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      ‘War, refugees, destruction’: colonialism and conflict key themes of Venice Biennale

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Friday, 12 April - 04:00

    This year’s ‘Olympics of the art world’ features many artists wrestling with ideas of colonialism and its lingering influence

    This year’s Venice Biennale is being billed as an event rooted in the now, in a world of conflict and division – or, as one newspaper put it, the celebration of global art will be full of “ war, refugees, destruction ”.

    Another theme that runs through many of the pavilions is colonialism: both its legacy in the form of restitution debates, and Europe’s lingering presence – physically and psychologically – in those countries that were formerly colonised.

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      The pro-Putin far right is on the march across Europe – and it could spell tragedy for Ukraine | Armida van Rij

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Thursday, 11 April - 14:15

    With Slovakia the latest member to elect a Russia-leaning leader, the EU is increasingly open to hostile interference

    The victory for Peter Pellegrini in Slovakia’s presidential election is just the latest triumph for the far right in Europe. Even though the role of president is largely symbolic, his win over his pro-European rival, Ivan Korčok, by a comfortable six-point margin, consolidates the power of the prime minister, Robert Fico. The result is one of a growing number of victories for politicians supportive of Vladimir Putin in Europe.

    Public support for the far right is sweeping across the continent. In the Netherlands and Portugal , far-right parties have also increased their vote share in recent national elections. Meanwhile, polling ahead of German local elections, and Austrian and Belgian parliamentary elections this year, suggests they are likely to make gains in these countries too. There is a real possibility that Austria’s elections might see a return to power for the far right, Putin-supporting Freedom party, if another party can be convinced to join it in a coalition. There is a sense across Europe that the far right is gathering momentum and expanding beyond its usual core vote.

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      ‘These people are ignorant’: the designer facing death threats for his Portugal government logo

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Wednesday, 10 April - 15:00

    Eduardo Aires’s innocuous-seeming branding has become a ‘projectile weapon’ for rightwing leaders – who have manufactured ‘patriotic’ outrage into real political power

    In the stylishly converted factory site in Porto that Eduardo Aires calls home, Portugal’s leading graphic designer is poring over the newspapers with growing exasperation.

    Much to his professed bemusement, Aires finds himself at the centre of a vitriolic culture war over a new, seemingly inoffensive logo for the Portuguese government that he designed: a block of green, a yellow circle and a red block, arranged in a simple horizontal row.

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      Cracking geysers: the world’s most thrilling hot springs – in pictures

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Wednesday, 3 April - 06:00

    They can be sacred, space-like, healing or heart-shaped – and anywhere on Earth. Even war can’t get between people and natural springs, as Greta Rybus shows in her latest photobook

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      Weather tracker: Flood fallout claims at least 20 lives in Brazil

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Monday, 25 March - 09:23

    Heavy rainfall brings landslides to country’s south-east. Elsewhere, a wild temperature fluctuation in Iberia

    Brazil was hit by devastating floods over the weekend that have so far claimed 20 lives in the resultant landslides and mudslides. There was heavy rainfall in parts of the south-east, including Rio de Janeiro, Petrópolis and the larger Espírito Santo region, with hourly rainfall totals of about 20mm recorded in places. Cumulative totals from Friday through Sunday were close to 250mm, particularly along the coast: this is far higher than the monthly average.

    Landslides and mudslides occurred across the region, and a number of houses collapsed. Rescue operations are under way to look for people who may have been stranded by the floods. Although there may still be a few showers over the following days, the worst of the rain has now passed.

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      Cidade Rabat review – elegant, subtle study of a daughter’s grief

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Monday, 25 March - 07:00 · 1 minute

    Portuguese director Susana Nobre explores the sadness of bereavement with deadpan obliqueness in this story about a woman’s reaction to her mother’s death

    There’s a studied impassivity to this elegant Portuguese movie about grief from Susana Nobre. It’s a film that maintains its near-affectless deadpan style from first to last, and declines to offer a conventional emotional payoff, or indeed the usual narrative shape that might lead to such a climax – although there is an emotional outpouring of sorts. It isn’t exactly that sadness finds its outlet in oblique or unusual ways (the heavy drinking we see is, after all, a commonplace symptom) but the way it is represented on screen is indirect.

    Helena (Raquel Castro) is a production manager on a film shoot, dealing with a difficult director. She is divorced, sharing custody of a teen daughter, and in a relationship with a musician who is away on tour. Her elderly widowed mother, who lives in a Lisbon apartment block called Cidade Rabat, where Helena grew up, is talking openly about her approaching death and wants Helena to live in the flat after she’s gone – an idea that stirs up oppressive emotions.

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      Portugal centre-right leader Luís Montenegro nominated as PM after narrow election win

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Thursday, 21 March - 01:51

    Democratic Alliance leader must now try to form a government but has vowed not to enter any kind of agreement with far-right Chega party

    Portugal’s president has invited Luís Montenegro, the leader of the Democratic Alliance (AD), to try to form a minority government after a long-awaited count of overseas votes confirmed a narrow election victory for the centre-right bloc .

    Montenegro was summoned to the presidential palace in Lisbon shortly after midnight on Thursday where President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who has spent over a week consulting party leaders, formally nominated him to head the government.

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      ‘I want to reach the top’: the rise of Jota Silva, the Portuguese Grealish

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Wednesday, 20 March - 11:32

    Winger has excelled for Vitória de Guimarães and hopes to follow in Diogo Jota’s footsteps after his first call-up for Portugal

    “I can see a bit of myself in Diogo Jota’s style,” Jota Silva says. “He is a great player.” The Vitória de Guimarães winger speaks with humility and deference. He cites Cristiano Ronaldo “as an example” for his generation of Portuguese footballers and there is a sense that after a slow start it is all beginning to come together for Jota.

    The 24-year-old was last week called into Portugal’s squad for the first time for friendlies against Sweden on Thursday and Slovenia five days later. Jota has 15 goal contributions (nine goals and six assists) in 25 league games, helping Vitória to fifth in the Primeira Liga. Next month the club have a Taça de Portugal semi-final against Porto, offering another potential route into Europe.

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      ‘It’s a really big threat’: Portuguese communities on the rise of the far right

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · Tuesday, 19 March - 05:00

    After scapegoating minorities and migrants, the Chega party appears poised to play a prominent role

    For years, Evalina Dias has diligently worked to combat racism in Portugal. But just how much remains to be done was brought into sharp relief last Sunday, she says, as the far-right Chega party – led by a politician whose views have been described by one opponent as “often xenophobic, racist” – catapulted into the country’s top echelons of power.

    “I couldn’t believe it,” says Dias, a board member with Djass, Portugal’s Association of African Descendants. “We had no idea that there were so many racists in Portugal. It’s like they were hidden.”

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