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      Movim 0.23 Kojima

      Timothée Jaussoin · pubsub.movim.eu / Movim · Thursday, 1 February - 09:17 · 2 minutes · 22 visibility

    Movim 0.23, codename Kojima is finally out.

    This version brings a lot of fixes, refactoring and a few new exciting features, lets have a look!

    What's new?

    Improved message bubbles and navigation

    A big refactoring of the chat message bubbles internal structure and display was done. This fixes a few old issues regarding the dates separation and their status (received, read, encrypted..).

    The messages statuses are now also displayed for the non-textual messages (pictures and audio) and the message menu can be triggered when previewing its attached picture.

    XEP-0191: Blocking Command

    Movim had its own internal system to allow its users to block specific accounts. While keeping exactly the same flows and behaviors the blocked list is now relying on the XEP-0191 that allows to synchronize on the XMPP account level. The incoming messages are also now directly blocked on the XMPP server and not in Movim anymore.

    Messages history retrieval via MAM

    Message Archive Management, or MAM is one of the core XMPP XEP that allows clients to retrieve and manage messages from the XMPP server archives.

    Movim had a quite basic implementation of MAM until now, the 0.23 allows users to scroll-back any discussions (one to one and chatrooms) and progressively retrieve the complete chat history. The messages are then cached in the Movim database to ensure good performances.

    UI improvements and other small features

    Kojima is bringing a complete new pack of icons and a few related UI changes to integrate them properly during the navigation and in some specific user flows.

    The Tenor integration was fixed and upgraded to the v2.0 of their API allow you to send and receive again funny GIFs while chatting!

    On the other hand the Twitter integration was completely dropped regarding their recent political changes and API limitation. Bye bye Elon!

    Progressive Web App integration

    As you may have noticed, Movim is a Progressive Web App! This means that you don't need a specific store to get it, you can can directly install it from you prefered browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari..) and your operating system will take care of building a "native" application out of it.

    A few small improvement were added in the 0.23 allowing an even better integration. Movim is now aware of your system network connectivity and automatically disconnect and reconnect/refresh when you get back online, very practical when you're using it on your phone is an area where the network is not that great.

    What's next?

    This version is a stepping stone before jumping into the big project that will occupy me the whole rest of the year.

    The next version(s) will bring a complete refactoring and redesign of the audio-video calls as well as the suport of multi-participants calls. I will work closely with a few other XMPP clients and server teams to ensure that the integration is properly standardized and fully compatible.

    I'll give you some more information about that soon.

    In the meantime, enjoy the new release!

    That's all folks :)