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      On a enfin un indice sur qui est Ruby dans Doctor Who

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · 2 days ago - 08:42

    Russel T. Davies a lâché un petit détail concernant Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson), la nouvelle compagne de voyage dans Doctor Who, aux côtés du 15e Docteur de Ncuti Gatwa.

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      Prime Video looking to fix “extremely sloppy mistakes” in library, report says

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · 3 days ago - 22:05

    Morfydd Clark is Galadriel in <em>The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power</em>.

    Enlarge / Morfydd Clark is Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power . (credit: Amazon Studios)

    Subscribers lodged thousands of complaints related to inaccuracies in Amazon's Prime Video catalog, including incorrect content and missing episodes, according to a Business Insider report this week. While Prime Video users aren't the only streaming users dealing with these problems, Insider's examination of leaked "internal documents" brings more perspective into the impact of mislabeling and similar errors on streaming platforms.

    Insider didn't publish the documents but said they show that "60 percent of all content-related customer-experience complaints for Prime Video last year were about catalogue errors," such as movies or shows labeled with wrong or missing titles.

    Specific examples reportedly named in the document include Season 1, Episode 2 of The Rings of Power being available before Season 1, Episode 1; character names being mistranslated; Continuum displaying the wrong age rating; and the Spanish-audio version of Die Hard With a Vengeance missing a chunk of audio.

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      The lines between streaming and cable continue to blur

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · 5 days ago - 17:42

    O.B., aka Ouroboros, in Marvel's <em>Loki</em> show, which streams on Disney+.

    Enlarge / O.B., aka Ouroboros, in Marvel's Loki show, which streams on Disney+. (credit: Marvel )

    Despite promises of new and improved TV and movie viewing experiences, streaming services remain focused on growing revenue and app usage. As a result of that focus, streaming companies are mimicking the industry they sought to replace—cable.

    On Monday, The Information reported that Disney plans to add "a series" of channels to the Disney+ app. Those channels would still be streamed and require a Disney+ subscription to access. But they would work very much like traditional TV channels, featuring set programming that runs 24/7 with commercials. Disney hasn't commented on the report.

    Disney is exploring adding channels to Disney+ with "programming in specific genres, including either Star Wars or Marvel-branded shows," The Information said, citing anonymous "people involved in the planning." It's unknown when the Disney+ channels are expected to launch.

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      L’épisode de Doctor Who avec les Beatles a un problème génial

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · 5 days ago - 09:02

    L'un des prochains épisodes de Doctor Who avec Ncuti Gatwa mettra en scène les Beatles... sans leur musique. Mais ce n'est pas un obstacle pour Russel T. Davies, le showrunner.

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      Pourquoi Disney+ aurait intérêt à lancer des chaînes comme à la télé

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · 5 days ago - 07:34

    La future grosse mise à jour de Disney+ intégrerait des chaînes linéaires. Elles diffuseraient du contenu dédié en continu, avec des thématiques comme Star Wars ou Marvel.

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      Review: Pitch-perfect Renegade Nell is a gem of a series you won’t want to miss

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · 6 days ago - 20:34 · 1 minute

    A young prodigal tomboy returns home from war and finds herself framed for murder in <em>Renegade Nell</em>.

    Enlarge / A young prodigal tomboy returns home from war and finds herself framed for murder in Renegade Nell . (credit: Disney+)

    Award-winning British TV writer Sally Wainwright is best known for the dramatic series Happy Valley (2014–2023) and Gentleman Jack (2019–2022), the latter produced jointly by BBC and HBO. Wainwright partnered with Disney+ for her latest series, the resolutely PG-13 Renegade Nell , which is a different beast altogether: a good old-fashioned, swashbuckling comic adventure with a supernatural twist, featuring a sassy cross-dressing heroine forced to turn to highway robbery to survive.

    (Some spoilers below, but no major reveals.)

    Set in 1705 during the reign of Queen Anne (Jodi May, Gentleman Jack ), the series stars Louisa Harland ( Derry Girls ) as Nell Jackson. Nell is a headstrong young woman with tomboy flair and a taste for adventure who returns home to her village of Tottenham after running off five years before to marry one Captain Jackson against her father's wishes. She's now widowed and possessed of occasional supernatural skills whenever someone threatens her, courtesy of a fairy sprite named Billy Blind (Nick Mohammed, aka Nathan from Ted Lasso ), who has been tasked to protect Nell. Nell's family thought she'd been killed on the battlefield alongside her husband, so her homecoming is a bit of a shock.

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      Quand verra-t-on la nouvelle série d’animation Star Wars : Tales of the Empire ?

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Saturday, 13 April - 13:58

    Une nouvelle série d'animation dans l'univers Star Wars arrive bientôt sur les écrans. Voilà tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur Tales of the Empire, qui va suivre les aventures de plusieurs anti-héroïnes du côté obscur de la Force.

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      Les 6 détails cachés du trailer de Tales of the Empire, la nouvelle série Star Wars

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Friday, 5 April - 12:03

    Une nouvelle série animée Star Wars a été dévoilée : Tales of the Empire. La bande-annonce, publiée le 4 avril 2024, révèle que l'on suivra les destins de deux figures importantes du côté obscur de la Force : l'ancienne Jedi Barriss Offee et la sorcière Morgan Elsbeth.

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      C’est la fin du partage de compte sur Disney+, qui va punir en juin

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · Friday, 5 April - 08:24

    Après Netflix, au tour de Disney+ de s'attaquer au partage de compte. Pour booster sa croissance, Disney prépare des mesures dissuasives pour inciter plus d'utilisateurs à payer.