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      Delta, the Emulator App, Changes Logo After Suggestion From Adobe Lawyers

      news.movim.eu / DaringFireball · Saturday, 18 May - 01:41

    This is one of those stories with no bad guy. Delta’s icon/logo was clearly supposed to represent an uppercase Greek delta (Δ). Adobe’s logo is even more clearly an uppercase A . But Delta’s Δ really does look too much like Adobe’s A . If I were an Adobe lawyer I’d have sent the same letter. (Note that Adobe’s lawyers made no threats and were nice about it.)

    What’s funny though is that, taking colors into consideration, Delta’s icon looks more like an upside-down Verge favicon.

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      Sam Alito Flew Seditionist Flag Outside His House in 2021

      news.movim.eu / DaringFireball · Saturday, 18 May - 00:47

    Jodi Kantor, reporting for The New York Times:

    After the 2020 presidential election, as some Trump supporters falsely claimed that President Biden had stolen the office, many of them displayed a startling symbol outside their homes, on their cars and in online posts: an upside-down American flag.

    One of the homes flying an inverted flag during that time was the residence of Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., in Alexandria, Va., according to photographs and interviews with neighbors.

    How in the world did this not come to light before now?

    “I had no involvement whatsoever in the flying of the flag,” Justice Alito said in an emailed statement to The Times. “It was briefly placed by Mrs. Alito in response to a neighbor’s use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard signs.”

    Profile in courage.

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      Samsung Pepsis Its Pants Again

      news.movim.eu / DaringFireball · Thursday, 16 May - 22:07

    Speaking of Apple’s “Crush” ad , Samsung has posted a “response”, depicting a woman guitarist sitting atop a paint-splash-strewn platform standing in for a hydraulic press, with the slogan “We would never crush creativity. #UnCrush

    Rather than sit back and enjoy Apple own-goaling itself last week, they couldn’t resist gracelessly piling on, accomplishing nothing but to remind everyone that they’re Pepsi to Apple’s Coke — content to sit in second place forever, copying not just Apple’s hardware and software designs, but even parodying Apple’s ads. This one is the equivalent of picking ideas out of Apple’s trash. Sad.

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      Netflix Strikes Three-Year Deal to Broadcast NFL Games on Christmas Day

      news.movim.eu / DaringFireball · Thursday, 16 May - 21:01

    Henry Goldblatt, writing for Tudum, Netflix’s splendidly named in-house blog:

    Netflix has an early Christmas gift for you — but it won’t fit under the tree. On Dec. 25, 2024, we’ll be the global home of the NFL’s two Christmas Day marquee games: the Super Bowl LVII-winning Chiefs vs Steelers and Ravens vs. Texans. And mark your calendar for Christmas Day in 2025 and 2026 when we’ll be streaming at least one holiday game each year as part of this three-season deal.

    My two questions:

    First, who’s going to announce the games?

    Second, how strong a bid did Apple make to get these games?

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      New iPad Pros Perform Well in Bend Tests

      news.movim.eu / DaringFireball · Thursday, 16 May - 20:31

    Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac:

    The new iPad Pro is here and the inevitable YouTube stress tests are already online. JerryRigEverything and AppleTrack posted their bend test videos, and both seemingly came to the same conclusion: the new iPad Pro holds up well to extreme force and seems pretty resistant to bending during normal use.

    AppleTrack repeated the same bends with the M2 iPad Pro and the new M4 iPad Pro to compare, and whereas the M4 iPad Pro came away almost unscathed, the M2 iPad Pro had a definitive curl in the corner near the cameras. JerryRigEverything praised the device for its “black magic levels of structural integrity”, at least when bent horizontally.

    Good to know that they really are bend-resistant. But I can’t help but see some incongruity between the performative outrage over Apple’s “Crush” ad last week and the fact that the top-trending tech videos on YouTube today are of people destroying the very same iPads the “Crush” ad was promoting.

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      Instagram Cofounder Mike Krieger Joins Anthropic as Chief Product Officer

      news.movim.eu / DaringFireball · Thursday, 16 May - 04:44

    Mike Krieger:

    Anthropic’s research continues to be at the forefront of AI. When paired with thoughtful product development, I [see] tons of potential to positively impact how people and companies get their work done. And as a two time entrepreneur, I’m particularly excited by how Claude, along with the right scaffolding and product features, can empower more people to innovate at a faster pace and at a lower cost.

    Tangentially related: Anthropic shipped a native iOS Claude app two weeks ago.

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      ★ Follow-Up on Apple No Longer Including Stickers With New Products

      news.movim.eu / DaringFireball · Thursday, 16 May - 03:25 · 1 minute

    I got some pushback from readers for saying “Boo hiss” to the news that starting with this week’s new iPads, Apple is no longer including logo stickers in the boxes, and more or less rolling my eyes at the environmental concerns.

    My thinking was that with all the other “paperwork” included in the box — warranty info, safety info, Quick Start guides — why not include one extra sheet that’s just for fun? One argument against the stickers is even just one extra sheet adds up. If those stickers are 0.1mm thick, a stack of 1 billion of them would be 100km high. But that’s still just one sheet amongst many others that Apple includes in every box.

    The better argument against the stickers is that they’re plastic. All the other in-box paperwork is actual paper, and the packaging itself — including the interior structure — is all cardboard. And paper and cardboard are entirely recyclable. Apple has eliminated almost all plastic from its packaging over the years, including the clear shrink-wrap. So consider my mind changed: eliminating the stickers from the box, but making them available to those who want them at Apple retail stores, is a good compromise.

    I conducted the same poll on Twitter/X , Mastodon , and Threads : “Thoughts on Apple no longer including stickers with new devices to reduce waste?”, with two options: 👍 or 👎. The results:

    Twitter/X 3,612 63% 38%
    Mastodon 3,425 73% 27%
    Threads 2,711 71% 29%
    Total 9,748 69% 31%

    As a meta note, I continue to find the relative popularity of the three platforms amongst my followers interesting. Also interesting that Twitter/X respondents were a bit less in favor of the change. And lastly, if you’re interested, all three posts on social media have a slew of replies.

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      Apple Stiffs Researcher on Bounty for iOS Kernel Vulnerability [Update: Resolved]

      news.movim.eu / DaringFireball · Thursday, 16 May - 00:47

    “Meysam”, on Twitter/X:

    I reported CVE-2024-27804, an iOS/macOS kernel vulnerability that leads to the execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

    Will publish the POC soon.

    Maybe there’s more to this story, but it sure is a bad look for a $3 trillion company to have a reputation for finding technicalities to avoid paying bug bounties .

    I would think Apple would want to err on the side of being liberal with bug bounty payouts, to encourage researchers to report as many as they can find.

    Update: Meysam :

    seem Apple have concluded that the reported CVE is not exploitable and they are planning to update the description to accurately describe the issue as an unexpected system termination rather than arbitrary code execution, but for good faith they will reward me $1000.

    And to be clear, Meysam seems genuinely happy with this resolution.