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      𝔠𝔪𝔡𝔯⁂𝔠𝔬𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔲𝔱 · Saturday, 11 November - 03:14 · 1 minute · 8 visibility

    Oi, here I will manage a list of things to do:

    • why does only the last subscription a user subscribed to show on their pages?
    • why does only one post show on a user's public page?

    "this seems to me like some database fault from my bit of experience with some strange php anomalies"

    • fix the dark mode chat background
    • fix the links, they look like shit, make them blend into every page and dark mode also
    • change the margins / paddings of posts as they're represented, to have thinner "button bubbles" .. chunk does not like mobile first philosophy, nor recent popular internet fad of making margins / paddings huge to take up page space, and be able to "tap" easier, we don't support this over making things sleek
    • consider what more niche/advanced font rendering style attributes can add to font REQUIRES: font to be monospace

    "is there a way to make custom scrollbars in firefox work like in chrome?"

    • there are is an issue im having with rendering <hr>'s in markdown in the posts.
    • **HUGE**: learn how tf do even crack open this code despite how daunting it is

    "there are more things I can add, that will not be of use for any time in this immediiate future... they can be added later one by one by editing this post."

    #todo #toofast #movim #fixme #list #doitnow #longterm #myforkofmovim

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      ૮ɱ∂૨_૮ɦµɳҡ · / graphic-art · Friday, 10 November - 06:16 edit

    Greetings! Today I've made some more art I want to share with the XMPP people! Today I said, geez, I feel like making some graphic art, as I felt creative after talking to a guy in IRC about how computing as a hobby for me is all about creativity. So I went and found basically the first image I thought I could make look cool and write some graphical text onto :D Here's what I came up with:

    • this one ^ I used another person's artwork, as the apartment building and the woman, and the backdrop basically, is a different art that I've of course modified with filters and color changes and stuff. I do not know who originally illustrated it, but the filters make it look surreal I think ^^



    Yea cool, so I, I like to make art once in a while, playing around in Gimp. Later tonight what I'd like to do is work on Round #2 of me customizing better CSS for this web app ( I will make, aha, yet another fun to make post about it later if I end up doing that!

    #graphicart #toofast #toofastinthepark #artwork #chunk #the8woodcutterart #the8woodcutter

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      ૮ɱ∂૨_૮ɦµɳҡ · / chunkz-warez · Friday, 3 November - 08:50 · 1 minute

    Hi, I love you all, you are my friends, my internet ppls ❤️‍🔥 Please consider doing me a favor and purchasing '' or '' on #namecheap (required) and sending me the domain so I can be your slave for something, whether it's some system admin work, graphic art work, a website/page you need help with, whatever. If you're willing and able to help me with a domain, I am simply tired of paying too much for a .co domain for and I am poor. I only recently again found a place to stay, and I'm liking it so far, thank God 🎈 I kinda want to retire the .co top level domain and go with something more often cheaper as per yearly registration.

    BattleCruiser.Co was my very first legitimate and lasting domain name that I use as a parking page for some oddball things, some #hidden programming features, some graphic art and as #myflag .. It's always been there, and once again, after a long time of being always there, it's not there now ⚽😿

    If you can buy either '', '', '' and get in touch with me on XMPP @ so you can transfer it to me and wage with me what work u might want done, or help with, or whatever even if I can pay you back. Thank all my happy FOSS peoples!! 💝💯🎖️

    #computers #willslavefordomain #employme #lookingforwork #bored #gibmoneyloveu #chunk #donations #toofast

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      I JUST GOT AN IDEA!! / test-dummies · Wednesday, 30 August - 09:10


    So err uh.... mrBot is useful, sometimes, not usually. For when Prosody doesn't let other people post, comment, like, we can send users to and there they can send:

    mrBot help me then or mrBot heart <url of post i can't heart> then or mrBot post <url of post i can't comment>

    And then a user can go to that URL and see their comment becuz mrBot be magic 🐕 #mrBot #toofast #b0ts #pythons #magic #workarounds

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      Hey the latest 0.21 release of MOVIM is HERE!

      ૮ɱ∂૨_૮ɦµɳҡ · Friday, 31 March, 2023 - 15:42 edit

    I will be rebuilding the entirety of (my own Movim instance, with kustom kolorz) using this release actually. It will take sometime in the next handful of months (2-6months maybe) as I am curious how I can retain the CSS I've done with the current (disabled, sorry folks) movim instance that is hosted on

    I really value edhelas' work on this project, the guy is a machine and he has such a great attitude also. BIG props and congrats on this latest release of such a great cool XMPP project !!!!

    #movim #toofast #future #news #congrats #edhelas #phpmachine #xmpp #opensource #projects #freesoftware #xmppcommunity #anothertag #yetanothertag #chunk

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      Movim 0.21 - Whipple

      Movim 0.21, codename Whipple, is finally out! Let's have a look of all the new and improved things that you can find in this big #release 🥳 Message replies You can now reply to messages thanks to the implementation of the XEP-0461: Message Replies. More and more clients in the XMPP ecosystem supports this feature, including Slidge, new XMPP gateways project that is allowing you to bridge Movim with Telegram, Discord and many others chat platforms. Push Notifications Movim now integrates WebPush. Never miss a message, even when Movim is closed. This feature is also working when you install Movim as a Progressive Web App on your Android or iOS device. Improved account configuration The configuration panel has been redesigned to be more accessible. You can now block contacts directly from your Movim instance and manage your block-list from the panel. Microphones and webcams can also be configured and tested from the Audio & Video configuration tab. New emojis This version brings the support of Unicode 14 and many new emojis that you can use in your messages, posts, replies and reactions. Redesign Movim is following the #Material Design guidelines since 2014. This release is bringing a fresh redesign of the components and animations based on Material 3. The main menu was reorganized to clarify the navigation and hide the second-level pages in a sub-menu that appears when hovering the account item. Following this redesign Movim accounts can now set a banner next to their avatars. Share and Send To The Send To feature, that allows you to send articles to contacts was completed by a Share feature allowing you to share the article in a new publication on your personnal blog on in a Community that you're in. Useful to share things around ! Audio messages Movim can now play and record #audio messages. Gallery Communities When creating or configuring your Communities you can now set a Community type. The Gallery Community forces the publications to contain at least one image and display them as a grid. This feature is the result of a long clarification and standardization work made on XMPP Pubsub with the pubsub#type attribute, the introduction of a new XEP based on that change called XEP-0472: Pubsub Social Feed and the support of pubsub#type in ejabberd (related ticket). Performances, memory consumption and stability A very important work was done to limit the Movim processes memory consumption. The daemon and subprocesses are now using PHP Opcache to load and share only once lots of files that were previously loaded multiple time during the Movim runtime. PHP modules are also loaded using a predefined whitelist to limit the usage of useless modules in memory. DotEnv configuration The old configuration system has been moved to the DotEnv standard. This change merges all the previous configuration (database, daemon and paths) into an unique .env file. They can also be set using environment variable directly in your Docker Compose, or Web Server (using SetEnv in Apache for example). The official Movim Docker image was also updated to fit those changes. Migration from Movim 0.20 If you are planning to upgrade your current Movim instance please follow those few steps: Copy and rename the .env.example file in .env and complete the few configuration variables in it. They should be the same as the one you set in the previous file and your daemon parameters. Remove the file Remove all the daemon.php parameters from your init.d, systemd services or other scripts. The daemon launch command should look this way: $ php daemon.php start. ...and as always, don't forget to run the migrations (php composer.phar movim:migrate) and restart your daemon. XMPP Pubsub node security and restrictions Movim 0.21 is not trusting anymore posts, likes and comments that are not containing the explicit identifier (Jabber ID) of the publisher and therefore now rely on this part of the XEP-0060: Pubblish-Subscribe - 12.16 Associating Events and Payloads with the Generating Entity. All the existing likes and comments might be not counted anymore or seen as "Non trusted" ones. All the new published ones will be configured properly. Migration from Movim 0.20 On ejabberd You can update all the existing stored node configuration to force the new default configuration using the following SQL request. You might do a backup of your database before doing such changes: update pubsub_node_option set val = `publisher` where name = `itemreply` and val = `none` ...and load those changes without restarting ejabberd: $ ejabberdctl clear-cache On Prosody Ensure that you have the expose_publisher = true set in your configuration, see the related documentation. What's next? Movim 0.22 should include two big projects. OMEMO rewrite ? The cleanup, rewrite and refactoring of the OMEMO support that is quite buggy and not opmized. We are not promising anything on this side, OMEMO is always a complex beast to handle. Multi-part audio and video-conference feature The audio and video conferencing features were already introduced a few years ago in Movim. Some preparation work has been done in this 0.21 release to be able merge back the pop-up video-conference window inside the main window for the upcoming release. The multi-part audio and video-conference feature is also one of the main feature that miss in Movim and is requested quite often by our users. Let's see if Movim 0.22 finally include this long awaited #feature. Regarding the amount of work that need to be done regarding those features it might be possible that specific funding will be requested for it to free up enough time to work properly on their integration. Enjoy! A big thanks to the #Movim community that is growing more than ever. You can find us on our main support chatroom If you find issues or if you want to contribute to the project you can find everything on our Github page. And if you want to support us, fund the development of new features and help us pay our servers, domains and communication we are actively looking for supporters and sponsors on our Patreon. That's all folks!

      group_work Movim 29 March, 2023

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      Some tips for using

      ૮ɱ∂૨_૮ɦµɳҡ · / tech · Wednesday, 7 December, 2022 - 16:05 · 3 minutes hosts a style modified instance of Movim

    There are some quirks for a newcomer to any current Movim instance, particularly this one, that might make it difficult to explore and I wanted to make a list of some things that you can do to get a ball rolling in it. One might find the lack of content in the drop in page after logging in a bit discouraging however this is what you can do:

    • Go to explore menu item > communities servers > look around in there and anything you like or would like to see show up for you in your news area and hit subscribe
    • Don't be afraid to subscribe to stuff as it's easy to unsubscribe and from my experiences so far it's not going to ping your other XMPP clients when updated.

    Some notes on your settings:

    • If you're afraid of NSFW content, like at all, do not enable that option as things will probably occur, at least on this instance ^^
    • If you don't want to redirect to the news page upon logging in then change the setting where it says to go to chat page after login. This might feel better for many people that aren't so interested in the pubsub portion of this app.
    • Dark mode styles on are not currently complete yet, but still look really cool.
    • If you change your instance nickname your name title on Movim anywhere will be changed. That option is on the second tab.
    • Adhoc settings for your JID should work in the Actions tab
    • Blocking users is not finished yet on as the git version grabbed for this instance originally was before that completed. I am unsure of the upstream status on that feature.
    • You can add a few things to your JID from this instance that will carry with your JID as a vcard information and some of or all will persist on your other clients. Including a little bio, avatar and a webpage, etc.
    • Don't be shy and make yourself public! Most of the movim instances don't at this time seem to promote this available feature type but I do!

    Some friendly but pressing suggestions for the pubsub use:

    • If you're around on XMPP much and you wish to publish some content you are most welcome to ask me and see if I'd be willing to create a community for you. It's suprisingly easy to do, as I'm suprisingly easy going.
    • If you have the ability to post a post please makes sure that you make it public, there is a toggle at top of post, this is extremely important to my testing of a feature I wish for on this application and if you wish to have any comments you will need to toggle it public.
    • #hashtags are encouraged to use at the bottom of your posts.
    • If you're coming from a self hosted server without a pubsub service I'd be willing to aid in your possibly configuring one to help enjoy this Movim style stuff. I've got a bit of hosting xmpp experience to help make it happen.
    • Please report all things that are disatisfactory or broken. I can give you a 🍪 aha, made of pixels :3 But honestly I, and others, would respect the effort for the greater good of us sharing this software :)

    Please note that does not have a STUN/TURN server available and that may complicate audio/video for some users. It is not a desired feature at this time.

    Lastly a fun cool thing that anybody can inherit from using this website is you can have your own XMPP federated microblog! It will have a public URI if you make your profile public and add posts. You can click your avatar top left to see that. Here's an example:

    Any concerns please message myself or another server admin 🛰️

    #tips #tutorial #help #movim #toofast #gettingstarted #whatdo #whereami #whatisthisplace

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      6 Weeks [News]

      𝔠𝔪𝔡𝔯⁂𝔠𝔬𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔲𝔱 · / news · Saturday, 26 November, 2022 - 14:44 edit · 1 minute

    I kind of lost count of how long we've been up serving a Movim pod on but I would suggest approximately 6 or 7 weeks. It's been a fun journey I won't lie. First it required some particularly hard configurations, then some fuzzers accompanied by unwanted security scans kept me busy for a week of impromptu security research and hardening, then I fought with Prosody a while to figure out why comments were not allowed, after that I've migrated the server from Prosody to Ejabberd so that we could have comments and likes as appropriate for now and now I guess we're just cruising :D I've also started another Movim server, believe it or not:

    I'm not sure really where to go from here. Perhaps it's time for even better CSS ! Suppose I am happy with the host this is served from and the configurations and such. The HTTP upload being busted is a rather annoying thing and perhaps I shall get working on that this morning again. It was working just fine until something I couldn't find broke it. Stuff happens though, especially with an ongoing thing.

    I hope all ppl are happy with this setup, I know I am. If you have any suggestions feel absolutely free to hit me or chunk (also me) up with those. It would be appreciated. 🌴

    The Subnet New Chat Background

    #servernews #toofast #milestone