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      A Simply Stunning VW Scirocco / custom-cars · Saturday, 14 January, 2023 - 05:23 edit

    This article is found at this link: Less Is More: A Simply Stunning VW Scirocco

    Words: Dave Thomas // Images: Rick Schofield // 24th December 2022

    One of the cruellest realities in life is that when something is done right it often seems as though nothing was done at all.

    People are far more likely to notice what’s out of place than what has been painstakingly put into place. In the realm of show cars, the Volkswagen community perhaps best represents this builder’s paradox.

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      Knucklehead / custom-cars · Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 23:06 · 1 minute

    Ever been called a knucklehead? LoL I have, growing up in a family of motorheads.




    From the link:

    "Ever since 1985, complete custom bikes have been built in Hamminkeln, which are mostly built on parts from their own production. To give these vehicles their own label, they are presented under the name “Thunderbike”. The former “Motorradschuppen” has become Thunderbike and thus a global company.

    But what goals or wishes does a man already own almost all Harley models? Maybe a Harley like that did not belong to his private collection yet. Yes, but the new Andreas Bergerforth bike will not be any Harley. It turns into a perfect Harley Knucklehead Old School bobber in which Andreas manages to do himself.

    The new (old) thunder bike was dismantled by us likely up to the last screw and was rebuilt with great attention to detail again. The Knucklehead engine was built until 1947. This engine is known as Knucklehead (“Knuckle Head”) due to its characteristic contours of the rocker arm bearing on the cylinder head. Motorcycles with these engines are today among the most sought-after vintage cars from Harley-Davidson, for which prices over 30,000 euros can be achieved (as of 2012)."

    Pretty dam cool I says. #harley #motorhead #knucklehead #bikes