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      How to get financial help with the cost of cancer

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 07:00

    Most of the big charities can show you how to claim benefits, and check what your insurer or employer offers

    Most of the big cancer charities have financial experts who can help you navigate the benefits system and find out what you can claim to help you meet the cost of living while you are ill.

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      Sponge on a string reduces long waits for diagnostic test for cancer

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 06:00

    Exclusive: cytosponge detects precursor to oesophageal cancer, slashing NHS waiting times for endoscopies

    A “sponge on a string” used to identify a precursor to one of Britain’s deadliest cancers is helping to reduce the long delays faced by patients who need a vital diagnostic test.

    An NHS trial of the innovative “cytosponge” has found that almost eight out of 10 people who are assessed using the method do not then need to join the waiting list for an endoscopy .

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      US ambassador Caroline Kennedy prepares for Shitbox Rally across outback Australia

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Yesterday - 03:35

    At a fundraising sausage sizzle ahead of the rally, Kennedy quoted the words of her father explaining why the US wanted to land a man on the moon

    The US ambassador to Australia might become the first person to complete the charity Shitbox Rally with a blacked-out, armoured SUV in tow.

    Caroline Kennedy is to swap her chauffeured BMW for the driver’s seat of beat-up Ford Falcon, driving from Adelaide to Perth in April in a car worth less than $1,500 to raise money for cancer research.

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      Fighting talk: why we should mind our language on cancer | Letters

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 17:36

    Readers respond to an article by Simon Jenkins on the use of violent terms to speak about the disease

    Thanks to Simon Jenkins for his thoughtful article on the language of cancer ( Let King Charles’s illness finally change how we speak about cancer: it’s not about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ a ‘war’, 16 February ). On getting my diagnosis of prostate cancer, my wife and I experienced a momentary sense of numbness. The consultant was reassuring, telling us he aimed to cure me. I was cured thanks to a proactive GP and an incredible NHS Cymru medical team.

    My wife and I told anybody and everybody, and gave them the complete picture. We still do this to raise awareness. Once the ice is broken, even the most reserved of friends ask the inevitable questions about sex, continence and the examination. Some then get tested. If this saves one life, it is worthwhile. We use simple language. I had prostate cancer. I had surgery. I was cured. We never saw this as a battle, and this freed us from hushed-tone discussions and the use of euphemisms. It was liberating and reassuring.

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      Cancer experts call on philanthropists to help fund ‘golden age’ of research

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 00:01

    More than 50 top researchers sign letter asking for philanthropic support to transform cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment

    Leading cancer experts from around the world are calling on wealthy individuals and philanthropists to dig into their deep pockets to accelerate a new golden age of cancer research.

    More than 50 senior scientists from the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, including three Nobel laureates, say advances in artificial intelligence and other technologies have created a “unique opportunity” to transform cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the next 10 years.

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      ‘Gamechanging’ cancer screening offered to people with Lynch syndrome in England

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 00:01

    NHS bowel screening programme will offer specialist assessment every two years to people with condition

    Thousands of people in England with Lynch syndrome, a genetic condition that increases the risk of cancer, are to be offered “gamechanging” screening on the NHS.

    The world-first programme aims to reduce the number of cancer cases and identify them earlier when successful treatment is more likely.

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      Cancer charity warns of pharmaceutical firms holding up brain tumour research

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Sunday, 18 February - 06:00

    Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh, whose sister died of a glioblastoma tumour, is to present a bill calling for new laws for clinical trials

    Potential new treatments for brain cancer are being hampered by the failure of pharmaceutical companies to provide the drugs required for research and by regulatory delays, a leading cancer charity has warned.

    Brain tumours kill more children and adults under 40 in the UK than any other cancer, but research has been underfunded for years. About 12,000 are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour in the UK each year.

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      Olympic cycling star Chris Hoy reveals cancer diagnosis

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Friday, 16 February - 19:10

    The 47-year-old says he is undergoing chemotherapy, which is ‘going really well’

    The six-time Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy has announced he has been diagnosed with cancer.

    The former track cycling star, 47, said he was undergoing treatment, including chemotherapy, which was “going really well” and that he felt fine.

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      Lockdown diagnosis delays caused jump in skin cancer deaths, study suggests

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Friday, 16 February - 16:00

    Research finds greater proportion of people diagnosed with more advanced melanoma since Covid restrictions

    Delays in diagnosis and treatment of a dangerous type of skin cancer because of Covid lockdowns resulted in more than 100,000 years of life lost across Europe and cost the economy more than £6bn, research has suggested.

    While lockdowns saved lives from Covid, ramifications of the restrictions are apparent in many areas of healthcare , from lengthy waiting lists for surgery to delays in cancer diagnoses and treatment .

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