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      Subway Tooter - a high customisable open-source Mastodon app for Android

      GadgeteerZA · news.movim.eu / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Friday, 11 November, 2022 - 21:24

    I was looking for a mobile app that would globally delete notifications (from desktop view too) and be able to display a feed filtered on a combination of hashtags (so I can watch for posts about my interests). Although Tusky is a beautifully rendered app, it lacked these options.

    Then I found Subway Tooter! It's not as pretty, or as slick, as Tusky, but it is far more functional and customisable. So power users may well want to consider using Subway Tooter. This video will give a feel for it looks like, how the columns, filtering, posting, etc work. I also delve into the app privacy notice a bit, as it was clear some were put off from installing it, after seeing such a lot of text.

    See https://youtu.be/BAT66wJZTgQ

    #technology #mastodon #subwaytooter #android #opensource