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      Flash, Les Gardiens de la Galaxie 3, Indiana Jones 5… : tous les trailers du Super Bowl / Numerama · Monday, 13 February, 2023 - 09:02

    Chaque année, le Super Bowl, grande finale du championnat NFL (National Football League) massivement suivie, est l'occasion de découvrir de nouvelles bandes-annonces pour les films à venir. En 2023, il y a du très lourd. [Lire la suite]

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      Dealmaster: Best Super Bowl deals for 4K, OLED, and QLED TVs / ArsTechnica · Monday, 6 February, 2023 - 21:36 · 1 minute

    Whether you're looking to kick off your Super Bowl party or just in the market for a new TV, this is one of the best times to shop for a new big-screen TV for your living room. We found plenty of deals and discounts on QLED, OLED, and LED TVs. And even though 4K is now the standard, you can also opt to future-proof your next television by going with a discounted 8K set.

    The best deal we've found is on LG's B2 series , which has an OLED panel. The 65-inch model is now discounted by about $600, bringing the price down to just under $1,300. If you're looking for a more affordable set, consider an LED TV, but keep in mind that more budget-oriented sets are limited to 60 Hz refresh rates, making them less ideal for gamers. Gamers should be on the lookout for TVs that support faster refresh rates, like the Hisense ULED TV with HDMI 2.1 support for $898 after discount, as well as panels capable of displaying HDR content. For a complete list of the best TV deals of the season, be sure to check out our full list below:

    Best OLED TV deals

    LG 65-inch C2 Series 4K (OLED65C2PUA) for $1,697 ( $2,100 ) at Amazon : With 4K image quality and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, LG's OLED TV delivers deep blacks, vibrant colors, and rich contrast for an immersive experience. The company claims more than 8 million self-lit OLED pixels are part of the LG C2, and gamers will appreciate the variable refresh rate support along with Nvidia G-Sync Premium tech for fluid gameplay.

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      The Last of Us : le prochain épisode sortira plus tôt que prévu ! / JournalDuGeek · Monday, 6 February, 2023 - 14:00

    the-last-of-us-serie-avis-critiques-158x105.jpg The last of us serie avis critiques

    Afin d'éviter des pertes d'audience à cause du Super Bowl, HBO avance la diffusion de l'épisode 5 de The Last of Us de deux jours.

    The Last of Us : le prochain épisode sortira plus tôt que prévu !

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      Les cinq premières du Super Bowl entre les Chiefs et les Eagles / LEquipe · Sunday, 5 February, 2023 - 08:00

    Kansas City pourra compter sur Patrick Mahomes, le meilleur joueur du monde. (Cal Sport Media/Alamy stock photo) Kansas City Chiefs-Philadelphia Eagles : l'affiche du Super Bowl LVII, le 12 février, propose cinq inédits. Découvrez-les.
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      Here Are All the 2021 Super Bowl Ads / LifehackerAustralia · Tuesday, 9 February, 2021 - 00:47 · 2 minutes

    Another Super Bowl has been and gone, friends. And unless you sat down and watched the entire event live (doubtful) chances are you’re now wondering what the highlights of the match were.

    If you’d like to check out The Weeknd’s half-time show, you can see that performance here . But we all know who the real star of the Super Bowl is: it’s the ads. We’ve written up a list of our favourite Super Bowl ads for you before, but today we want to leave you with the complete bag of goodies.

    Here’s every ad that aired during the 2021 Super Bowl:

    Cadillac – ‘ScissorHandsFree’

    Jeep – The Middle

    Cheetos – ‘It Wasn’t Me’

    Squarespace – ‘5 to 9’

    ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ on Disney+

    Bud Light – ‘Legends’

    Reddit’s 5-Second Ad

    Sorry we crashed your SuperbOwl party from blog

    Uber Eats – ‘Wayne’s World and Cardi B’s Shameless Manipulation’

    Amazon – ‘Alexa’s Body’

    Klarna – ‘The Four Quarter-Sized Cowboys’

    Tide – ‘The Jason Alexander Hoodie’

    Doritos – ‘Flat Matthew’

    State Farm – “Drake from State Farm”

    Disney – ‘Get Your Stream on With The Disney Bundle’

    Rocket Mortgage – ‘Certain is Better’

    T-Mobile – ‘Rockstar 5G’ and ‘Family Drama 5G’

    Mtn Dew – ‘Major Melon’

    Fiverr – ‘Opportunity Knocks’

    Guaranteed Rate – ‘Believe You Will’

    Verizon – ‘Can’t Blame the Lag’

    Bass Pro Shops and Cabela – ‘Get Back to Nature’

    Jimmy John – ‘Meet the King’

    Robinhood – ‘Born Investor’

    Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer – ‘All-Star Cast’

    M&M’s – ‘Come Together’

    Anheuser-Busch – ‘Let’s Grab a Beer’

    General Motors – ‘No way Norway’

    NFL – “As One”

    Oatly – Wow Wow No Cow

    WeatherTech – “We Never Left”

    Toyota – “Upstream”

    Scotts Miracle-Gro -‘Keep Growing’

    Michelob Ultra – ‘Happy’

    WeatherTech – “Family”

    Huggies – ‘Welcome to the World, Baby’

    ‘Hellmann – Fairy Godmayo’

    E-Trade – ‘Workout’

    Vroom – ‘Dealership Pain’

    Dr. Squatch – big game ad

    Mercari – ‘Get Your Unused Things Back in the Game’

    TurboTax – ‘Spreading Tax Expertise Across the Land’

    Skechers – ‘Skechers Max Cushioning’

    Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade – ‘Last Year’s Lemons’

    Indeed – ‘The Rising’

    Dexcom’s – Super Bowl ad

    Chipotle – ‘Can a Burrito Change the World?’

    Pringles – ‘Flavor Stacking Space Return Ad’

    M. Night Shyamalan’s “Old”

    DoorDash – “The Neighborhood”

    Shift4 Payments – Inspiration4

    Logitech – ‘Defy Logic’

    *Takes a deep breath*. Did you make it all the way to the end? If so, nice work! Which of these ads made the biggest impression on you? Let us know in the comments below.

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      Where To Watch the Weeknd’s Super Bowl Half-Time Performance if You Missed It Live / LifehackerAustralia · Monday, 8 February, 2021 - 04:58 · 2 minutes

    As you’re likely aware at this point, the 2021 Super Bowl is done and dusted for another year. You may have watched it live, or you may have missed it entirely, considering it kicked off in the middle of a Monday for us Aussies.

    If you fall into that second camp, you may be wondering where you can find all the highlights of the event. Good news for you, there is the option to watch back the game in full through sports streaming services.

    Where can I find the highlights?

    However, if you just want quick bites of the best bits, you’ll probably find YouTube and Twitter are going to be your best friends today. The NFL’s official YouTube channel has shared clips of the best parts of the game for you to enjoy here . Don’t worry, I won’t include any spoilers. But be warned: many of these clips from the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers showdown give away the results right off the bat.

    How can I watch The Weeknd’s performance?

    Once again, NFL’s official YouTube channel is a good spot to find free access to the half-time show. The Weeknd’s full performance, which featured hits like ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and ‘Blinding Lights’ can be found here:

    Clips have also been shared to Twitter if you’re only after a taster:

    Why was everyone wearing bandages on their faces?

    If you’ve watched The Weeknd’s performance, you may have noticed that all of his dancers wore bandages over their faces. It was kind of terrifying.

    Fans of The Weeknd will likely know that the musician has used bandages as a part of his art before. During the AMAs, he used makeup and bandages on his face to give off the impression he had undergone plastic surgery. On this move, he told Variety , “The significance of the entire head bandages is reflecting on the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrity and people manipulating themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated.”

    So, I suppose that trend was laced through his Super Bowl half-time show, too.

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      How To Make Delicious Buffalo Wings In Your Pressure Cooker / LifehackerAustralia · Sunday, 7 February, 2021 - 21:53 · 4 minutes

    Where wings are concerned, I’m very easy to please. For me, the Buffalo wing (chicken wing) experience is 90% sauce, with the remaining 10% split between juicy meat (that’s properly cooked) and some degree of skin crispiness; basically, as long as butter is involved, I’m thrilled.

    But even if I had exacting Buffalo wing standards, I’d be impressed by pressure-cooked Buffalo wings, which are easy, infinitely adaptable, satisfying, and best of all, fast . What’s not to love about that?

    How to make Buffalo wings in your pressure cooker

    If you love a crispy skin, then you should rest the wings overnight in the fridge to dry out the skin. But if you’re willing to sacrifice some crunch in favour of time, you can have a batch ready in less than an hour, no deep-frying required. Here’s how to do it.

    First, separate the wings into drums and flats if needed — the nice man at my local store hacked mine up for me so I didn’t have to — and season with salt. (Your batch size will depend on your pressure cooker’s capacity — you don’t want to overfill it.)

    Place a steamer basket in your pressure cooker and carefully arrange a layer of flats on the rack, making sure that none of them touch the bottom of the cooker. Once you have a nice solid layer, arrange the remaining wings on top and pour in a cup and a half of water.

    Lock the lid in place and press the “Steam” button, then use the “Adjust” button to select “Less” (or equivalent settings on your pressure cooker). This will steam the wings for 5 minutes at high pressure, which is what you want — and while they cook you can make some sauce .

    Let the pressure release naturally for about 5 minutes, and release the rest manually. If you’re making wings for a crowd, repeat this process as many times as you need to get all the wings cooked. (Save the leftover steaming water — it makes for great chicken stock.)

    From here, you have two options: grill the steamed wings straight away, or let them dry out in the fridge overnight. Because I am a serious journalist, I made several versions to help you decide. It is my duty. You’re welcome.


    The wings, pre-fridge drying.

    First, I made a batch the same way I always do: lightly sauced right out of the pressure cooker, grilled on both sides until crisp, and then heavily sauced.


    If you’re hungry now and indifferent to crispy skin, these are for you. They took 30 minutes start-to-finish and are downright succulent: juicy and flavourful all the way through, and incredibly tender — but not so tender they fall apart in your hands. Look, you could do a lot worse.


    But if you’re after that crispy, crispy skin, I suspect you feel you could also do a lot better . If that’s your deal, place the steamed wings skin side up on a cooling rack and let them rest, uncovered, in the fridge overnight. Make some ranch sauce if, like me, you prefer it to blue cheese dressing for wings, then go to sleep and dream of Buffalo wings.



    Once the wings are nice and dry, you have to decide how you want to crisp them up. Grilling is my preferred crisping method because I hate smelling like a vat of oil, but I fried some wings anyway just for you. Following Claire’s method from her sous-vide wing adventure , I heated about 1.5cm of vegetable oil to about 200 degrees Celsius and shallow-fried three wings.


    Were they good? Obviously, yes, they were amazing. But now there’s a ring of gummed-on vegetable oil inside my stainless pan, all my windows are open even though it’s snowing outside, and I need to shower.


    Grilling your wings, on the other hand, is low-risk and high-reward. You can grill them straight out of the fridge to approximate a fried texture or do the sauce-broil-sauce method I mentioned earlier. Whichever you choose, keep your pan about 15cm away from the hot griller and put the flats in the centre, surrounded by the drums.

    They will brown more evenly this way. Broil ’em skin side-up until golden and crisp, then flip and repeat twice more — you want to finish them skin side-up to maximise that crispiness.

    Here’s what dried, broiled, then sauced wings will look like:


    These were legitimately crunchy, but they dried out a bit in the griller. You can try moving the pan closer to the grill, but you’ll need to watch them closely so they don’t burn. Overall, these are just OK; I scarfed down the testers happily, but technically they were the “worst” of the bunch.

    And here are some dried-sauced-broiled-sauced wings:


    Drying them in the fridge helped the skin crisp up, but the cushion of sauce kept the meat from drying out. These are amazing. I’m keeping this technique in my back pocket for the next time I have a wing craving that I can wait 12 hours to satisfy.


    No matter what your usual technique for at-home Buffalo wings entails, I think it would be improved by high-pressured steam and a stint under the griller, especially if you’re making wings for a big crowd. Steam the wings the night before, whip up whatever sauces you like, and grill them off in batches the next day. Then you’re set to party.



    This article has been updated since its original publication.

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      How to Watch the 2021 Super Bowl Live in Australia / LifehackerAustralia · Sunday, 7 February, 2021 - 21:50 · 2 minutes

    Even in a worldwide pandemic, sport finds a way. America’s biggest sporting event of the year, the 2021 NFL Super Bowl, is taking place on Monday, February 8 . Here’s how you can watch the action from Australia.

    What time is the Super Bowl Airing in Australia?

    The Super Bowl takes place on the 7th of February in the US, which translates to Monday the 8th for Australians. The game will kick off at 3:30pm PST which means Aussies can catch the game at these times:

    • 10:30 am AEDT (NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS)
    • 9:30 am AEST (QLD)
    • 9:00 am ACST (NT, SA)
    • 7:30 am AWST (WA)

    The game typically runs for about 3.5 hours so settle in for a long day.

    Where to watch the Super Bowl

    The Super Bowl will be broadcast live on free-to-air channels 7 and 7Mate or on their catch up service 7plus . It will also be shown on ESPN for those with a Foxtel subscription.

    If you’re looking for a streaming option, Kayo will once again have the Super Bowl live on its platform in 2021. Check out more about the streaming service’s Super Bowl screening here .

    Given that venues are mostly open again across Australia if you’re hoping to venture out to watch the Super Bowl many local pubs and sports bars have previously aired the game. It’s worth checking with your local to see if they’ll be opening early to show the Super Bowl.

    Who is playing?

    Super Bowl LV is being held in Tampa, Florida this year, which is also a home stadium for one of the playing teams. Facing off in this year’s championship game are the  Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    The Chiefs are the defending champions, having beat the San Francisco 49ers last year, but experts are predicting this will be a close game.

    What to expect from Super Bowl LV

    In-person attendance will be strictly limited this year with a 22,000 limit in the 65,000 person stadium. The league also gifted 7,500 of these spots to vaccinated health care workers.

    There will, of course, be a half-time show for the Super Bowl this year. Set to perform is Grammy Award-winning artist The Weeknd. (If you’re like to relive the gift that was JLo x Shakira’s 2020 Super Bowl performance, you can do that here .)

    Will there be more Super Bowl ads to look out for this year? But of course! A lot of companies will be pumping money into advertising to gain those coveted Super Bowl slots this year. However, given the state of the world this year, some advertising companies have chosen to direct their funds to COVID-19 relief instead.

    Sadly, we won’t see the local US ads in our broadcasts of the Super Bowl in Australia, but keep an eye out for all the major ads online afterwards.

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