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      Mea Culpa review – Tyler Perry’s schlocky Netflix thriller descends into silliness

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 2 days ago - 20:52 · 1 minute

    Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes do some heavy-lifting in an often hilariously messy attempt to recall classics like Jagged Edge and Basic Instinct

    There are small pockets of low-rent fun to be had in Tyler Perry’s lurid erotic thriller Mea Culpa, some intentional, most less so. It’s a film that yes is about a woman called Mea who is also yes at fault, as women often are in the writer-director’s films. The mogul has gained a reputation for punishing his female characters , especially when they dare to stop believing in their husband, no matter how awful his behaviour might be, like in his atrocious 2018 thriller Acrimony, where he had the gall to waste, and chastise, Taraji P Henson .

    His latest target is a powerful lawyer played by Kelly Rowland , making a convincing case as leading lady, trapped in a marriage with a letdown, a man fired from his job as an anaesthetist for turning up to work high and drunk (!). He’s also under the thumb of his vile mother, played to such laughable extremes by Kerry O’Malley that I half-expected her to literally start breathing fire. When Mea is approached about defending extravagant painter Zayir ( Moonlight’s MVP Trevante Rhodes, who deserves far better), accused of murdering his girlfriend, she initially turns it down, not just because the case seems unwinnable but because her brother-in-law would be the opposing attorney (!). But when the aforementioned battleaxe, also dying of cancer (!), insists that Mea not take the case, she decides to rebel and soon finds herself falling for her client. Kinky sex follows.

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      ‘There’s a double layer of nostalgia’: David Nicholls on One Day returning to the book charts

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 2 days ago - 16:34

    The Netflix adaptation starring Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod has catapulted the novelist’s romcom back into the bestsellers, 15 years after it was first published

    The TV adaptation of One Day, starring Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod, shot straight to No 1 in the UK Netflix chart when it premiered earlier this month. Now, the book it was based on is back in the bestsellers chart, too – 15 years after it was first published.

    Author David Nicholls says he was influenced by romcoms including When Harry Met Sally when he wrote the story of Dexter and Emma, who meet every year on St Swithin’s Day over the course of 20 years. “I had a desire to write something full of emotion and affection, that owed a debt to romantic comedy, but was also about life and death, the highs and lows of our professional lives, the insecurities of your 20s.”

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      Spaceman review – Adam Sandler consoled by unscary giant spider in deep space

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 18:30

    Berlin film festival: Adaptation of Czech absurdist novel finds Sandler on a trippy cosmic mission while his marriage breaks down on Earth

    Here’s an existential sci-fi wearing its influences and its supposed humour really heavily, as if entering some super-gravitational force field. It is adapted by screenwriter Colby Day from the absurdist Czech novel Spaceman of Bohemia and directed by Johan Renck, who has lately worked mostly on television, notably on the Chernobyl drama series. The resulting Netflix movie is a lifeless space oddity about a commercially sponsored Czech mission to the stars, whose astronaut has to repeat the ad slogans in his radio contact with Earth, always a laboured type of satire.

    This Czech spaceman is quirkily and improbably sent out to the far reaches of the galaxy to investigate clouds of glowing particles hanging around from the big bang. But all those months alone in space bring him to the edge of insanity, and he begins to hallucinate that a huge spider is in the spaceship, talking therapeutically about the spaceman’s failing marriage. Or maybe the spider is real.

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      Après Dr House, 4 séries médicales à voir sur Netflix

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · 5 days ago - 08:53

    Alors que l’intégrale de la série médicale culte avec Hugh Laurie est enfin de retour sur Netflix, l’occasion est idéale pour rattraper 4 autres productions du genre, entre internes fatigués et diagnostics improbables.

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      Berlin : bonne nouvelle pour les fans du spin-off de La Casa de Papel !

      news.movim.eu / JournalDuGeek · 5 days ago - 08:49

    Berlin Saison 2 Annonce Netflix

    L'univers de La Casa de Papel semble inarrêtable. Bien que la série principale ait fait ses adieux (pour l'instant ?), les braquages continuent, notamment via le personnage de Berlin qui a eu son show consacré. Et Netflix vient d'en rajouter une couche.
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      Alexander the Great Netflix show labelled ‘extremely poor-quality fiction’ by Greek minister

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 5 days ago - 00:52

    Depiction of a romantic relationship between king and his general in Alexander: The Making of a God sparks furore

    Greece’s minister for culture has criticised a Netflix drama-documentary about Alexander the Great as “extremely poor-quality fiction” and “low content, rife with historical inaccuracies.”

    Lina Mendoni’s comments about Alexander: The Making of a God come amid a furore over the show’s depiction of a romantic relationship between Alexander the Great and his confidant and friend Hephaestion. In Greece, an opinion piece in Eleftheros Typos called the show “a distortion of the truth” and blamed Oliver Stone’s 2004 film Alexander for starting “a propaganda campaign about Alexander’s homosexuality”.

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      5 séries à voir après AlRawabi School for Girls sur Netflix

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · 6 days ago - 18:20

    Depuis la mise en ligne de sa saison 2, le 15 février 2024, la série AlRawabi School for Girls oscille entre première et seconde place du top 10 Netflix. En attendant une possible saison 3, voici 5 autres séries qui devraient vous donner envie de retrouver votre adolescence (ou pas).

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      Un Jour sur Netflix : une autre fin a été tournée, que contenait-elle ?

      news.movim.eu / Numerama · 6 days ago - 14:36

    La fin d'Un jour, la série Netflix, est fidèle à celle du livre. Mais la showrunneuse a longtemps hésité. Concernant la scène finale, deux séquences ont été tournées, mais une seule a été conservée.