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      L’écran de votre Pixel Watch est cassé ? Dommage, Google ne propose rien pour le réparer / Numerama · Saturday, 16 September - 09:36

    Google a sorti sa première montre connectée en octobre 2022, mais ne propose aucune option pour la réparer si son écran se casse. Un mauvais signe envoyé aux propriétaires des montres, et une mauvaise nouvelle pour l'environnement. [Lire la suite]

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      Report: “Apple Watch X” will redesign the popular wearable for the first time / ArsTechnica · Monday, 14 August - 19:38

    Apple Watch models set out on a table

    Enlarge / The Apple Watch (seen here in its current iterations) is set to get a new look. (credit: Corey Gaskin )

    Annual updates to the standard Apple Watch have been almost too small to mention for the past few years, and it looks like that trend will continue with the new wearables Apple plans to debut next month. But, according to a Bloomberg newsletter , a major Apple Watch overhaul is coming as soon as next year.

    Dubbed "Watch X," it will be the 10th edition of the Apple Watch that was originally announced in 2014 and released in 2015. To commemorate the occasion, Apple is planning the most significant redesign of the Watch yet apart from the recently launched Ultra, which is more of a spinoff than a direct follow-up.

    Of course, that's not saying much. Each year's update has typically brought one small change—like a slightly bigger screen, a modest CPU speed bump, or a new health tracking feature aimed at one specific ailment—such that there's little reason to upgrade even once every two or three years, much less annually.

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      Even people who bought Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses don’t want to use them / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 3 August - 22:22

    person wearing Ray-Ban Stories

    Enlarge (credit: Meta )

    Even the people who spent money on Meta's Ray-Ban "Stories" smart glasses don't want to use them. That's according to a report this week from the Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ), citing internal data and claiming to detail the letdowns that led to hundreds of thousands of Stories gathering dust.

    Meta (then called Facebook) released Ray-Ban Stories in 2021. The company's first mass-market smart glasses include a Snapdragon chip, two 5 MP front-facing cameras for snapping pictures or video, and speakers for listening to audio. Ray-Ban branding comes courtesy of the glasses' partnership with Ray-Ban parent company EssilorLuxottica (which also makes Oakleys and claims numerous luxury brands, including Burberry, Prada, Swarovski, and Tiffany & Co.).

    But according to a February corporate document WSJ says it saw, under 10 percent of Ray-Ban Stories ever purchased are in active use. The publication reported that Meta sold 300,000 Stories, but there are just 27,000 monthly active users of the product.

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      Les salles de sport du futur : comment Fitness Park s’adapte à la technologie ? / Numerama · Sunday, 2 July - 12:25

    Numéro 1 des salles de sport en France, Fitness Park compte au total 270 salles en Europe, pour 1 million de membres. À Saint-Ouen, il a installé une salle haut de gamme, dans laquelle il expérimente différentes innovations. [Lire la suite]

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      Interview de Sumbul Desai, la boss santé d’Apple : « pensons à notre santé avant que quelque chose n’arrive » / Numerama · Saturday, 24 June - 11:35

    En visite à Paris, la Dr. Sumbul Desai a accordé un entretien à Numerama pour revenir sur son parcours, les récentes innovations d'Apple en matière de santé et sa vision sur l'avenir de la médecine. Arrivée chez Apple en 2017 après plusieurs années à Stanford, Sumbul Desai dirige aujourd'hui une équipe de scientifiques en charge de réimaginer notre rapport à la santé. [Lire la suite]

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      Avec cette promo, ce bracelet connecté devient intéressant / Numerama · Friday, 26 May - 14:04

    [Deal du jour] Amazon propose une baisse de prix sur le tracker Mi Smart Band 7, un excellent bracelet connecté déjà très abordable. Un modèle doté de nombreuses fonctionnalités, idéal au quotidien. [Lire la suite]

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      Report: Halo’s final survival attempts made even Amazon’s workers concerned / ArsTechnica · Monday, 1 May - 19:48

    Amazon Halo

    Enlarge (credit: Amazon )

    Amazon is discontinuing its Halo project , including the Band and View fitness trackers and the Rise bedside sleep tracker, making the devices useless on August 1. Amid the company's largest-ever wave of layoffs and reports that even the popular Alexa voice assistant has failed to bring in money, this wasn't surprising. It's still sad, though, to realize that countless devices will become obsolete and at huge risk of becoming e-waste (despite Amazon telling customers to recycle devices through its recycling programs, all costs covered).

    But perhaps it's just as well, because a report from The Verge today claims to peer into Halo's last attempts at survival. And the Halo that Amazon reportedly tried to realize is one we're happy not to encounter.

    Halo reportedly creeped out its own creators

    Reported plans for Halo could have pushed products to gather more data on how users exercise in order to provide virtual rewards, to offer recommendations, and to track performance. However, the features Amazon is said to have explored sound potentially invasive, collecting uniquely personal data.

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      Amazon will brick all Halo health trackers on August 1 / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 26 April - 21:48

    Three Amazon Halo View devices

    Amazon's Halo View fitness tracker. (credit: Amazon )

    Amazon is giving up on its health-focused Halo devices. The original Halo Band and the Halo View fitness trackers, as well as the Halo Rise bedside sleep tracker and the products' supporting app, will all "no longer function" on August 1, Amazon confirmed today.

    Amazon's Halo devices also worked with a Halo subscription service to let users manage health insights from the gadgets. Amazon's pages for the Halo subscription and devices are no longer active.

    In a blog post confirming the news, Amazon shared an email sent to Halo customers. Part of it discusses refunds for recent purchases:

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      Marre de ne jamais retrouver vos affaires ? Le lot de 4 Apple AirTags passe sous les 100 € / Numerama · Tuesday, 14 March, 2023 - 15:15

    [Deal du jour] Amazon propose en ce moment une réduction sur le lot de 4 AirTags. Ces balises d'Apple se connectent en Bluetooth et Ultra-wideband et se localisent grâce à votre smartphone. Le prix d'un AirTag est de 35 €. Le lot de 4 est actuellement sous les 100 €, un bon investissement si vous avez tendance à égarer régulièrement vos affaires. [Lire la suite]

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