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      ‘Wait for my dresses’: Caleb Williams is the Zoomer QB to shake up the hidebound Bears

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 08:00 · 1 minute

    The franchise has long been dismissed as backwards looking. But it is set to draft a star who happily pushes back on athlete stereotypes

    Among the NFL’s heirloom franchises, the Chicago Bears are the still living in the last century – the pride of George “Papa Bear” Halas, a league founding father. From their neoclassical stadium to their 101-year-old owner-matriarch to their stubborn reverence for “Bear Weather” (ie: lake-effect winter conditions that only affect the other team), everything about the franchise is old-fashioned. Even the Bears being in position to select a quarterback with the first pick in this month’s draft has arrived about 30 years too late in a league where the passing game dominates. What’s notable is that the passer in their sights isn’t the second-coming of 1940s hero Sid Luckman or a Harvard man or some other statuesque golden boy. It’s Caleb Williams, Gen Z’s poster boy quarterback.

    On paper, Williams would appear to possess precisely the resume that Virginia McCaskey, the owner-matriarch in question, might describe as “the cat’s pajamas.” He went to USC – a college football program that Chicagoland’s many Notre Dame fans at least respect. He won the Heisman trophy, putting him in a league with early Bears two-way star Johnny Lujack. And Williams played most of his college games in the LA Memorial Coliseum, one of the few stadiums left that can rival Soldier Field’s antiquity – so he shouldn’t be a snob about the patchy quality of the Bears natural home turf.

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      ‘The picture did no justice’: US athletes retreat from criticism of ‘hoo haa’ uniform

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 4 days ago - 02:01

    • Initial release provoked debate over sexism in sport
    • Athletes say they are comfortable with choices offered

    In the moments before she fired off the Instagram comment heard around the world , Tara Davis-Woodhall could hardly believe her eyes.

    The American long jumper and world silver medalist had just seen a photograph of one of Nike’s Team USA uniforms for this summer’s Games, a high-cut leotard barely covering the bikini line that was unveiled at a launch event in Paris last week. The running publication Citius Mag had posted an image of the slinky uniform on a female mannequin alongside a male one-piece kit with longer legs.

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      Rory McIlroy denies reports he will join LIV Golf for $850m

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 5 days ago - 17:17

    • World No 2 has been vocal critic of Saudi-backed tour
    • Viktor Hovland has also been linked with LIV move

    Rory McIlroy has brushed aside reports he is considering a move to LIV Golf, and insists he is committed to playing on the PGA Tour.

    The world No 2 has been a vocal critic of the Saudi-backed series but City AM this week reported he is considering a move to LIV worth $850m that would also give him a 2% equity in the tour.

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      Viktor Hovland next target for LIV in headache for Europe’s Ryder Cup team

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 16:03

    • LIV aiming to recruit more players from PGA and DP World Tours
    • Defection would raise tricky questions for European Tour Group

    Rising speculation that Viktor Hovland will be the next high-profile golfer to be coaxed to the LIV tour will increase the need for Ryder Cup Europe to apply a simple qualification process for golfers on the Saudi Arabian-backed circuit.

    LIV is forging ahead with plans for 2025, which include new events and the recruitment of more players from the PGA and DP World Tours. The rate of turnover is likely to be increased by the number of golfers who had three-year contracts when joining LIV, which will expire at the end of 2024.

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      Man City once stumbled in the greatest title race of all. This time looks different

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 14:12 · 1 minute

    City have not been at their overwhelming best this season, but they remain immune to the typical anxieties of a title run-in

    There are still only two points in it: Manchester City 73, Arsenal 71, Liverpool 71. It’s not over yet. If the three keep pace for the next five games, it will still be the first season since 1971-72 in which three different sides go into their final game of the season with a chance of winning the title. The hope for anybody seeking a dramatic run-in is that this weekend was just the beginning of a final month of twists and turns. But the sense is that the race has taken a decisive shift towards City and a fourth successive title for Pep Guardiola’s team.

    It’s not just that City swept Luton aside 5-1 . You’d expect that; they beat them 6-2 in the FA Cup in February. Nor was it just the fact that Liverpool lost at home to Crystal Palace , the opponent Jürgen Klopp had beaten more than any other, or that Arsenal lost at home to Aston Villa , managed by their former manager Unai Emery, each detail twisting the knife in a little further. It was the way they lost, coming after the way Arsenal had played in drawing against Bayern Munich in the Champions League and the way Liverpool had played in losing to Atalanta in the Europa League .

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      Nike’s ‘hoo haa’ Olympic uniforms reveal everything, including sexism in sport

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 12:12

    Girls are much more likely than boys to drop out of competitive sports. It’s little wonder when revealing kits are highlighted on the global stage

    Paris has long been known for its avant garde fashion. Yet the couture scene would be hard-pressed to produce anything as confounding and controversial as the Team USA track and field kits that were unveiled in the City of Lights last week.

    There was nothing to see when it came to Team USA’s men’s track uniforms: standard shorts and a tank top. But when it came to their female counterparts, there was everything to see, especially around the nether regions.

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      Scheffler’s superpower ability to let things go was key to Masters romp

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 6 days ago - 09:57 · 1 minute

    The No 1 golfer’s edge around the fairways is knowing he has God at his back, even if he’s not actually carrying his bag

    Whatever you may have thought watching it on TV, Scottie Scheffler didn’t win the Masters when he made that tricky birdie putt from 10ft on the eighth green, when he hit that lob-wedge to six inches on the ninth, or when he clattered that drive 340 yards down the middle of the 10th for his third successive birdie. No, he explained later, he won it about 2024 years before the tournament even started. “I believe that today’s plans were already laid out many years ago, and I could do nothing to mess them up,” Scheffler explained. And there you were thinking that God had bigger things to worry about right now than who won that green jacket.

    Well, you scoff if you want to. But there’s no doubt that it gives a man a certain edge around the fairways to know he’s got the almighty at his back, even if he’s not actually carrying his bag. Scheffler has another passionate Christian, Ted Scott, to do that for him. Like Scott said, “having the God of the universe, the Creator, on your side just makes things a lot easier to deal with”. This was Scott’s fourth Masters victory, he had already won one with Scheffler and a couple of others with Bubba Watson, and he celebrated it by striding across the clubhouse lawn brandishing the flag stick from the 18th green like he was leading the crusaders into Jerusalem.

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      Scottie Scheffler storms to Masters win after four-way fight becomes procession

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 7 days ago - 23:10

    • American wins by four shots after final-round 68 at Augusta
    • Åberg finishes second after challenge falters on back nine

    The Masters is supposed to get under way on the back nine on Sunday. Scottie Scheffler did not bother waiting that long. Such an approach is befitting a golfer now so dominant that comparisons with Tiger Woods in his pomp are perfectly appropriate.

    Hopes were rising that Ludvig Åberg might become the first Masters debutant since Fuzzy Zoeller in 1979 to take delivery of the Green Jacket. Åberg’s achievement would actually have been even more historic; he had never played in a major championship before teeing up at Augusta National on Thursday.

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      Sun still rises for Tiger Woods but dreams of glory have long since faded

      news.movim.eu / TheGuardian · 7 days ago - 20:45 · 1 minute

    Five-time Masters champion is maybe the only person who hasn’t cottoned on to the fact he is playing exhibition golf

    The sun rose at 6.58am on Sunday in Augusta, a full three hours after Tiger Woods. Across the city, people were asleep and sharing the very same sorts of dreams, about the view down through the pines along the first fairway, the shots over the water at Amen Corner, the long walk uphill to the 18th green, where the club chairman Fred Ridley and last year’s champion Jon Rahm would be waiting ready with that freshly pressed Green Jacket. Woods says he still has these thoughts himself, in the few hours’ rest he gets between warming-down for the evening and warming-up again in the morning. For him, it’s a sixth win, and a share of Jack Nicklaus’s record.

    Only a handful of the people entertaining these thoughts had a chance of actually realising them. In the 29 years Woods has been playing here no one had come from further back than six shots off the lead on Sunday. Which meant you likely needed to be at least one-under already to have the slightest chance of overtaking the third-round leader Scottie Scheffler .

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