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      Earthquakes 2023 Turkey or Syria and compassion from HAM Radio Free software

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    Public Movim Post Of Turkey Syria Earthquake Article


    Earthquakes between 7.4 and 7.7 (or 7.8) Magnitude (but also 6.7 Magnitude for a late shallow Earthquake) struck Turkey and Syria Monday 6 February 2023. Turkey Gaziantep then Ekinözü (a 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake struck) and the Kahramanmaras region is a struck epicentre, also in Syria Besnaya - Bseineh and Sarmada (North West Syria).

    USGS (United States Geological Survey, for USA Government) Data Reports the earthquakes for time and location as 2023-02-06 01:17:35 (UTC)37.174°N 37.032°E17.9 km depth

    An Internet Intensity Map from USGS shows internet activty and the map is big enough to cover where the erathquake struck.

    Internet Intensity Map from USGS


    USGS United States Geological Survey


    Disaster and Emergency Management Authority in Turkey


    HAM Radio can be used to send information by voice but also a data Mode can send Morse code or Geographical location data and Wether and so forth, and so any short text message can be sent (such as even through morse code if you so desired). The LORAWAN technologies (if you have such equipment) can also be used aside form HAM Radio for small amounts of data such as sending a start and end time-date stamp to indicate the duration of an event, along with geographical location data as longitude, latitude and altitude and then a magnet link of a torrent file for an ISO of a CDROM containing information on the topic you wish to share which could later be downloaded by the internet when it becomes avaiable (so the CDROM might have some video file stored on it and text files and PDF files and 3D-Model Files like a collada-file for software such as 'Blender' and audio files such as mp3 or Ogg Vorbis or it might be a mixed-mode CD which plays some audio in a Audio CD-Player but also has some computer data if placed into a PC computer such as MSWindows or Linux). HAM Radio exists in Syria and in Turkey and can help communications and this is important for helping people and for science data like geology and physics which might pertain more and more to the situation. Sole Linux is a debian linux software which can be used to install HAM radio software and use OCr software and FireFox Web Browser nd it can share geology and physics science information such as by installing SciLab for free. Learning Languages can be done in Liunx too. Gaussian Heat-Maps could be generated to use Kernelized classification of geological and disaster relife areas and communication HAM Radio spots possibly with LoRaWAN shown, and so OpenID built atop of OAuth2 as OIDC can allow single-sign-on and federated log-in to bring together the information such as by the Fediverse. Kernel density estimation of an hypercube could be accomkplished via the Parzen window via the Rosenblatt-Parzen method, such that OpenCL (especially OpenCL1.2 or higher) is used as an heterogenous computing method to distributed processing over low-power devices including a raspberry-pi3b (or Pizero2W) GPU or GT710 Nvidia Desktop PC GPU or even a large server so as to balance the computational efforsts as scalable. SciLab can help with this and can run on a RaspberryPi3b+ or a home Linux computer (such as the notion of a 64bit linux distro desktop PC with a GPU as good as a Nvidia GT710 installed or a AMD HD6450 or better). Machine Learning or GPU neural networks can use Kernelization methodology.

    Gaussian Kernel Density Estimation Explained on Wikipedia


    Gaussian Kernel Method explained on Wikipedia


    Ham Radio and Getting Started with Data Modes


    Syrian Scientific Technical Amateur Radio Society SSTARS


    Technical Institute of Radio by a group of amateur radio enthusiasts in Damascus


    There are various free OCR (Optical character Recognition softwares such as Copyfish (linked below and OCR Space) which can be used on PC (Windows Or Linux) and smartphone app, but also Tesseract with a9t9 frontend installed to a MSWindows PC. Also consider GOCR open-source character recognition (e.g. gocr049.exe), and (GPL License) A9t9 Free OCR (probably the easiet for MSWindows if you are willing to use free Tesseract OCR Software which has a good License, BSD/Apache style). You would thereby download the (a9t9)FreeOcrWindowsDesktop-Setup.exe file.

    Free-Ocr-Windows-Desktop (a9t9)FreeOcrWindowsDesktop-Setup.exe


    The (a9t9)FreeOcr blog and documentation hyperlinks




    For example, these languages can be recognised in he free OCR software by scanning (or taking a photograph using a digital camera or smartphone or webcam connected to a PC). Once the text is on your computer it can br translated into other languages as text. also, text can be converted into speech or SRT files as subtitles which can be added to a DVD video you make on your computer or an Mpeg4 video (or Ogg Vorbis theora in free software like Openshot or KdenLive). Text can be "spoken by a computer" using voice synthesis software. Translations of text between languages can be helped by free software like "FireFox Translations" (hyperlinked below) which you can use in the Mozilla FireFox Web-Browser and you can use Thunderbird to read RSS feeds. Discover the web pages about the OCR Languages below. Languages to use the OCR Free software with include Turkish OCR, Arabic OCR, English OCR (*), French OCR, German OCR, Portuguese OCR, Russian OCR, Spanish OCR, Chinese OCR (Simplified and traditional characters), Hindi OCR, Korean OCR, Italian OCR

    OCR Languages

    Arabic OCR


    English OCR


    French OCR


    German OCR


    Portuguese OCR


    Russian OCR


    Spanish OCR


    Chinese OCR


    Hindi OCR


    Korean OCR


    Japanese OCR


    Italian OCR


    ESword software can be installed on MSWindows (WindowsXP through to Windows10) or Sword Modules can be used in "BibleTime" software for Linux (such as in the software center or synaptic for Debian), MacOSX and Windows.

    BibleTime software for Linux, MacOSX and Windows


    ESword bible Software for MSWindows


    Read these other links to learn more about this information for using software and how to help people such as with health or nutrition via HugelKultur by readin the articles in these links and then seeing the subsequently linked articles as blog posts hyperlinked. Free Wikibooks First Aid documentation is linked so it can help people as a known quantity book to communicate about as a topic over the internet or LoRaWAN or HAM Radio. A British Military experience wound surgery research medical science paper shows the treatment of combat wounds but some wounds from natural disasters like Earthquakes can be somewhat similar and the medical knowledge of what to expect can further assist people dealing with communicating about the terminology expected for the topic.

    Public Post version of IRC Donation


    Public Post version of 5 GBP Pakistan Flood Donation


    Quick Notice: For the other money donation to Gnome Foundation, see this other link.

    Money donation to Gnome Foundation


    A guide to radio communications technologies for Linux computing for Urdu


    You might have been inspired to read my article (A guide to radio communications technologies for Linux computing for Urdu) on how HAM Radio can help the floods and also Afghanistan with a RaspberryPi for SDR (Software Defined Radio, such as by using Linux LimeSuite software) using a RTL2832U dongle and various open-source software like Soapy-Remote-Server, and when plugging in (the USB ports of a Raspberry Pi3b+ using GuvcView software and "cheese") a webcam (costing btween £1 and $5 USD), with a built-in microphone like a Playstation2-Eyetoy but a better (usb-converted) microphone can help too.

    Arabic English Translation of How To Learn linux SDR for rtl2832u


    Arabic English Translation of How To Learn linux SDR for rtl2832u

    To be knowledgeable about how your study of HAM Radio or Linux can help the people communicating around the Earthquake disaster topics and the Pakistan Floods (and other regions like Afghanistan), you may seek self-improvement as you learn about how to get linux via a torrent file and how to use a CD-Writer (and other knowledge) in this (German and English language) article linked below (German and English... Deutschland macht gute Technologien wie Knoppix Linux). Also, learn about how to use linux (and prepare your amd64 PC) using Version 5.3.8 ultimatebootcd such as to backup data and recover lost data and to partitition drives or clone an HDD (all of which can be discovered by reading and talking on the UBCD forums), and so all that information can be seen on the article linked below as "Wifi Bandwidth Management Hong Kong".

    Wifi Bandwidth Management Hong Kong


    Wifi Bandwidth Management Hong Kong

    Amharic Ethiopia Linux Computer ሊኑክስ ኮምፕዩተር


    Amharic Ethiopia Linux Computer ሊኑክስ ኮምፕዩተር

    A guide to radio communications technologies for Linux computing for Urdu


    A guide to radio communications technologies for Linux computing for Urdu

    Slackware Donation methods like paypal


    Slackware Donation methods like Paypal

    WikiBooks First Aid web pages including PDF download version


    WikiBooks First Aid web pages including PDF download version

    British Heart Foundation PDF Guide to Defibrillators


    Here is an example of Russian prepping documentation, and although it has a radioactive theme, the inclusion of it here has nothing to do with nuclear weapons threats but rather just the fact that Russian people care about people too and as such the information can be useful for various scenarios (e.g. nuclear power-station precautions) and it is a lead for other documens on Russian prepping like First Aid or Health and so scanning the letters in tesseract OCR Optical Character Recognition software with translation software added under BSD license can allow for Mozilla Firefox web-browser to translate into english via Firefox Translations and so you can then search for more Russian language prepping material documents. Likewise, Lithuanian and Estonian prepping documents can be translated and searched in a simiar way and all are included here so as to kindly help all people affected in the Russia or Ukraine or countries nearby to Europe. Or people might want to read it all simply to see the compared style of diagrams or images purely for creative reasons. Graphic images of healthcare surgery or wound treatment (a topic which is for caring for poorly people) is a precaution advised for some viewing. The inclusion of it is not about war (although of course the authors show it has been useful in such circumstances) but instead simply for learning human anatomy in medicine and knowledge and helping people.

    Russian prepping documentation scanned


    Prepping documentation such as for Lithuania or Estonia or Russia or Ukraine 2016-aktyviu-veiksmu-gaires.pdf


    Alternative Link to Prepping documentation such as for Lithuania or Estonia or Russia or Ukraine 2016-aktyviu-veiksmu-gaires.pdf


    English Language Lithuanian Prepping documenation


    Lithuanian Armoured Vehicle documentation which is also useful for places like Africa


    Graphic Content Warning Adult supervision for The Management of Combat Wounds The British Military Experience


    Graphic Content Warning Adult supervision for TheManagementofCombatWoundsthebritishexperience.pdf


    USA Navy prepping PDF example for West Nile Virus


    USA Navy Prepping documenation portals found via here


    SimpleSAMLPHP documentation as per OIDC


    YouTube OAuth Example Of Using OIDC and this can be used with SimpleSAMLPHP


    I have included a link for NUAR UK Emergency Alerts (Cabinet Office) but really I would say it could do with a low cost tweak to also allow UK government square-wave data (sounding somewhat like a dial-up modem handshake sound to the human ear) to be received via RADIO (such as a FM car radio) onto a RaspberryPi (which would be expected to have installed a LoRaWAN dongle for public responding) for software updates such as torrent magnet links and bearing co-ordinates and cronjob date-time-stamps and longditude-latitude-altitude and MIDI (which cane be used for music or PC joystick or vehicle control like a drone since it even was used in guided missles in the past) to be processed in linux accepted via microphone-in 3.5mm jack plug (via USB soundcard on the RaspberryPi3b or PiZero2W) or via rtl2832u or buetooth (such as sent from a car-stereo bluetooth link, with or without a bluetooth headset earphone-and-microphone). Having a UK Gov AppImage (both RaspberryPi and amd64 compatible) on the receiving Linux device (PC or Pi3b) linked via the aforementioned technologies (3.5mm jack or bluetooth or rtl2832u) to the car-radio would allow for password authentication of installing a shellscript for every NUAR squarewave update which need only be up to 100KB but probably only needs about 3KB data sent like a DamnSmallLinux torrent file needs, notifying the need to connect to internet to download 50MB of data later that day as a bootable ISO that can be written to CDROM. About a minute of analogue FM Radio squarewave sound should transmit (from UK gov to a public radio connected to a RaspberryPi zero2w or Pi3b at home or in a car) 150KB to 300KB of data and so the signal being sent twice for parity of that 1 minute data signal should last 2 minutes and you probably do not even need that much data. The magnet-links sent could also include private firm sponsorship adverts in some scenarios.

    NUAR UK Emergency Alterts which includes software


    UK Cabinet Office NUAR and UK emergency Alerts video YT channel


    See all YT UK Emergency Alerts Videos Cabinet Office and NUAR


    Firefox Translations


    Github tesseract-ocr


    Tesseract OCR a9t9 Frontend for Microsoft Windows 8 and 10


    German and English... Deutschland macht gute Technologien wie Knoppix Linux


    German and English... Deutschland macht gute Technologien wie Knoppix Linux

    My comment has no hate in it and I do no harm. I am not appalled or afraid, boasting or envying or complaining... Just saying. Psalms23: Giving thanks and praise to the Lord and peace and love. Also, I'd say Matthew6.

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