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      UK inmates broadcast prison life online from contraband phones / TheGuardian · 3 days ago - 07:00

    Videos on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram show prisoners interviewing peers, cooking and doing stunts

    Prisoners are using secretly held phones to broadcast their lives on social media, with some interviewing cellmates like jailhouse Paxmans and others performing Jackass-style stunts. Some show off their rapping skills and a few give Jamie Oliver a run for his money by showcasing just what can be cooked in a prison kettle.

    There are thousands of prison videos on TikTok – often with the hashtag #prisontok – as well as on YouTube and Instagram, with what appears to be complete disregard for the victims of inmates’ crimes.

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      Partnership w/ GamerSupps Announcement! / RandoWis · 6 days ago - 04:30

    Thank you everyone, and GamerSupps, so much for making this happen!
    Your love and support for the channel has given me this opportunity (among others recently), and for that, I am incredibly grateful!

    As the title says; I’m now officially partnered with GamerSupps!
    If you’re into energy drinks, or are looking for a caffeine and sugar free alternative, please feel free to try these out!
    Remember to use code “ rando ” to get 10% off, or to try out their free sample pack!

    The post Partnership w/ GamerSupps Announcement! first appeared on RandoWis .

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      YouTube veut aider les créateurs en mettant de l’IA partout / JournalDuGeek · Friday, 22 September - 10:00

    shorts-youtube-158x105.jpg shorts-youtube

    YouTube vient de faire la présentation de l'avenir de la plateforme. Le leader de la vidéo sur internet mise beaucoup sur l'IA pour les prochaines années.

    YouTube veut aider les créateurs en mettant de l’IA partout

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      ‘Why are 500,000 people watching paint dry?’ The man behind YouTube’s DIY sensation / TheGuardian · Thursday, 21 September - 08:00

    Martijn Doolaard has released 83 videos documenting his restoration of an Alpine cabin. They are slow, quiet, uneventful – and hugely successful. He explains his secret

    On 5 October 2021, Martijn Doolaard came home. Not to a flat in Amsterdam, where the Dutch graphic designer turned videographer and travel writer had lived before embarking on the epic road trips that made him internet famous, but to two Alpine stone cabins in the Italian Piedmont region.

    “Always dreamed of having my own place in the mountains,” he posted on Instagram. He’d paid €21,000 (£18,200). The cabins had the space, the view and the solitude he was craving. However, they needed a lot of work if they were to be habitable all year round. Doolaard promised to document the renovations on YouTube.

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      ‘Fighting for our lives’: UK broadcasters in deep trouble from short video craze / TheGuardian · Thursday, 21 September - 06:00

    Younger viewers’ taste for snacking on online content is threat to TV industry but slowing output by streaming firms is giving it chance to strike back

    It is a situation most television viewers know all too well: thousands of shows to choose from across dozens of streamers, live channels and catch-up services – and no idea where to start.

    The Netflix-led streaming revolution has fuelled a £6bn-plus annual content arms race in the UK, creating a so-called golden age for viewers as broadcasters, streamers and tech companies battle for audiences.

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      SpaceX breaks another booster reuse record, but did anyone see it? / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 20 September - 16:19

    Starlink 6-17 launches from Florida on Tuesday night.

    Enlarge / Starlink 6-17 launches from Florida on Tuesday night. (credit: SpaceX)

    SpaceX launched its 67th rocket of the year on Tuesday night, a staggering total for the company and its workhorse booster, the Falcon 9. At this pace, a clip of one launch every four days, the company is likely to launch 90 or more rockets during this calendar year.

    This Starlink satellite launch was notable for a couple of other reasons. It marked the first time SpaceX has reused a Falcon 9 first stage 17 times. This booster, serial number 1058, had previously flown 11 previous Starlink missions along with GPS III-3, Turksat 5A, Transporter-2, Intelsat G-33/G-34, and Transporter-6.

    SpaceX performed a fairly significant assessment of booster wear and tear after its first Falcon 9 stages reached 15 flights, and the company's engineers now believe the rockets can achieve at least 20 flights. Remarkably, SpaceX has been able to push the limits of booster reuse while maintaining a 100 percent record of success across the Falcon 9 rocket's last 228 launches, dating to a pad explosion in September 2016.

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      Un Youtubeur français se vante de frauder les aides sociales, une enquête est ouverte / JournalDuGeek · Wednesday, 20 September - 12:25

    argent-158x105.jpg Fortuneo

    Après s'être vanté de toucher un salaire en détournant l'argent de la CAF, un youtubeur français a fait l'objet d'une enquête.

    Un Youtubeur français se vante de frauder les aides sociales, une enquête est ouverte

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      YouTuber LittleFitDevil Reveals The Perfect Way to Wear Latex / Latex247 · Wednesday, 20 September - 11:32

    YouTuber LittleFitDevil reviews latex outfits from Ukranian designer Elin Harness , and the results have to be seen to be believed.

    Did you know that Latex24/7 has its very own YouTube channel? Subscribe now for instant access to upcoming shiny latex clothing content.

    Elin Harness are a Ukrainian based brand and designer which has a passion for creating high-quality garments to be enjoyed and to make like more ‘exciting’. Their latex range features a wide collection of latex accessories, bodysuits, lingerie, dresses, leggings, skirts, stockings and tops, all of which can combined with other latex garments or traditional materials for the perfect outfit.

    In the video from LittleFitDevil , the YouTuber, whose real name is Carla Outes, unveils an unbelievable haul of latex garments from the Ukranian brand as she takes us through a details review of each item in turn.

    You can watch the full video below:

    And what is that perfect way to wear latex? With confidence, of course!

    Be sure to check out the entire Elin Harness latex collection over on their website .

    For information on more bloggers and vloggers wearing latex clothing be sure to check back often to our specially curated Bloggers section here at Latex24/7.

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      ‘Joni Mitchell watched me sing one of her songs. I was horrified’: Rick Beato, the world’s best-loved music nerd / TheGuardian · Tuesday, 19 September - 15:00 · 1 minute

    As energised by Taylor Swift as Schoenberg, Beato has earned millions of fans with his YouTube videos and become the man musicians seek out to discuss their craft

    Once a proud dad posting videos of his son’s perfect pitch, now a muso-in-chief interviewing Sting and Keith Jarrett, American YouTube star Rick Beato has established himself as the internet’s pre-eminent musical sage, with improbable view counts, a sellout stage show, and a multigenerational fanbase that includes the stars themselves.

    61-year-old Beato (pronounced bee-Ah-toh) has 3.6 million subscribers on his aptly titled Everything Music channel, which he produces from his home studio in Atlanta, Georgia. He seems as energised by Taylor Swift’s label woes as he is by Schoenberg’s serialism, and he’s a multi-instrumentalist himself with serious guitar chops – in an interview with Brian May, the Queen guitarist jokes: “I don’t wanna talk to you, you’re better than me!” One minute he’s demonstrating how to noodle in the Phrygian mode, the next he’s jamming to the Spotify Top 10. With his boundless enthusiasm and avuncular talkshow host mannerisms, Beato’s hot takes and deep dives have racked up half a billion views and earned him the respect of artists from across the spectrum. They now approach him .

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