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      Transfert de données personnelles : la France dépose un recours contre les États-Unis / JournalDuGeek · Tuesday, 12 September - 10:30


    Un ouveau recours déposé par la France va repousser de plusieurs mois l'application du Data Privacy Framework.

    Transfert de données personnelles : la France dépose un recours contre les États-Unis

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      Captain America Redux: why Milan need Christian Pulisic on and off the pitch / TheGuardian · Thursday, 7 September - 08:00

    The marriage between the Rossoneri and the American comes as Serie A look to make inroads into a lucrative market across the Atlantic

    Christian Pulisic is not the first Captain America to play in Serie A. Michael Bradley earned the same nickname when he joined Chievo in 2011 and set to stealing scenes with heroic last-gasp interventions . It stuck when he moved on to Roma, where teammates borrowed an airplane captain’s hat to crown him after a winning goal against Udinese. Never mind that one commentator who thought the midfielder looked more like Lex Luthor .

    Bradley was the fourth American ever to play in the Italian top-flight, and just the second since the end of the second world war. The fifth was Weston McKennie, who joined Juventus in 2020. Oguchi Onyewu signed for Milan, but never made a league appearance – his time there remembered instead for a training ground brawl with Zlatan Ibrahimović .

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      The Megan Myth: what critics and fans get wrong about Rapinoe / TheGuardian · Monday, 7 August - 17:30

    The World Cup champion’s career on the sporting stage is drawing to a close. But she was always more complex that many would have us believe

    The sun had barely risen over half of the United States on Sunday when a wave of schadenfreude swept the nation like an August heatwave.

    On the other side of the world, the mighty US women’s soccer team had crashed out of the World Cup . For many Americans, this was sad news. But in a country still in the throes of the Great Polarization, many people who would call themselves patriotic delighted, with no apparent awareness of irony, in an American defeat.

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      L'Inter Miami se sépare de son entraîneur Phil Neville / LEquipe · Thursday, 1 June - 22:27

    Phil Neville a été remercié. (R. Martin/L'Équipe) L'Inter Miami, propriété de David Beckham, a annoncé ce jeudi le départ de son entraîneur, Phil Neville.
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      This post is public /Football/Actualites/L-inter-miami-se-separe-de-son-entraineur-phil-neville/1400035

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      Folarin Balogun (Reims) appelé avec les États-Unis pour la première fois / LEquipe · Thursday, 1 June - 18:25

    Folarin Balogun a été convoqué pour la première fois avec les États-Unis. (PAQUOT BAPTISTE/L'Équipe) L'attaquant de Reims Folarin Balogun a été appelé pour la première fois avec les États-Unis ce jeudi.
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      This post is public /Football/Actualites/Folarin-balogun-reims-appele-avec-les-etats-unis-pour-la-premiere-fois/1399969

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      U.S. Govt Launches Consultation on Future Anti-Piracy Strategies / TorrentFreak · Tuesday, 30 May - 09:55 · 2 minutes

    america flag For many years, U.S. lawmakers have considered amending legislation so that today’s online copyright issues can be addressed more effectively.

    Many proposals have come and gone, without resulting in any significant updates. Calls to change current legislation persist, however.

    Before any new laws or policies are introduced, the Government typically seeks input from stakeholders. That’s also the case when planning future anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting strategies.

    Roundtable on Future Anti-Piracy Strategies

    This coming October, the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ) will hold a roundtable on the subject, with members of the public invited to join. There are no concrete proposals at this stage but the agency is interested to hear what strategies have proven to be effective.

    The office is also open to new ideas for future anti-piracy strategies. The call is quite broad and could include hot topics such as no-fault injunctions , which would allow copyright holders to more easily pursue pirate site blocking orders in the United States.

    “The USPTO seeks information from interested parties regarding their observations and insights into the future of anticounterfeiting and antipiracy strategies,” the Office writes.

    Quoting data from the United States Chamber of Commerce, a lobbying group operating independently of government, USPTO notes that video piracy alone causes losses of up to $115.3 billion in reduced GDP per year, as well as 560,000 lost jobs.

    Broad Range of Questions

    The consultation doesn’t ask for input on any specific policies or plans. Instead, stakeholders and members of the general public are asked to share their thoughts on a wide range of piracy and counterfeiting issues, including harms and dangers to the public, voluntary collaborations, and common challenges.

    “Are you considering new collaborative efforts to combat counterfeiting and piracy? What factors will affect your decision? How might those future collaborations be comprised?” one of the questions reads.

    Some of the Questions

    uspto question

    The consultation and roundtable will also explore how existing laws factor into current anti-piracy measures. And perhaps more importantly, whether any improvements are needed in this area.

    “Do online enforcement strategies use existing copyright laws to combat online piracy? If so, please describe in detail those activities, and provide any suggestions for maximizing these practices.”

    Needless to say, the roundtable and public comments will undoubtedly result in a wide range of opposing views.

    It’s no secret that rightsholders would like to have more anti-piracy tools, including site blocking and increased ISP liability in the US. However, these measures tend to trigger opposition from digital rights activists and the broader public.

    A copy of the USPTO’s notice of the public roundtable and its request for comments is available at the Federal Register

    From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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      China bans Micron’s products from key infrastructure, citing security risk / ArsTechnica · Monday, 22 May - 13:22

    Micron logo and chip

    Enlarge (credit: Future Publishing via Getty )

    China said US chipmaker Micron Technology’s products posed “serious network security risks” as it banned operators of key infrastructure from buying them, in its first big measure against an American semiconductor group.

    The Cyberspace Administration of China on Sunday announced that the company, which is the biggest US maker of memory chips, “posed significant security risks to China’s critical information infrastructure supply chain.” As a result, it ordered “critical national infrastructure operators” to stop purchasing products from Idaho-based Micron.

    The move follows a seven-week investigation into Micron by the CAC, a probe that was widely seen as retaliation for US efforts to curb China’s access to critical technology. Last October, Washington introduced expansive chip export controls, and the Netherlands and Japan have since followed.

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    Smartphones With Popular Qualcomm Chip Secretly Share Private Information With US Chip-Maker

    This data is sent without user consent, unencrypted, and even when using a Google-free #Android distribution. This is possible because of proprietary Qualcomm #software which provides hardware support also sends the #data. #USA