, webservers and docker containers :D All of which is command line :D:D

    I know.. I'm a nerd. I dis used to host an odd and, I thought, kinda neat series on YouTube called "Adventures in Command Line". R.I.P. ...zzzzzzzzzz zzzz zz zzzz zz

    #studies #the8woodcutter #computerscience #sysops