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      Apple changes course, will keep iPhone EU web apps how they are in iOS 17.4

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Yesterday - 19:54 · 1 minute

    EU legislation has pushed a number of changes previously thought unthinkable in Apple products, including USB-C ports in iPhones sold in Europe.

    Enlarge / EU legislation has pushed a number of changes previously thought unthinkable in Apple products, including USB-C ports in iPhones sold in Europe. (credit: Getty Images)

    Apple has changed its stance on allowing web apps on iPhones and iPads in Europe and will continue to let users put them on their home screens after iOS 17.4 arrives. They will, however, have to be "built directly on WebKit and its security architecture," rather than running in alternative browsers, which is how it had worked up until new legislation forced the issue.

    After the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) demanded Apple open up its mobile devices to alternative browser engines, the company said it would remove the ability to install home screen web apps entirely. In a developer Q&A section , under the heading "Why don't users in the EU have access to Home Screen web apps?", Apple said that "the complex security and privacy concerns" of non-native web apps, and what addressing them would require "given the other demands of the DMA and the very low user adoption of Home Screen web apps," made it so that the company "had to remove the Home Screen web apps feature in the EU." Any web app installed on a user's home screen would have simply led them back to their preferred web browser.

    Apple further warned against "malicious web apps," which, without the isolation built into its WebKit system, could read data, steal permissions from other web apps, and install further web apps without permission, among other concerns.

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      Il y aurait déjà 400 Apple Vision Pro en France

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Yesterday - 13:28

    Plusieurs chiffres consultés par Numerama laissent penser qu'entre 400 et 500 Apple Vision Pro ont traversé l'Atlantique pour arriver en France. L'ordinateur spatial d'Apple, seulement disponible aux États-Unis pour l'instant, pourrait arriver dans d'autres pays prochainement.

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      L’identifiant Apple pourrait disparaitre au profit d’un “compte Apple”

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · Yesterday - 13:07

    iPhone 15 antivirus

    Apple pourrait changer son "identifiant Apple" pour un "compte Apple", simplement changement de nom ou vraie modification de fond ?
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      Apple orders 10 episodes of a Neuromancer TV series

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · 2 days ago - 17:38

    An illustration of a face made of wires with goggles that say

    Enlarge / A cover image for Neuromancer included in Apple's press release. (credit: Apple)

    It's been a long time coming: A TV series adapted from the famed William Gibson novel Neuromancer will air on Apple TV+. The streamer ordered 10 episodes.

    The order comes after decades of failed attempts to greenlight a screen adaptation of the 1984 science fiction novel. The most recent widely known failed attempt was by Deadpool director Tim Miller in 2017.

    The series will be helmed by showrunner, writer, and producer Graham Roland, who until now was best known as the creator of the AMC TV series Dark Winds and for helming the series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video. Roland will share a co-creator credit on Neuromancer with J.D. Dillard, a TV writer known for his work on the recent Twilight Zone reboot series.

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      L’Apple Vision Pro pourrait bien arriver en France “avant l’été” selon cette rumeur

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · 2 days ago - 09:35

    Apple Vision Pro

    Apple pourrait lancer son Vision Pro dans d'autres pays que les États-Unis d'ici à quelques semaines.
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      La voiture Apple devait ressembler à une Fiat Multipla

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · 2 days ago - 09:15

    Dans un article, le New York Times raconte l'agonie du projet Titan, abandonné par Apple après 10 ans et 10 milliards de dollars dépensés. L'Apple Car, qui ne verra pas le jour, n'a jamais été un projet stable.

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      Cet ingénieur vient de créer le premier AirPods Max USB-C, avant Apple

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · 2 days ago - 08:29

    Airpods Max Usb C

    Ken Pillonel vient de présenter un nouveau produit modifié. Après l'iPhone, il s'est attaqué à l'AirPods Max. Il a transformé le casque audio.
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      Video of New ‘Masters of the Air’ Episode Leaks on Pirate Sites

      news.movim.eu / TorrentFreak · 3 days ago - 11:12 · 2 minutes

    mota Over the years, plenty of TV show episodes have leaked online in advance of their official release.

    Game of Thrones had several prominent episodes come out early , sometimes several at once, and successor ‘House of the Dragon’ saw the season finale debut early .

    In most cases, these leaks are broadly advertised by the pirate groups who put them online. Being the first to release a prominent leak, is a key accolade in a business where everything revolves around releasing new content faster than others.

    ‘Masters of the Air’ Leak

    As one of the hit shows of the year, the Apple TV+ series “ Masters of the Air ” is a key target of pirate groups. However, the leaked episode that appeared a few hours ago wasn’t advertised as such.

    Information received by TorrentFreak confirms that pirated copies of the latest episode of Apple’s series “The New Look” are not what they seem. Instead, these early pirated copies of ‘The New Look S01E05’ include the video track of an unreleased episode of another series.

    These erroneous releases include video from the eighth episode of “Masters of the Air,” which is set to be released on March 8. The audio track, however, is from “The New Look”, which likely makes it a confusing watch.

    There are rumors that there are also full copies available, including the leaked audio track, but we could not confirm those.

    Leaked video (click for unblurred version)

    It’s not clear how this ‘mistake’ came about, but it seems likely that Apple or another party accidentally put the wrong video online. This error was fixed as soon as the issue was noticed, but not before pirate groups grabbed their copies.

    While some pirate release groups are eager to get leaks out to the public, the content of the release amounts to an unintentional Apple mashup and an unwatchable episode. There are subtitles available on some releases, but they’re from “The New Look.”

    Many release groups were swift to fix the unusual error and released “repacks” to fix the earlier mistake. These updated releases include the correct video track, removing the inadvertent “Masters of the Air” leak. Some added comments further corroborate the error.

    “Apple fucked up and put up the video for masters of the air episode 8,” we read in one of the notes that comes with a repack release.


    Even if the leak was a full copy, one can only wonder how welcome it would be. The seventh episode of “Masters of the Air” is scheduled to be released this Friday and true fans typically like to follow the chronological storyline.

    We reached out to Apple for a comment on the accidental leak but the company didn’t immediately reply.

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