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      6 Weeks [News]

      cmdr_coconut · / news · Saturday, 26 November, 2022 - 14:44 edit · 1 minute

    I kind of lost count of how long we've been up serving a Movim pod on but I would suggest approximately 6 or 7 weeks. It's been a fun journey I won't lie. First it required some particularly hard configurations, then some fuzzers accompanied by unwanted security scans kept me busy for a week of impromptu security research and hardening, then I fought with Prosody a while to figure out why comments were not allowed, after that I've migrated the server from Prosody to Ejabberd so that we could have comments and likes as appropriate for now and now I guess we're just cruising :D I've also started another Movim server, believe it or not:

    I'm not sure really where to go from here. Perhaps it's time for even better CSS ! Suppose I am happy with the host this is served from and the configurations and such. The HTTP upload being busted is a rather annoying thing and perhaps I shall get working on that this morning again. It was working just fine until something I couldn't find broke it. Stuff happens though, especially with an ongoing thing.

    I hope all ppl are happy with this setup, I know I am. If you have any suggestions feel absolutely free to hit me or chunk (also me) up with those. It would be appreciated. 🌴

    The Subnet New Chat Background

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      HTTP Upload is Busted

      cmdr_coconut · / news · Monday, 21 November, 2022 - 06:41

    I literally did nothing different yet it is broken. Somebody broke it maybe, probably. Unless nmap broke it which is the only thing I did, and even so I've redone the configuration for it and looked that over yet it's still broken. I'm getting to the bottom of it soon I hope. The server has some security mechanisms in place that may be interfering with things. Stay tuned for another post or comment here for if and when it's fixed. 💣📤

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      This should be

      chunkimo · / news · Wednesday, 16 November, 2022 - 08:55

    Second time around since ejabberd migration, from prosody, is going better. I had some awkward pubsub settings yesterday afternoon where a user somehow when posting created their comment node on the not pubsub service, which is dedicated for comments in movim. Not their fault just that there was literally no way to delete that node except delete the entire pubsub data. As far as I had patience to discover anyways.

    So long as nothing else goes wrong from here I'm going to leave it alone aha.. This round however has 1 special perk that is no and http uploads are reverse proxied for 100MB max filesize uploads :D I think I did, well, terribly, lol for having not planned any of this at all. However it worked out.

    If this message disappears it means squirrels have taken over engine bays 4 and 9 and the invasion is well underway. I am rather confident in the setup. Cheers to all you fast folks, happy chatting!

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      A brand new

      chunkimo · / news · Tuesday, 15 November, 2022 - 11:58 · 1 minute

    Well sort of brand new. I've migrated from Prosody to Ejabberd server for the XMPP part. It did not go 100% smoothly and in the end we've lost a bit of data including the old PubSub data. That did not migrate but suppose it's not the end of the world but the beginning of a new world! A new world for & Movim here :D

    If you all might recall the reason I chose to do this is so that comments and likes would work as expected and not have to wait for version 0.13 of prosody to come out for that and the community avatars to work. There was just too few of the, what would seem like, core objects of Movim that would work using a Prosody server. I was disheartened by that indeed but now I suppose content generation can begin again properly.

    There was only like 4 unique users on and as far as I can tell nobody is affected by these changes. Now I just have to debug some stuff with this Movim instance however because avatars and bookmarks are doing unexpected things. One might have to reupload their avatar is the most trouble caused.

    To the future! :D #toofast #movim #ejabberd

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      Yuss! All working as planned!

      chunkimo · / news · Sunday, 9 October, 2022 - 07:56 edit

    Alright now I've gotten it all straightened out now :D Things to look for in the future: CSS modifications. If you have any opinions about the CSS style updates I make please comment or post somewhere or message me with your ideas or concerns. So far I've already changed the font and the avatars to be square-ish instead of circular. Avatars at the request of The Canine. #toofast #movim #xmpp #webdev #443 Any issues please message me.

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      Duplicate PubSub Nodes - Oops

      chunkimo · / news · Sunday, 9 October, 2022 - 07:03 edit

    Yes, still working on the server. I fixed a thing, then some other thing broke :/ So I will fix that also. It might take a while. This is a fun exercise and I am enjoying movim. If you stumble across this post and might be looking for any chat join our main MUC at:

    Also for server support :)

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      Communities News

      chunkimo · / news · Friday, 7 October, 2022 - 13:31 edit

    Hello. I've configured a community. Subscribe and check it out! Post some news! # if you're already logged in ^^

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