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      Juan Pablo Ugarte: Cambalache 0.16.0 Released / PlanetGnome · Yesterday - 21:32

    Hello, I am pleased to announce a new version of Cambalache

    Version 0.16.0 targets the newly released GNOME SDK 45 and includes all the new changes in Gtk and the new Adwaita release.

    These release should also help people experiencing issues with the workspace since it has a brand new version of webkit.

    Matrix channel

    Have any question? come chat with us at


    I created a Mastodon account @xjuan where you will be able to get news related to Cambalache, which means the Twitter account @XjuanAr will be phased out soon.

    Where to get it?

    As always you can get the code in gitlab

    git clone

    or download from flathub

    flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub
    flatpak install --user flathub ar.xjuan.Cambalache

    Happy coding!

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      Martín Abente Lahaye: Flatseal 2.1.0 / PlanetGnome · Yesterday - 15:27 · 1 minute

    I am happy to announce a new release of Flatseal. This release comes with refined visuals, improved performance, support for a new permission, quality of life additions, and fixes.

    Starting off with visuals and performance improvements, these are the result of adopting new widgets and features available in Libadwaita 1.4 . The new Adw.NavigationSplitView widget looks cleaner, and the Adw.Breakpoint removes the need for ugly hacks that plagued adaptive GTK applications for years. I can attest that the migration effort is totally worth it.

    In preparation for the next Flatpak release, I added support for the new –device=input permission .  This new toggle option won’t be accessible until the Flatpak release happens and gets into users systems.

    Moving on to quality of life improvements. This time I focused on not having to restart Flatseal or manually intervene when externals changes occur, e.g. installing or uninstalling applications or running flatpak-override from the terminal. As a bonus, it will now remember the last selected application and resume the selection later.

    Regarding fixes, I improved the validations for text field permissions to detect prohibited characters and, as an extra step, improved the overall experience when handling with broken overrides files.

    Moving forward, my priority is to focus on the back-end models in order to overcome known limitations, e.g. not being able to deny permissions globally, among other things.

    Last but never least, thanks to @wsxy162 , @Vistaus , @kbdharun , @cho2 , @eson57 , @Vovkiv , @AsciiWolf , @RacerBG , @MiloCasagrande , @daPhipz , @sabriunal, @ovari and @NikolaiES for their contributions with translations, and to @rusty-snake for always keeping an eye on the issues tracker and answering people’s questions.

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      Michael Meeks: 2023-09-27 Wednesday / PlanetGnome · 2 days ago - 21:00

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      Michael Meeks: 2023-09-26 Tuesday / PlanetGnome · 3 days ago - 21:00

    • Early partner call, chewed mail, brief catch-up with Pedro, partner call, lunch. Sync with Eloy, monthly management meeting.
    • Somehow after a week of conference, trying to get back into sitting-in-one-spot-all-day mode again. Couple of interviews.
    • Productivity All Hands call - the mis-pronunciation of Customers as Costumers - never ceases to mildly amuse me and enlivens things: Costume Drama - the way to go.
    • Checked in and booked parking for the Seafile Conference tomorrow.
    • Poked at profiles, tickets, research etc.
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      Marcus Lundblad: Maps and GNOME 45 / PlanetGnome · 3 days ago - 20:06 · 2 minutes

    The GNOME 45.0 release has just recently been published, and with it a new release of Maps. Accompaning the release is also a new stable version (1.1.0) of our libshumate map rendering library containing a lot of improvements to the client-side vector-based renderer.

    Many of the new features has already been presented here, but a short re-cap:

    The zoom control buttons has been moved (back) to using overlay buttons on top of the map view. A rotation button has also been added, appearing when the map is rotated away from the regular “north is up” which can then be clicked to reset the rotation.

    As well as a browse mode for the search popover allowing to look for nearby points-of-interest by category.

    The other new big thing is the addition of the experimental vector-based map layer (leveraging the enhanced vector support in libshumate 1.1.0). This is available in run-time when the build of libshumate used is compiled with vector support enabled (it's currently opt-in at build-time, but maybe we should enable it by default for 1.2.0, making it opt-out instead? There could still be use-cases where building a slimmed-down version with only raster support could be useful). The Flatpak for Maps 45.0 on Flathub has a bundled libshumate with the vector renderer enabled. There still remains some work to be done that wasn't ready for 45, so for example it's not yet possible to directly click on labels and markers on the map. As this will require further refactoring of the internals e.g. how store information about places (for caching, and also for storing bookmarked places).

    The experimental layer currently uses the OSM Libre stylesheet, but eventually the plan is to switch our own GNOME-specific style using color hues from the GNOME icon palette.

    New stuff looking forward to in upcoming releases:

    James Westman has been busy not only with improving the vector renderer in libshumate, but he has also made progress on the new map style.

    The style now finally includes initial support for rail lines!

    The style can be tested using the web renderer:

    It's also possible to clone the git repo for the style and run it using a built-in Python-based launcher (this uses actual libshumate rendering, typically would require installing development packages to your host system):

    Another cool thing (that can also be seen in the web screenshots above) is localized highway shield rendering building on the OSM Americana project:

    An experimental branch implementing shield rendering in Maps is also work-in-progress.

    This currently uses the OSM Liberty style (the same as the current experimental map layer in Maps 45).

    So it's looking pretty exciting for for 46 😊

    Until next time, happy mapping!

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      Alexander Larsson: Announcing composefs 1.0 / PlanetGnome · 3 days ago - 13:36 · 1 minute

    As of Linux 6.6-rc1, which contains the overlayfs fs-verity support , all the kernel changes that was required for composefs are upstream. This allows us to finalize the composefs image format and give guarantees of its future stability.

    This means that we are happy to welcome Composefs 1.0 to the world!

    The main feature of 1.0 is the stability of the file format and the library API, however, there are a few new major features in 1.0:

    • Various tweaks make the image format more efficient.
    • The library and the tools now has the ability to inspect composefs image files. This includes listing what basedir object files they refer to which makes it easy to figure out what objects are missing (and has to be downloaded).
    • The use of the built-in kernel fs-verity signature verification has been dropped on recommendation from the fs-verity maintainer. Instead we recommended to use userspace libraries to verify fs-verity digests.

    For more details and download links, see the release notes .  For a short introduction to composefs, see this earlier blog entry .

    There is also ongoing work in the wider community to use composefs:

    Ostree 2023.6 and rpm-ostree 2023.6 together allow for end-to-end signed and validated composefs ostree deployments. The code is still marked experimental and composefs needs to be enabled manually on the host, but the feature is compiled in and available by default.

    containers/storage contains initial work on supporting composefs in the overlayfs backend. Once this is finalized and used in podman, it will be possible to use the cross-image de-duplication and tamper-proofing features of composefs for all podman containers. This will lead to improved container density and security.

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      Michael Meeks: 2023-09-24 Sunday / PlanetGnome · 5 days ago - 21:00

    • Somehow ended up hacking over midnight; got AVX2 profiled - 2x faster than optimized C++ - for processing 8 pixels at once, a somewhat smaller win than expected.
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      Hubert Figuière: Dia with GTK 3 / PlanetGnome · 5 days ago - 00:00

    If you are running Dia from the nigthly GNOME flatpak, the last update brought a big change: it is now a GTK 3 app. The UI shouldn't be much different, just some cosmetic adjustments due to theming and other like widget spacing. Also it now work with Wayland and HiDPI.

    It is something I started over two years ago, and that for some reason I left on the back burner. So I did a final push and many thanks to Zander for reviewing and merging it . Now we shall hunt for regression. I already have a fix for the touchpad scrolling .

    The version is numbered starting 0.98. So if it is Dia 0.98 or higher, then it's GTK 3.

    There is still some more stuff to do. Fix a regression in the navigator widget, build without deprecation post GTK 3.8, etc.

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      Jose Hunter: Outreachy Recap 2023 - / PlanetGnome · 6 days ago - 15:33 · 1 minute

    Making GNOME Platform Demos

    The End

    Hello! I didn't blog nearly as often as I should have, but I'm here now to give a comprehensive report of the work I managed to get done this summer! This has been such a rewarding experience, and I do not intend for this to be the end of my GNOME Contributions. I hope you all see more of me in the FOSS world.


    Special thanks to Sonny Piers and Andy Holmes for everything. I wasn't the perfect intern, but I couldn't have asked for better mentors. I'm so thankful to know such cool people.o

    My teammates

    Also another special thanks to my fellow interns that I got to work with this summer: Sriyansh Shivam and Akshay Warrier

    Had a ton of fun and got a lot done with these awesome individuals.


    If you don't know what it is, please download it already . It is such a useful tool to have at your disposal.

    My Contributions

    Below are bulleted lists of Workbench Library entries and other contributions done in part by me.

    User Interface Demos

    • Dialogs

    • ViewSwitcher


    • Preferences Window


    • Carousel


    • Stack


    • CenterBox

    • Breakpoints

    • Overlaysplit View


    • Drag-and-Drop


    Media Demos

    • Video


    • Audio

    • Camera


    • Picture

    • Screencast

    Text and Label Demos

    • Editable Label

    • Label

    • Pango


    • Spell Checker

    Buttons and Menu Demos

    • Scale Button

    • Menu Button


    • DropDown


    Additional Contributions

    • GTK CSS Example

    • Preview Screenshots now copy to clipboard \o/

    • Added new Libadwaita 1.4 widgets to older demos

    • HTTP Request Demo

    • Split File Dialog Entry into 3 Separate Demos

    What I've Learned

    • I love working with GTK4 and Libadwaita. It allows us to create such beautiful and forward-thinking applications. The GNOME HIG is top-tier.

    • I need to ask for help when stuck.

    • How to write using Markdown, using that right now ;)

    • How awesome open-source development is.

    • I've learned what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to contribute, even if I'm not the best at it or if life gets in the way. I might as well use what little skill I have to give back. The only appropriate attitude to wealth is to share it, and my coffers are filled with GNOME Documentation now.

    What I Need to Do

    • Fix the Drop Zone entry

    • Contribute more

    • Get more involved in the community as a whole

    Thanks and see you soon!