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      512GB version of the new MacBook Pro has a slower SSD than the Mac it replaces

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 25 January, 2023 - 15:45 · 1 minute

    The 14- and 16-inch M2 MacBook Pros.

    Enlarge / The 14- and 16-inch M2 MacBook Pros. (credit: Apple)

    In our review of Apple's new M2 MacBook Pros , our testing showed that the laptops' internal storage speeds were higher than those in the M1 MacBook Pros they replaced. But that won't be true for all models—9to5Mac has discovered that for the entry-level models with 512GB of storage, the M2 MacBook Pro's storage is slower than that in the M1 version.

    The high-level Blackmagic Disk Speed Test shows the 512GB version of the M1 Pro MacBook Pro with a 4,900 MB/s read speed and 3,951 MB/s write speed, while the M2 Pro version shows a 2,973 MB/s read speed and 3,154.5 MB/s write speed. That's a drop of 40 percent for read speeds and 20 percent for write speeds.

    The difference appears to come down to the NAND flash memory chips Apple is using for its SSDs. The old MacBook Pro, per its iFixit teardown , used four 128GB NAND chips in a 512GB SSD, while 9to5Mac's M2 Pro MacBook Pro appears to use a pair of 256GB NAND chips. Fewer chips likely mean lower costs for Apple—but also fewer places for the SSD to read from and write to simultaneously, which reduces overall speeds.

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      2023 MacBook Pro review: A refined second generation

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Monday, 23 January, 2023 - 14:38

    One of the interesting side effects of Apple's move toward using its own silicon in the Mac is that the Mac update cycle now looks a lot more like the iPhone's: mostly predictable, regular updates that offer modest generation-to-generation boosts to performance and maybe a few additional refinements or new features.

    That's very much the case with the 2023 MacBook Pro. For most intents and purposes, it is the 2021 MacBook Pro. The only difference is the inclusion of the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips for boosted CPU, graphics, and machine learning performance over 2021's M1 Pro and M2 Max, plus some connectivity upgrades that directly address some of our very minor quibbles with the otherwise excellent 2021 models.

    That said, the 2021 MacBook Pro was far from a disappointment when it launched, and the market hasn't changed enough in the past two years to make the mostly similar 2023 models any less attractive. These are still the best laptops you can buy for many use cases—provided you don't mind spending a small fortune, that is.

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      Report: M2 Pro and M2 Max Macs coming in 2023, not 2022

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Monday, 31 October, 2022 - 21:35

    The 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro from 2021.

    Enlarge / The 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro from 2021. (credit: Samuel Axon)

    For months, there have been rumors that Apple would launch new, M2-based Macs—specifically MacBook Pro and Mac mini models with new M2 Pro or M2 Max chips—sometime before the end of this year. But now two usually reliable insiders and Apple CEO Tim Cook are signaling that those new computers will arrive sometime in early March instead.

    During a recent call with investors last week, Cook began a sentence with "as we approach the holiday season, with our product lineup set," suggesting that there will be no new hardware announcements from Apple in 2022.

    Further, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted several weeks back that he expects the new MacBook Pro models in early 2023.

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      The MacBook Pro will get the M2 treatment as soon as this fall

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Monday, 18 July, 2022 - 19:56

    Second-generation refreshes of the current 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro design could arrive as soon as this fall, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The updated laptops will feature more powerful chips based on Apple's M2, he claims.

    In his weekly Power On newsletter, the journalist—who has accurately reported on upcoming Apple products before—wrote that the overall design of the MacBook Pro is "likely to stay roughly the same," with no major new visual changes or features beyond what comes with the M2 generation of system-on-a-chip.

    Gurman predicts that, unsurprisingly, the two new MacBook Pro models will offer buyers a choice between an M2 Pro and an M2 Max chip. These chips will be much faster and more oriented toward heavy-duty workflows than the M2 that shipped over the past couple of months in the 2022 refreshes of the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

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      MacBook buying guide: The right M1 laptop for each use case

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 18 May, 2022 - 11:45

    Two 2021 MacBook Pro models side-by-side.

    Enlarge / Two 2021 MacBook Pro models side-by-side. (credit: Samuel Axon)

    Over the past two years, Apple has completed an overhaul of its entire laptop lineup. That means it’s as good a time as any for people who have been holding out on upgrading an older MacBook to dive in.

    But which MacBook is the best one to pick up? That depends a lot on your specific use case, and that’s what we’ll explore here today.

    Typically, buying guides pick the diamonds out of the rough—the “rough” being hundreds of subpar products. But when recommending a MacBook, it’s a simpler affair. There aren’t that many of them to pick from. But because they typically cannot be upgraded, there are some consequential choices you’ll need to make before buying.

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