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      Vampire Survivors‘ first DLC offers some enjoyable (but diminishing) returns

      news.movim.eu / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 15 December, 2022 - 18:24

    Welcome back my friends, to the horde that never ends.

    Enlarge / Welcome back my friends, to the horde that never ends.

    In our review of Vampie Survivors , we noted how it seems like "you're always unlocking some cool new toy or character to play around with." Unfortunately, that's not literally true. After dozens of hours, most players will be able to find every secret and unlock every one of the game numerous unlockable characters, maps, and weapons.

    The game doesn't instantly lose its hypnotic, epilepsy-inducing appeal at that point, of course. But once you've finally met all of the game's many "official" goals, it becomes a bit more difficult to come up with new self-imposed challenges.

    Enter Legacy of the Moonspell , the first piece of official paid DLC for Vampire Survivors . While we welcome any new content for one of our favorite games of the year (especially when it's offered for just $2), this addition feels a little limited, especially for a game that has seen dozens of free updates since its 2021 launch in Early Access.

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