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      Why do so many women spend more time with pets than people? Where do I start? | Emma Beddington

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 2 days ago - 11:00

    Pet hangouts are blissfully free from social awkwardness, aggravation and anxiety. Your pet will not text ‘nearly there’ when it is actually still faffing around looking for its keys ...

    ‘The average woman with a pet now spends more time ‘actively engaged’ with her pet than she spends hanging out face-to-face with fellow humans on any given day,” I read in the Atlantic . It was a dissection of the “crisis in social fitness”, alternatively known as “why we’re all destined to die alone, our faces eaten by the very pet whose company we have chosen above our own kind”. Am I, a pet owner, or my pet-owning friends (of all genders) surprised? Of course not.

    Humans are great for certain things. Opening jars. Forensic textual analysis of single-word WhatsApps from potential romantic entanglements. Separating dark and light washing. Remembering why you hate your boss. But despite all that, pets make better low-key hangout companions.

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      Mi Perro: Prisoners and their dogs in Latin America – a photo essay

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 2 days ago - 07:00

    A project looking at how prisoners in a violent, painful and precarious environment develop deep affective bonds with another species

    Venezuela, a country with an economic, political and social crisis going back more than 20 years, is not known for being avant-garde in penitentiary issues. Although the internal relationships formed between convicts and dogs are nothing new when compared with programmes in other countries, what is innovative is that no one asked the prisoners there to take care of a dog, when taking care of an inmate in a Venezuelan prison can be an “extreme sport”.

    Rafael Briceño, a prisoner serving a five-year sentence on shoplifting charges, carries his Chihuahua dog, which he shares with his cellmate. Tocuyito, Valencia 2022.

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      How about charging dog owners £100 for a licence to cover the costs of poo? | Ros Coward

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 3 days ago - 09:00

    The country’s 13 million dogs create a lot of mess that’s hard to dispose of, dangerous and harmful to the environment

    An unlikely folk hero has emerged in the Venice beach area of Los Angeles. Their identity is unknown, but their popularity is down to their homemade flags on cocktail sticks stuck into piles of dog faeces with messages like “Lazy. Pick. Up. Your. Dog. Poo”. The message is going down well. “I’m a big fan,” said one local. “No one wants to see a dog poop everywhere.”

    These are the exact tactics that were used in Britain back in the 1980s, when dog faeces on the streets first began to be seen as unacceptable. Campaigners stuck little flags with similar messages aimed at getting dog poo off streets and public play areas. In many ways it was a successful campaign. There’s now widespread consciousness of the dangers to children of toxocara disease caused by accidentally ingesting excrement via their hands. And there are very few who would put up a public defence that a faeces-littered pavement is a sign of the healthy freedom of its citizens.

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      Bobi the Portuguese mastiff stripped of record as world’s oldest ever dog

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 12:40

    Guinness World Records ‘no longer has the evidence’ that animal – 31 years and five months old when it died – was as old as claimed

    Every dog has its day, they say, but Bobi the Portuguese mastiff’s reign as the “world’s oldest” hound has proven short-lived.

    The once record-breaking dog has been stripped of his title by Guinness World Records (GWR) after officials declared there was no proof he was as long in the tooth as his owners claimed.

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      New exclusive comic on tinyview. I think this might be the most text I’ve fit into a four panel…

      comics.movim.eu / TheyCanTalk · Monday, 19 February - 18:27

    New exclusive comic on tinyview. I think this might be the most text I’ve fit into a four panel comic :/

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      Reign of the goldendoodle: how it became the UK’s top dog

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Monday, 19 February - 15:24

    For every goldendoodle, there are 995 potential buyers. Why is the breed more popular than any other?

    Name: Goldendoodle.

    Age: The first goldendoodle is thought to have been bred by Monica Dickens , the great-granddaughter of Charles, in 1969.

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      The pet I’ll never forget: Simón the street dog was my loyal companion – and a daring solo explorer

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Monday, 19 February - 11:00 · 1 minute

    I had been promised a labrador. What I got was a snarling creature that my uncle had found in an alley. We ended up deeply in love, but he never lost his wild side

    It wasn’t love at first sight with me and Simón. In fact, I didn’t want him. I had been promised a labrador, but when we met in 2004 he turned out to be a street dog – one of the estimated 66,000 strays that prowl the streets of Bogotá, a deep-black furred creature with a white chest who may have been the grandson of a labrador. He was aggressive and I was scared of him, yet we took him home. After all, we had driven for eight hours from my home city, Bucaramanga, to collect him after my uncle, while looking for his missing cat, had found this “labrador” in an alley.

    My uncle said the dog was about six months old, judging by how short he was. On the way back, he vomited in the car the whole way. To be fair, Bucaramanga is at the top of a plateau; to get there, you drive along Pescadero , a steep, winding road that snakes its way up the Chicamocha canyon. It’s enough to make anyone queasy.

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      He broke your heart in Anatomy of a Fall. Now Messi the dog is a Hollywood A-lister

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Saturday, 17 February - 12:00

    The border collie has taken ‘play dead’ to a new level. But his trainer says stardom was a long time coming: ‘He’s a misunderstood artist’

    It’s Oscar season in Hollywood, and I had been sent to the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills for an interview with one of the year’s breakout stars.

    As I entered the lobby I saw him immediately: his shaggy black-and-white locks, those distinctive, eerie blue eyes. He was wearing a leash, and a female fan had wrapped her arms around him. A crowd of people were snapping photographs.

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